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Aegis Solo Vape Review: Pros and Cons of this Vape Pen

10th Jul 2023 | 235 | upends v

Durability and performance are two qualities that vapers highly value. The Geekvape Aegis Solo answers to these qualities and more. Designed for vapers seeking a compact and portable option, the Aegis Solo delivers a vaping experience that is as reliable as it is resilient. Join us as we discuss this product in detail and discover why it has gained a reputation for being a go-to choice for vapers seeking durability and exceptional performance.

What is Aegis Solo Vape?

The Aegis Solo is a compact and durable vape device manufactured by GeekVape. It is designed for vapers who prefer a single 18650 battery setup. This device offers high-performance capabilities, advanced features, and a rugged design that is resistant to water, dust, and shocks.

Built with a focus on durability, the Aegis Solo features a robust construction, water and dust resistance, and shockproof capabilities. It is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, making it an ideal choice for vapers who lead an active lifestyle or those who simply want a reliable and long-lasting device.

It also offers advanced features and a high-performance chipset that ensures a satisfying vaping experience. From its compatibility with various tanks and atomizers to its customizable settings and user-friendly interface, the Aegis Solo is a versatile device that caters to both beginners and experienced vapers.

General Features


The Aegis Solo features a combination of materials like zinc alloy, stainless steel, and leather for its construction. These materials contribute to its overall sturdiness and resistance to everyday wear and tear. It has an IP67 rating for water resistance, which means it can withstand being submerged in up to 1 meter (3.3 feet) of water for up to 30 minutes without suffering any damage.

Another awesome fact about this device is that it has been tested for shock resistance and can endure falls from moderate heights without significant damage. The device also incorporates silicone seals in critical areas to provide additional protection against water, dust, and shock. These seals ensure that vulnerable points, such as the battery compartment and buttons, are well-protected. If Aegis Solo had another name, it would be called rugged.

Single 18650 Battery

The Aegis Solo uses a single external 18650 battery (not included). This gives you the flexibility to choose your preferred 18650 battery brand and capacity. With moderate usage, a fully charged 18650 battery can last a full day or longer. However, heavy vapers may need to recharge or carry spare batteries throughout the day. This vaping device supports USB charging, allowing you to charge the device directly through the USB port.

In addition to this, the Aegis Solo provides the option to remove the battery and charge it externally using a compatible 18650 battery charger. This allows for faster charging times and eliminates the need to wait for the device to charge before using it again. You need not to worry about battery safety as the Aegis Solo incorporates various safety features to ensure this. Some of which may include protections against overcharging, over-discharging, short circuits, and reverse polarity.

Advanced Chipset

The Aegis Solo is equipped with an advanced AS chipset, which is a proprietary chip developed by GeekVape. The AS chipset is known for its high performance, efficiency, and accuracy in delivering a reliable vaping experience. This chipset ensures rapid firing speed, which means that when you press the fire button, the device quickly activates the coil and delivers instant vapor production. The Aegis Solo chipset also accurately reads the resistance of the atomizer coil in real-time.

This is important for temperature control functionality, as well as ensuring consistent power output and protecting against coil damage caused by incorrect resistance readings. An interesting fact about this chipset is that you can customize the options to cater to your vaping preferences. It provides adjustable wattage output, temperature control for compatible coil materials (such as nickel, titanium, or stainless steel), and other modes like bypass mode or variable power curve (VPC) mode and firmware upgrades.

OLED Display

The Aegis Solo is equipped with an OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display. The display provides important information about the device's settings and status. The OLED screen offers a bright and crisp display, making it easy to view the information even in different lighting conditions. The high contrast and sharpness of OLED technology ensure that the displayed information is clear and legible.

The OLED display has a user-friendly interface, so you need not to worry about how to navigate the device. One of the essential pieces of information displayed on the OLED screen is the battery life indicator. This helps prevent unexpected power loss and allows you to manage your vaping sessions more effectively. With Aegis Solo vaping device, you are rest assured that you are getting quality for the money spent.

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Reviews: Is Aegis Solo Vape Good?

Aegis Solo

    With its rugged build and IP67 water, dust, and shock resistance, the Aegis Solo is built to withstand harsh conditions. Powered by a single external 18650 battery, it offers a maximum power output of 100 watts and supports temperature control functionality. It is also equipped with an advanced AS chipset, it provides fast firing speed, accurate resistance readings, and various safety protections. The Aegis Solo features an OLED display, compatibility with a wide range of tanks, and a user-friendly interface, making it an excellent choice for both beginner and experienced vapers.


    • Power, Bypass & TC Modes
    • AS-100 Chipset
    • Maximum 100W Output
    • IP67 Water, Dust & Shock Resistant
    • Battery: Single 18650


    • IP67 Water, shock & dust Resistant
    • It is user friendly
    • Small & Compact Design
    • Adjustable Brightness
    • Good performance


    • It is lighter in weight than the Aegis Solo 2
    • Screen scratches way too easily
    • The screen is not as big as that of Geekvape S100 (Aegis Solo 2)
    • The wattage scrolls too Fast
    Geekvape S 100 (Aegis Solo 2)

      Although similar to the Aegis Solo device, the Geekvape S100 (Aegis Solo 2) is heavier in weight and differs in some of its features. The Geekvape S100 has a new A-lock that makes it easier for you to carry around. This new lock protects your device from over-burning the coil, or over-heating the mod that often results from accidental press. Another distinguishing feature is its water resistant capabilities, the Geekvape S100 has an IP68 rating and a more durable shock resistance.

      Did we forget to mention that it comes with a bigger screen? Its bigger screen aids better visual experience. The specifications have spoken for itself, the Geekvape S100 is the product to try especially if you want a rugged and durable vape.


      • Battery: Single 18650 steel shell lithium battery
      • Temperature control: 100℃ -315℃ /200℉-600℉
      • Dimension: 128.9*41.2*31.5MM
      • Input voltage: 3.2V-4.2V
      • Voltage at full charge: USB 5V 1.5A
      • Output voltage: 0.1V–12V
      • Charger: 5V 1.5A
      • Resistance range: 0.05Ω-3Ω
      • Output power: 5W–100W


      • Good power mode performance
      • Large clear and bright color screen
      • Easy to use
      • Has a lock slider feature
      • Fast charge rate (1.90A)
      • IP68 rugged and water-resistant


      • The tank coils require a tool to remove them

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      What tanks or atomizers are compatible with the Aegis Solo?

      The Aegis Solo vape device is compatible with a wide range of tanks and atomizers that have a 510 connection. You can use sub-ohm tanks, rebuildable atomizers (RDA/RTA/RDTA), and other compatible tanks based on your vaping preferences.

      How do I charge the Aegis Solo?

      The Aegis Solo supports both USB charging and external battery charging. You can charge the device by connecting it to a computer or a wall adapter using the included USB cable. It is also possible to remove the battery and charge it externally using a compatible battery charger.

      How do I adjust the settings on the Aegis Solo?

      The Aegis Solo has a user-friendly interface with buttons for adjusting settings. You can use the fire button, adjustment buttons, and the OLED display to navigate through the menu and adjust settings such as wattage, temperature, and mode selection.

      Is the Aegis Solo suitable for beginners?

      The Aegis Solo is suitable for both beginners and experienced vapers. Its durable construction, compact size, and user-friendly interface make it an excellent option for those starting their vaping journey. However, it also offers advanced features and customization options that appeal to experienced vapers.

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