15 Best Menthol Vape Juice in 2021,What is the top rated E-Liquid?

    15 Best Menthol Vape Juice in 2021,What is the top rated E-Liquid?

    The truth is; there is a long list of vape juice and you can hardly exhaust it. It is quite natural for you to like some flavors, yet others could be a no-no for you. Everyone got their own tastes and preferences.

    Even so, you do not have to taste all flavors for you to pick what works for you. It could be a daunting undertaking that could take you years! It is virtually impossible to taste all the thousands of flavors.

    But here is the deal:

    These are some flavors that have proved fit for everyone. In this article, we have curated that list for you. We feature 15 menthol juice everyone just can’t stop talking about.

    Before we get deeper, let’s make sure we are on the same page.

    What is Menthol?

    Whether you are a vape smoker or not, one thing remains: you have encountered menthol at some point in your life. For its refreshing taste, it is often used in toothpaste and chewing gums. Menthol can also be found in some skin and hair products. They are used in these products for their cooling effect.

    You could be wondering:

    So what exactly is menthol? It is an organic substance extracted from mint plants especially peppermint. It has a fresh, minty flavor and many people like it for its cooling sensation it comes along with it.

    Old-school tobacco cigarettes often use menthol. It has also gotten its way into the vape. In the next section, we are going to review some of the best menthol vapes you certainly would love to try out this year.

    Let’s get to the point:

    1. Menthol Freeze

    Menthol Freeze is one of the most sought-after menthol vapes. Fans like it for its ultra-refreshing minty sensation that heads right to your lungs. It gives a fabulous experience into your vaping life; be it an early morning session to start off your day, or a mid-afternoon slump. With Menthol Freeze, you can customize the strength of the flavor to your desired level. You can choose what works for you; one shot offers a mild mint flavor, two offers a more elaborate solid freeze, and three gives an ever epic experience. With menthol Freeze, you can also adjust the VG/PG ratio and nicotine strength depending on your preference.

    2. VaporFi GRND RSRV Island Frost

    This is yet another of the menthol vapes you should try out this year. This kind combines menthol with fruit flavors to enhance the experience. It is designed to offer you a dazzling experience that is out of this world. Like most vapes in this list, this one also allows you to customize the nicotine strengths and VG/PG ratio. It is customized to offer you all you need in the world of vaping.

    3. Mighty Menthol

    This kind offers to the promise it suggests on its name; an all-powerful mighty experience. This is not one of those complicated vapes that give you unique flavors you’ve never heard of, no, this one derives a following from its simplicity. It will take you back to the old days, for its seemingly recognizable yet still amazing taste. If you used to smoke menthol cigarettes, you will easily relate to its tastes of flavors. The mint is especially suitable for after-dinner vaping. You certainly need to add it to your to-try list.


    4. Tobacco Menthol

    If you seriously need an old-school cigarette experience, this time without the frustrating nuisance from tar and smoke, Tobacco Menthol is the vape to consider. The flavor tobacco and menthol offers when combined is downright unparalleled.  To make it even better, this one allows you to adjust the flavor strength based on what works for you. Most Tobacco Menthol comes in a 60 ml. pack to ensure that you don’t quickly run out of the juice when you need to quench that thirst for a refreshing vaping experience. Make an effort to try it out this year. It might be your new favorite!


    We bet you will also like the FRZNAPPLE. It is was made for you if you like apples and you are looking for vapes that represent your taste for fruits. As you will easily agree with me, apples are always sweet on their own. Now when combined with menthol, the experience is even amazing.


    6. Strawberry Chill

    Strawberry chill is yet another of those menthol vape juice you might want to consider. As captured on the name, it comes with a sweet strawberry sensation. Fans like it for its taste of ripe strawberry spiced-up with dazzling menthol. It is perfect for any occasion; you can have it right when you wake up or in the evening when you want to get to bed. You are missing a lot in your vaping life if you have never had a taste of this vape juice.

    7. Winter Wonder Wafer Vape Juice

    This vape offers a lot; it combines sweetened condensed milk, peppermint patties, and chocolate toffee. In the end, the taste is unmatched. If you have never had an opportunity to taste it, you need to consider it. You will have an opportunity to regulate the nicotine, and VG/PG ratio to meet your preference.

    8. Naked 100 Hawaiian POG Ice

    If yours is a taste for tropical vapes, you need to try out the Naked 100 Hawaiian POG Ice. It consists of a mix of orange, guava, and passion fruit served with ice cubes. The ice cubes are the added feature of the Naked 100s, as previous versions did not have. That is why this Hawaiian POG Ice has a place in this curated list of best menthol juices.

    9. Black Note Menthol

    If you are a conservative fan of the real tobacco taste, then Black Note Menthol was designed just for you. If you hold to a belief that simplicity is just the way to go, and that everything more is just a waste, then this one will work for you. It features the natural extract of sun-cured Oriental tobacco with menthol extracted from peppermint leaves. Fans like it for the uncorrupted tobacco taste it offers.



    10.  I Love Salts Spearmint Gum

    I Love Salts Spearmint Gum is one of the most sought-after vapes for fans of nicotine salts. It offers an uncorrupted taste of spearmint menthol e-juice that is quite realistic. If you need something natural, with a particularly powerful experience, this is the thing for you. You need to put it on your explore-list for 2021.   

    11. Watermelon Lime Freeze

    This is another pick for the fruit fans who want to increase their lists. This one comes with an enticing watermelon taste. Combined with the chilly menthol, the product is even better. It is out of this world and you are certainly missing out if you have never experienced this incredible taste. Just like most of the picks in this list, you can always adjust the strength of nicotine and VG/PG ratio in line with your preference.

    12. Lemon Twist Pink 0°

    Lemon Twist Pink 0° joins this list of the 15 best Menthol Vape Juice for its combination of a sweet and sour taste. This is a unique taste that sets it aside from the rest. If you have a particular interest in sour stuff, this vape presents you with an opportunity to experience that taste right in your vaping world. It features a tasty pink lemonade with a uniquely enjoyable icy exhale. It is mostly available in 0, 3, 6 mg nic or 35 and 50 mg nicotine salt.


    13.  Ice Monster Mangerine Guava

    Ice Monster Mangerine Guava was made for fruit fans who want to take their fruit enthusiasm right into their vaping life. This one specifically features juicy tangerines and sweet tropical guava. It comes in both regular and nicotine salts for you to choose what works for you. You surely need to try it this year.

    14.  Wondermelon Berry Sour Ice

    Wondermelon Berry Sour Ice combines the taste of cantaloupe, watermelon, and strawberries, and brings menthol along with it. This is another pick for those of you who like sour vapes. You will certainly enjoy this vape in 2021. You have missed out if you have never discovered it until now.

    15.  Raspberry Orange Iced

    We already covered some of you who are conservative and want something simple. Now we want to recommend a pick for those of you who want to explore the more advanced and largely exotic vapes. If that describes you, then Raspberry Orange Iced was made for you. It brings together the mountain-fresh raspberries and juicy oranges. Taking this one would feel like you are enjoying a cup of assorted beverage. The menthol gives it even an amazing feel and we know you will like to try it out this year.

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