WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

An open pod system or pre-filled disposable vape pen? Upcott, you can just define it as how you want!

31st Mar 2021 | 225 | ZengGreta

Do you need to experience a respite from your daily troubles? Or do you need to have healthy smoke through your lungs? Could it be that you hate attending shops daily for a packet of cigarettes? Does it mean that for a more extended period, you've sought a durable smoking system? 

The vape pen revives the ancient feeling through numerous dimensions. The vaping system presents users with immense comfort while smoking and durable devices for vaping.

A pre-filled disposable vape pen comes to you with all features fixed for its functionality and ensures your satisfaction. Your urges and zest can rest with this device in your possession. However, you can only learn more about it when you look at the benefits of upends UPCOTT.

The function of the Normal pod system and Disposable e-cigarette

These vape devices, opposed to the earlier cigarettes, come to customers ready for vaping. Users cannot walk with the e-juice around, which helps minimize mess created during the cartridge refilling. It functions such that when the vape device runs out, you only throw the vape cartridge away and replace it with a new one. In a regular pod system, you would throw away the whole vape device.

Disposable e-cigarette tend to be more satisfactory, especially when dealing with nicotine content. However, pod vapes look small but ensure that nicotine salts offer the smoker enough satisfaction than any other regular e-juice.

Comparison of RELX and UPCOTT/JULL Functionalities


  • Affordable and less expensive, around $39.99
  • Provides eight different flavors and 2ml pods
  • One packet includes three pods, 2ml/pod, which contains 5%/3% nicotine
  • Offers 650 puffs
  • 350mAh battery life
  • Fewer reviews by customers
  • Charged using the ordinary Android USB cable
  • It weighs 21g


  • Expensive to purchase around $49.99
  • Provides eight different flavors that include mango, fruit, classic tobacco, mint, Virginia tobacco, cucumber, crème, and menthol.
  • One packet includes four pods, 0.7ml/pod, which contains 5%/3% nicotine
  • Offers 200 puffs
  • 200mAh battery
  • Many customers' reviews
  • Device charged using a charging dock
  • It weighs 14g

The Advantages of UPCOTT

  1. The device comes when already filled with salt nicotine e-liquid, which makes it effective.
  2. It offers smokers the traditional feeling of cigarette experience. The user gets to enjoy the long-lasting conventional smoking joy digitally.
  3. You can easily carry it around since it has a small size. The portability of the device makes it recommendable to most people.
  4. The tank has a free set-up. You can unscrew it and the used cartridge disposed of away.
  5. Users do not need the training to use it. Newcomers and those who wish to use it do not require thorough training to use it.
  6. It requires no maintenance. It comes when already fixed with all the components for functionality purposes.

The flexibility of UPCOTT/JULL

A UPCOTT has got attractive looking features that any person would admire. They resemble iPhone products, and this makes them be idolized far and near all over the world. Upcott has gained severe popularity due to its compact nature and the high-tech design used in it. These features make it so exceptional to all other vape device brands. It offers smokers an easy load to carry anywhere they may go to since it is small in size and lightweight. The technology applied in this device makes it capable of reviving the traditional feeling of smoking cigarettes, though in a more advanced way.

In addition to the above factors, the fact it comes with one pre-filled and another empty cartridge offers users the opportunity for refilling with the flavor of e-liquid that they most prefer. Such a feature makes the UPCOTT more reliable than pre-filled disposable. The user remains at liberty to first consume the pre-filled e-liquid in the tank, and after which they can purchase an e-liquid and refill it again. It becomes even safer since you become so sure of the product and material in the device you vape. The system offers smokers the option of reusing the vape device, where the user refills it with e-liquid manually when it runs out. 

It also offers the user a vast array of e-juice flavor choices and the ability to control or regulate nicotine strength. The smoker can choose for themselves such flavors and ensures that they use the right content of nicotine in their vaping.

The system operates with a strong battery which tantamounts to a complete experience of vaping. Cloud production on it while being used makes it instill in the smoker a feeling of wealth. The sense of having the fatter smoke takes you into an ecstasy of nice feeling and comfort.

Smoking can only be better when you pick the right vape system, which to this point stands as the open system. The freedom you exhibit as a user in choosing what you need in the vape tank makes it even more reliable.

Pricing Comparison of UPCOTT and RELX

The Upcott/Jull devices prove to be more expensive than the RELX design. For instance, one packet of upends UPCOTT costs $49.99 while that of RELX costs $39.99. You can recharge both devices, and their charging processes differ, with one being cheaper to charge than the other. The charging dock in the UPCOTT only picks on a given type of charger, and when you cannot avail of the specific charger, it becomes worthless. On the other hand, the RELX allows users to use any Android charger. Collectively, charging accessibility of UPCOTT becomes more expensive than RELX.

Basic Parameter

The worth of an exemplary device goes hand in hand with efficiency. The moment a system carries with it an expensive tag, then the performance becomes outstanding. You can establish for yourself at this moment which device best suits you. It seems so open and transparent that it upends UPCOTT stands a notch higher with efficiency to users.

Simplicity, Design, and Use

Vaping has transformed smokers' world, that both new and old smokers can enjoy the ancient feeling of cigarettes. The comfort that you can experience when technology comes into the way of life seems immeasurable. Various brands of both traditional and current cigarettes flock to the market. The shopkeeper only needs your money to avail such products as a vape or a packet of cigarettes. While taking or puffing in the smoke from the cigarette, the feeling at times becomes incomparable with any other sense.

Upends Upcott has been designed in a simple portable design that the user finds easy to carry. The length and width measurements only 9.48cm by 1.51cm, respectively, and the weight of 14grams makes it a simple light device. It looks so thin and can even fit into a traveling bag while traveling, and you don't need to leave it behind while going on a journey.

It has a battery life of 200mAh that ensures its performance. When you purchase one packet of the device, it contains four pods that offer users the device's lifespan of 200puffs. It uses the e-juice to run the whole device and to bring out the smoke when users puffs.


The intense feeling of relief in the ancient cigarette stays awakened through the vaping systems that the market introduces today. Upends UPCOTT gives you the long-awaited feeling of a real cigarette and an overwhelming taste of comfort. You can take in the first puff with a sense of not trying it again, but certainly, it leaves you wishing for more. The vape devices in their portable state make it possible for you to easily walk around with them so that you may use them when you need to vape. So far, we have looked at both UPCOTT and RELX devices that seem populous today globally. 

Above all, the benefits that these vaping systems bear with them look incomparable to the traditional smoking systems. For instance, an example of the health factor, the smoker has the opportunity to select only their preferred e-juice or flavors to use. You do not have to worry a lot when you can have access to such a device that brings a new dawn to the globe. Indeed, you need to be a part of this transforming factor of UPCOTT devices. Your thirst experiences real quenching when you explore the use of this user-friendly device.

Ultimately, the best vape device remains to upend UPCOTT that provides you with a safer way to smoke and a reliable manner to handle your vaping device. If you seek an effective way of reaching the epitome of joy, our surety lies with the UPCOTT device. It provides you with sizeable equipment to handle all around and vape any time you feel like it. What more can you need? The device proves safe both to your health and the environment in which you use it. The cotton within the device absorbs the smoke well and ensures safe residue of the same.