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A Closer Look At The Design And Functionality Of The Uwell Popreel N1 Pod Kit

20th Jul 2023 | 397 | upends v

Welcome to our in-depth exploration of the design and functionality of the Uwell Popreel N1 Pod Kit. As part of Uwell's pod vape lineup, the Popreel N1 is a device that deserves a closer look. With its sleek design and innovative features, this kit offers a satisfying vaping experience.

Designed to meet the needs of vapers on a budget, the Popreel N1 is part of the Uwell Popreel series, which focuses on affordable refillable pod systems. It follows the success of its predecessors, incorporating Uwell's commitment to quality and performance.

Taking inspiration from the popular Caliburn A2, the Popreel N1 shares a similar form factor but with a notable difference: the absence of a button. Uwell has opted for a simplified and streamlined approach, ensuring ease of use and a clean aesthetic. The device's durable construction features dual-layered plastics, reminiscent of disposable vapes, making it an economical option without compromising on quality.

Functionality-wise, the Popreel N1 is equipped with a 2 mL pod capacity, allowing for ample e-liquid storage. It utilizes UN2 meshed-h 1.2-ohm pods, specifically designed for Mouth to Lung (MTL) vaping. This design choice ensures a controlled airflow, delivering a satisfying MTL experience. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced vaper, the Popreel N1 caters to a wide range of preferences.

Throughout this exploration, we will delve deeper into the intricate details of the Uwell Popreel N1 Pod Kit, uncovering its design elements, materials, and how they contribute to its overall functionality. Join us as we dissect this device and discover what sets it apart in the world of pod vapes.

What Is Uwell Popreel N1 Pod Kit

The Uwell POPREEL N1 Pods are specifically crafted to be compatible with the POPREEL N1 Kit. These pods feature a magnetic connection mechanism, ensuring a secure attachment to the device, and a hassle-free side-filling port for effortless and convenient refills. With a transparent design, the pod allows you to easily monitor the e-liquid levels, eliminating any guesswork. Moreover, the built-in coil design means you won't have to deal with the inconvenience of replacing coils, streamlining the vaping experience.

The Uwell Popreel N1 Pod Kit is a vaping device produced by Uwell, a well-known manufacturer in the vaping industry. It is a compact and user-friendly pod system designed for vapers seeking convenience and simplicity.

The Popreel N1 Pod Kit includes a main device and compatible refillable pods. The pods are specifically designed for the Popreel N1 Kit and feature a magnetic attachment mechanism. This ensures a secure and stable connection between the pod and the device, preventing any accidental detachment.


  • Device Dimensions (H): 102.2mm
  • Device Dimensions (W): 22.1mm
  • Device Dimensions (D): 11.5mm
  • Device Weight: 27g
  • Wattage (Min): 10W
  • Wattage (Max): 10W
  • Product Material: Plastic
  • Safety Features: Leakproof Pod
  • Tank Type: Standard
  • Liquid Capacity: 2ml
  • Coil Resistance: 1.2ohm
  • Coil Type: Mesh
  • Battery Type: Built-In 520mAh
  • Battery Quantity: 1
  • Charging Type: USB Type-C
  • Magnetic Attachment

Kit Includes

  • 1 Uwell POPREEL N1 Pod System
  • 1 POPREEL N1 Pod Cartridge with a resistance of 1.2 Ohm
  • 1 User Manual


  • High-quality construction
  • Attractive and appealing design
  • Provides a satisfying Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) vaping experience
  • Delivers consistent and reliable hits
  • Smooth and quiet draw
  • Long-lasting coil performance
  • Convenient juice window with three open sides for easy monitoring
  • Offers a strong and enjoyable throat hit
  • Achieves an ideal power/ohm ratio for efficient battery and coil usage in MTL vaping


  • Occasional leakage issues during refilling
  • The limited battery capacity of 400mAh
  • Color options may appear somewhat toy-like
  • Lack of included charging cord
  • The single pod included in the package

Why Choose Uwell Popreel N1 Pod Kit


The Uwell POPREEL N1 is a lightweight and compact device, weighing only 27g, which makes it highly portable and convenient to carry in your pocket or bag. It features a matte finish with a diamond pattern, combining both style and comfort in its design. The device is specifically designed to provide a unique touch and comfortable grip, while also preventing unsightly fingerprints.

Operating the POPREEL N1 is effortless, thanks to its draw-activated firing system. With this feature, all you need to do is inhale to experience the flavorful vapor. It offers a user-friendly vaping experience, particularly suitable for beginners.

Constructed with durable PC materials, the POPREEL N1 is both sturdy and lightweight. This combination of durability and lightness makes it an ideal choice for those starting their vaping journey and seeking a reliable and easy-to-use device.


The Uwell POPREEL Pods come equipped with a built-in 1.2Ohm coil, catering to the needs of mouth-to-lung vapers who prefer a restricted draw. The integrated coil design is especially advantageous for beginners, as it eliminates the need for intricate coil replacements, providing a hassle-free vaping experience.

With a 2ml e-liquid capacity, the POPREEL Pods offer ample space to hold your favorite flavors. The transparent design of the pods allows you to easily monitor the e-liquid levels, ensuring you know when it's time for a refill. The filling port, conveniently located on the side of the pod, features a rubber stopper to prevent any undesired leaks or spills, enhancing the overall cleanliness and usability of the device.


The device operates using an internal 520mAh battery, which is conveniently built-in and eliminates the need for external batteries. Recharging the battery is a breeze with the micro USB port located at the bottom of the device.

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With an impressive 13mL mega e-liquid capacity and a 600mAh rechargeable battery, you have the freedom to enjoy vaping at any time without worrying about running out of e-liquid or battery power.


  • Battery 600mah
  • 13ml Capacity E-liquid
  • Size 119.8mm x 27.5mm
  • Type C USB charging port
  • 0ohm Resistance

Package includes:

  • Package: Single
  • 1 x Device
  • 1 x User Manual
  • Mid-Package

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The SMOK Nord 4 is a cutting-edge and high-performance device suitable for vapers of all skill levels. It boasts a built-in 2000mAh battery and a maximum output of 80W, delivering an impressive and satisfying vaping experience while ensuring long-lasting battery life.

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Moreover, the SMOK Nord 4 features a convenient side-filling system, making refilling your e-liquid a breeze. The adjustable airflow function offers added versatility, enabling you to fine-tune your airflow for the perfect draw. Whether you prefer a tight MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) hit or a more open DTL (Direct-to-Lung) experience, this device has you covered.



  • Built-in 2000mAh Battery
  • Maximum Power Output of 80W
  • Intelligent Detection System
  • Side OLED Display Screen for Easy Monitoring
  • Type-C Fast Charging for Quick and Convenient Recharging
  • Side Fill System with Silicone Stopper and 4.5mL Nord 4 RPM & RPM 2 Pod Capacity for Mess-Free Refills
  • Nord Compatible with RPM 2 Series Coils, 4 RPM 2 Pod
  • Supports both DL (Direct Lung) and MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) Vaping Styles Nord 4 RPM Pod Compatible with RPM Series Coils Side Airflow Adjustment Ring for Customizable Airflow Control
  • New Leather Series with Color-Matching Options for Stylish Appeal


Popreel N1 pods last how long?

The longevity of Popreel N1 pods can vary depending on your vaping habits and preferences. The built-in 520mAh battery in the Popreel N1 Pod Device offers a maximum output of 10W and can provide power for an entire day, assuming moderate usage.

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