WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

A Vaper's Dream: The Unforgettable Experience Of Lava Vape Pen

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Welcome to the world of Lava Vape Pen, where an unforgettable vaping experience awaits. Designed with innovation and quality in mind, the Lava Vape Pen offers a journey into a realm of flavor, convenience, and satisfaction. Whether you're a seasoned vaper or new to the vaping scene, this exceptional device is sure to captivate your senses and leave a lasting impression.

Lava2 Nic Salt Pod

Lava2 Nic Salt Pods are the perfect choice when you desire a uniquely refreshing nicotine experience, combining the invigorating flavors of mint and apple for a truly exceptional sensation.

A 5% (50mg) nicotine concentration by weight is equivalent to the nicotine content found in 1 pack of cigarettes or approximately 200 puffs. Lava2 vape pods are disposable and do not require refilling.

For individuals interested in transitioning from regular cigarettes, it would be beneficial to continue reading below to gain insight into the Mouth-to-lung (MTL) and Direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping styles, which can assist in finding a preferred vaping technique.

The MTL vaping style, similar to smoking cigarettes, involves holding the vapor in your mouth before inhaling. This method provides a higher level of flavor and a smoother sensation in the throat compared to the DTL approach. It is recommended to use a low wattage vape mod, such as the Lava2 pod device, for the MTL style.

On the other hand, the DTL vaping style involves directly inhaling the vapor into the lungs, resulting in a stronger nicotine hit on the throat and a harsher sensation. This style is more suitable for experienced vapers and may not be the ideal choice for beginners who are new to vaping.


  • 1 ml of e-juice
  • 5% (50mg) nicotine by weight
  • Salt-based nicotine

Lava2 Nic Salt Pod Flavors Review

Mango Pods

These pods capture the essence of ripe, juicy mangoes. With each inhale, you'll experience the luscious sweetness and tropical aroma that mango lovers adore. It's like taking a bite into a perfectly ripened mango, creating a mouthwatering and satisfying vaping experience.

Blueberry Pods

Bursting with the flavor of plump and juicy blueberries, these pods offer a delightful blend of tanginess and sweetness. The authentic blueberry taste provides a refreshing and fruity vaping sensation, making it an excellent choice for blueberry enthusiasts.

Apple with Mint Pods

This unique combination combines the crispness of fresh apples with the invigorating coolness of mint. The apple flavor provides a natural sweetness, while the hint of mint adds a refreshing and soothing element to each inhale. It's a harmonious blend that leaves a refreshing aftertaste.

Tobacco Pods

For those seeking a familiar and satisfying experience, the tobacco pods deliver a smooth and robust tobacco flavor. The rich notes of tobacco create a sense of familiarity, making it an ideal choice for those transitioning from traditional cigarettes to vaping.

Pineapple Pods

Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with these pineapple-flavored pods. The taste of sweet and tangy pineapple invigorates your senses, offering a tropical escape with every puff. It's like indulging in the refreshing taste of freshly sliced pineapple, bringing a touch of exoticness to your vaping experience.


The Lava Max Disposable Salt Nic Vape Pen offers a precisely crafted combination of nicotine salts. Created by the expert team at Lava2, this vape pen delivers the ideal formulation of vape juice in a convenient disposable e-cig stick format. It is particularly popular among beginners in the vaping community who are looking for a hassle-free and user-friendly vaping experience.

Lava Max Nic Salt Pod Flavors Review


The Peach flavor of Lava Max brings you the irresistible taste of juicy and sweet peaches. With each puff, you'll experience the succulent and refreshing essence of this beloved fruit, creating a delightful vaping sensation that captures the essence of summer.

Splash Ice

Dive into a refreshing blend with the Splash Ice flavor. This invigorating combination delivers a fusion of juicy fruits, such as watermelon, strawberry, and tropical undertones, enhanced by a cool menthol twist. The result is a revitalizing and frosty vaping experience that leaves a pleasant tingling sensation.


The Clear flavor offers a clean and pure vaping experience. This option is free from additional flavorings and additives, providing a straightforward and unadulterated taste. It's the perfect choice for vapers who prefer a simple and uncomplicated vaping session, allowing them to focus solely on the smoothness of the nicotine salts.


The Lava Plus Disposable Vape is an excellent choice for individuals who are new to vaping or prefer the convenience of a disposable option. It incorporates the same high-quality nicotine salts found in the popular Lava Pods but in a convenient disposable format.

Using this vape pen is a breeze, offering a user-friendly experience. Simply inhale from the mouthpiece, and you'll be able to indulge in over 2600 puffs of your preferred salt-nic e-juice flavor. With a nicotine concentration of 5% (50mg) by weight, you can enjoy the satisfaction of your nicotine fix without experiencing any harsh throat hit or unpleasant chemical taste.


  • 2600 puffs
  • 3% or 5% SaltNic
  • Salt-based nicotine

Lava Plus Flavors Review

Cool Mint

Enjoy the revitalizing and energizing flavor of Cool Mint. This flavor offers a burst of icy freshness that leaves a cool sensation on your palate. Each inhales delivers a crisp and minty flavor, providing a revitalizing and soothing vaping experience.

Watermelon with Mint

Immerse yourself in the juicy and succulent combination of Watermelon with Mint. The sweet and refreshing notes of watermelon blend harmoniously with the cooling hint of mint, creating a delightful and invigorating flavor profile. It's a perfect choice for those seeking a fruity and minty fusion.

Strawberry Banana

Experience the delightful marriage of two beloved fruits with the Strawberry Banana flavor. A smooth and delicious vaping experience is provided by the combination of the creamy richness of bananas and the sweetness of ripe strawberries. Each puff encapsulates the natural sweetness and lusciousness of these fruits.


The Lava Big Boy Disposable Device is a compact and portable vape device that comes pre-filled with 0% nicotine content. Designed to have a discreet profile that easily fits in the palm of your hand, it is an ideal choice for individuals who lead busy and active lifestyles. It provides convenience for those who are constantly on the go and prefer a hassle-free vaping experience.

It's important to note that this disposable device does not feature a USB-C charging port, meaning it is not rechargeable. However, the Lava Big Boy Disposable Device compensates for this by offering an impressive number of puffs. With each device, you can enjoy double the puffs, exceeding 7000 puffs, ensuring an extended period of vaping satisfaction.

The Lava Big Boy Disposable Device is known for its high-quality e-liquid, providing a satisfying and flavorful vaping experience. While it does not contain nicotine, it still delivers great taste and vapor production, making it a suitable choice for those who enjoy the sensory aspects of vaping without the nicotine content.


  • 7000 Puffs
  • 5% Nicotine
  • 12ml
  • 2Mesh coil
  • 600mAh

Lava Big Boy Flavors Review

Ice Grape

Prepare to be refreshed by the cool and invigorating Ice Grape flavor. Combining the natural sweetness of ripe grapes with a chilly menthol twist, this flavor delivers a dynamic blend of fruity goodness and a refreshing icy sensation. For those seeking a vivid and cooling vaping experience, it is the ideal option.

Passion Fruit Melon

Embark on a tropical journey with the delightful combination of Passion Fruit Melon. This flavor harmoniously blends the tangy and exotic notes of passion fruit with the juicy and succulent taste of ripe melons. Each puff unveils a burst of fruity goodness, transporting you to a paradise of tropical flavors.


How long does a Lava Vape Pen battery last?

The battery life of a Lava Vape Pen can vary depending on the device's capacity, usage patterns, and settings. Typically, a fully charged battery can last for several hours of continuous vaping. It's recommended to recharge the battery when it's low to ensure uninterrupted usage.

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