WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

50 nic,60 Nic, What's the best nicotine strength for you?

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Nicotine is a base substance, an alkaloid to be precise, found in various plants, including tobacco, tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers. However, it is only in tobacco plants that the nicotine levels are high enough to allow refinery extraction. The nicotine could also be extracted through the synthesis in a factory, but the process is relatively expensive.

The substance work to perform both stimulating and relaxing functions. This, in turn, gives alertness, calmness, and mood elevation effects, as have been reported by users. The commercial e-juice vape juices come in various nicotine levels, including those with no nicotine at all.

As such, it is very important for less conversant vapers to know the levels of nicotine they want for their juices. This will help them in deciding the type of e-liquid to buy. In this aid, below is a summary of the various nicotine levels that are best for use.

When deciding on nicotine's strength to use for your juices, you'll have to factor in the level of nicotine you consume from other substances. For example, those who smoke consume nicotine in the tobacco cigarettes they smoke. The higher the number of smokes you consume per day, the higher the levels of nicotine consumed.

As such, those who smoke a high number of cigarettes in a day will need high nicotine levels for their juice to match the high levels they consume from the tobacco cigarettes.

Equally, the low smokers will need low levels of nicotine in their vape juices. The level of nicotine in the vape juice is directly proportional to the level consumed in the tobacco cigarette.

The Best Nicotine Strength for You

The summary below has been categorized in the level of vapor production and percentages. You should take caution as the suggestions in this article, however much researched and well informed, remain just suggestions.

Vapor Production

Low vapor production

As the name suggests, this type produces low vapor, in barely visible clouds, just like the smoke produced by the cigarette. The nicotine in this category mainly includes the pods and mouth to lung tanks with very tight airflow. This category of e-liquid is a favorite choice for high-strength zinc salts. It is, however, notable that this category of e-liquid is almost outdated as most vapers no longer use e-liquids with nicotine concentrations higher than 6mg/ml.

  1. Regular nicotine: 12-24 mg/mL
  2. Nicotine salts: 30-60 mg/mL

Medium vapor production

In this category, the clouds are visible but aren't massive. The e-liquid devices in this category may come from practically any range of products. This includes pod systems that take sub-ohm coils, airier MTL tanks, and even sub-ohm tanks with a very restricted draw.

  1. Regular nicotine: 6-12 mg/mL
  2. Nicotine salts: 20-30 mg/mL

High vapor production

As the name suggests, the devices under this category have high vapor levels, which come out in big clouds. The devices include re-buildable atomizers with large airflow channels and powerful sub-ohm tanks. These devices rarely contain nic salts due to the high levels of vapor they produce. The high levels of vapor produced make it easy to get too much nic pretty fast.

 Notably, most people who use devices under this category go for those with low nicotine strengths. For this category, even a 6mg nicotine strength level may be too high considering their vapor production levels.

  1. Regular nicotine: 1.5-6 mg/mL
  2. Nicotine salts: 1.5-6 mg/mL

Nicotine strengths in milligrams (mg) per milliliters (ml)

Most of the e-liquid devices come with their nicotine strengths shown in ml and mg. This essentially means that there is a certain amount of nicotine for every ml of the e-liquid device.

For instance, for a 1.5mg/Ml, there are 1.5mmilligrams of nicotine in every milliliter of the e-liquid in the container. As such, for you to know the total amount of nicotine contained in the device, you multiply the device's capacity by 1.5.

For example, if you fill up a 5 mL vape tank with 6 mg/mL e-liquid, you have 5 mL × 6 mg/mL = 30 mg of nicotine in your tank. Similarly, a 10 mL bottle of 6 mg/mL e-liquid contains 60 mg of nicotine in total.

Nicotine strengths in percentages

The nicotine strengths in percentages are similar to the readings in mg/ml and way easier to understand as it is direct, and you don't need to multiply anything. For example, percentage figures like 3% are used, which means in the whole e-liquid, nicotine forms three percent of the whole.

Technically, the measurement is called "nicotine by volume," in the same way the percentages on a liquor bottle are "alcohol by volume" or ABV for short. "Nicotine by volume" is sometimes shortened to NBV too.

Converting from mg/mL to percent and back

Given the variable strengths of nicotine in different e-liquid devices, you need to get one that satisfies your desires. So assuming you settled on one particular strength that satisfies your desires but you still get confused given the percentages readings and mg/mL readings, you'll need to know how to convert the readings.

Converting nicotine strength in mg/mL to a percentage is quite easy. You divide the amount in mg/mL by 10. So, if you have a 3mg/mL e-juice, this is equal to a 0.3% e-juice. A 25 mg/mL e-juice is 2.5%. And if you had a high-strength nicotine base of 1.5 mg/mL, this would be 0.15%.To convert back from percentages to mg/mL, multiply it by 10. 

What is nic salt vape juice?

Nic Salt is a form of processed nicotine used in vape juice. Therefore, a nic salt vape juice is a vape juice in which nic salt has been added. The nic salts help reduce the dangers of high nicotine levels while quenching the thirst for a nicotine throat hit.



Is Salt Nicotine better?

Yes, salt nicotine is better. As mentioned hereinabove, the nic salts help reduce the dangers of high nicotine levels while quenching the thirst for a nicotine throat hit.

Other benefits include:


The nic salts are technically cheaper than the other sources of nicotine. For example, whereas nic salts are a little pricier than cigarettes, you’ll need many packs of cigarettes to achieve what you could with a nic salt.

Better shelf life

The nic salt is more chemically stable and stores the nicotine substance much better and longer without reducing quality.

The smooth, mild throat hit

The nic salt comes in various strengths; thus, you can choose what best suits you, and thus no squats about pH levels.

Is 50 mg of nicotine a lot?

50mg of nicotine is high. However, if you are a high smoker trying to quit, it is recommended by the doctors. This will match the high levels of nicotine you've been consuming in the cigarettes and, in turn, help achieve a smooth transition. 

Is 5% of nicotine a lot?

5% of nicotine is 50mg/Ml converted into percentage presentation. As such, just as mentioned above, it is a high level of nicotine. However, if you are a high smoker trying to quit, it is recommended by the doctors. This will match the high levels of nicotine you've been consuming in the cigarettes and, in turn, help achieve a smooth transition.

High Nicotine Vape Juice:

There are several high nicotine vape juice e-liquid devices. Below are some you may consider.



The product is batch-made and artfully blended in an ISO 6 Certified Clean Room, allowing the highest consistency and quality. Each batch is then sent to steep for a minimum of 14 days.

Ingredients include:

  1. USP certified Vegetable Glycerin
  2. USP certified Propylene Glycol
  3. USP certified GC/MS verified nicotine
  4. FDA food-grade certified flavorings



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This product's details are pretty much the same as ARCTIC BLAST, including the ingredients but in exception of the flavor.

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If you're trying to adopt vape juices for whatever reasons, either to quit cigarettes or just for the love of the juices, you should identify which nicotine strengths work best for you. This article will be of great help in the decision-making if you go through it keenly.