WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Airis Dabble Wax Pen Review. The Features, Kit Content, How to Use, Performance, and Alternative Vape

19th Jul 2021 | 186 | upends v

What is the Airis dabble vape pen

The Airis dabble pen is a new design glass bong compatible pen that is used to vape waxes. The pen is a product of Aristech Company that has been in the frontline in creating the best wax pens. Airistech vape pens are reliable, and their frequently updated products perform better compared to other pen brands.

The Airis dabble pen uses the quartz coil technology, which has been the main selling point of the Airistech Company. The quartz atomizers have been perfected to give the best performance in everyday use.

The Airis dabble pen is small in design and can be used for discreet vape sessions for wax concentrates. The pen can be used as a small dab pen, and it can be attached to a bong for vaping through a glass piece. The pen perfectly fits in the palm or pocket, and despite its small size, the 900mAh battery works perfectly for such a pen.

Features of the Airis dabble vape pen

  • The device is portable and glass bong compatible 
  • It has a hands free automatic heating mode
  • The pen uses a Qcell quartz coil heating element
  • Strong 900mAh battery
  • Three variable voltage pre-settings
  • Micro USB charging system
  • Small, attractive design

Airis dabble kit contents

  • Airis dabble vape pen
  • 14mm glass bong attachment
  • 19 mm silicone sleeve
  • Stainless steel dabbing tool
  • USB charging cable
  • User instruction manual

How to use the Airis dabble

The pen went through an exact designing phase, and it is one of the easiest pens to use. You can easily screw in the 14mm glass attachment to connect the Airis dabble to any favourite glass piece of yours. 

All these tools are available in the box, and you do not need to buy anything extra. In addition, you get a 19mm silicone bong adapter sleeve Available in the box. When you take it out of its box, the Airis dabble vape pen fits into many of the mainstream bongs. 

To achieve multipurpose functionality, the dabbler pen has been designed to be drawn from the top and the bottom. The quartz coil is held over a stainless steel pod that can easily slide in and out of the vaporizer.

The main disadvantage of using this design is that you need to wait for some moment from loading because the stainless steel pod gets very hot.


When you take out your pen from its package, you have to put it to charge for a few hours to prepare your battery for optimal performance. This process of recharging also strengthens your battery life to provide reliability and convenience.

The next thing you need to do is slide the glass over the coil upwards to take it out. After that process, you need to move the stainless steel pod to the side and lift off the lid to reveal the quartz coil below.

Load your wax concentrates, either CBD or THC, onto the quartz coil and ensure you add a rice grain size for better performance. This is a good starting point to test how much substance you can handle. 

After the loading process is complete and you have confirmed the substances are enough, you need to put back the lid onto the pod and push it back into the vape pen.

Press the button five times in a row to turn the vaporizer on. 

Variable voltage setting of the Airis dabbles vape pen

On the single control button, press the button three times to set the required voltage. The pen comes preloaded with three variable voltage settings that are indicated by LED lights around the button. For example, a green light on the surface represents 3.4 volts, and blue indicates 3.7 volts and red shows the 4.2 voltages. 

The general rule when using this pen, the thicker the wax concentrate is, the higher the voltage setting you need. With that being said, you need to test the pen voltage settings to find the best for your vaping needs and preferences. 

The glass bong may not be necessary at this point, but you can attach it if you have a water pipe to use.

The Airis dabble vape pen has two heating options that you can employ when you are vaping. First, you can choose to press the button and hold it as you vape. Second, if you do not find the button convenient to encourage as you vape with the bong, you can press the button twice, and the pen will heat for twenty seconds.

Performance of the Airis dabbler vape pen

The Airis vape pen is a fully compact vape pen that comes with three voltage pre-settings. You can move the voltages up to 4.2 volts from a minimum of 3.5 volts. Such temperature ranges are the perfect starting point for adding more performance features to a vape pen. 

The lower voltage settings appear to be underwhelming in performance. To get quality vapour, you need to use higher temperatures. When using the pen, you need to start from the low voltage levels as you work your way up to higher voltages. This is meant to let your substances adjust to the heat settings without burning or giving dry hits. 

Using the button control feature of the pen sometimes is hard because you need to press the button three times consecutively. Such a setting means that you can accidentally press on the button more than the required time. At the same time, you could miscalculate the needed pressing time, and the pen will not read the signals. 

The battery usage of the pen is favourable, and it can be termed as one of the reliable kits. The battery can vape at various voltages without reducing the output levels. The vapour production is equally sufficient because it allows the vapour to build up in the atomizer before it gets released.

When we look into the portability and discreetness of the vape pen, we will realize that the structure of the pen is somewhat reliable for carrying in pockets or a backpack. In addition, the pen does not release any foul smells, so it is scarce that you will get any odour.

Pros and cons of the Airis dabble vape pen


  • You can enjoy dual usage with or without the water pipe
  • The pen comes in various colour selections, which gives you a mix of usage
  • You get to experience the hands-free heating mode of the pen
  • The Quell quartz coil heats up to provide the best taste
  • The device can fill the 14mm and 19mm pipes
  • The device is very affordable considering the price tag is $60
  • It is compatible with the new vape dab user
  • The performance of this pen is impeccable and can also be used by advanced vape enthusiasts. 


  • The pen chamber is small, meaning that it can not hold a substantial amount of waxes.

Alternative vape: UPENDS


The Uppor pod system is a vape pen that gives you satisfying draws from the initial puff you take. The performance is enhanced by the Etchip coil that has a broader heating surface.

This feature is suitable for increasing the heating efficiency and giving the mesh a higher resistance. All these factors combined give you a highly concentrated vapour, and you are assured of quality.

The UPENDS products assure you of quality and reliability anytime you think of high performance.                        


The Airis dab pen for waxes is one of the most efficient devices for vaping wax concentrates. The enclosure offers consistency and flexibility in its performance, so you do not have much to worry about. You can use this pen with a glass tube bong makes it a handy tool for bong users.

The three voltage settings are very effective when it comes to regulating the temperatures to enhance performance. The pen has gained so much recognition, and it can be easily compared to high-performance vape pens such as the Kandypens.