Posh Plus Vape Pen. A Complete Review About the Posh Plus Vaporizer

    Posh Plus Vape Pen. A Complete Review About the Posh Plus Vaporizer

    What is a Posh Plus vape pen?

    The posh plus is a brand of disposable vape pens that was designed to succeed the posh vape pen. The posh plus pod are metallic in design and offer a long line of flavors that are good.

    There are main nine flavors that are mostly the signature of this vape pen and it is actually good if you get to experience them on a personal level. It is only sad that they do not include tobacco flavors.

    The posh plus vape pens are simple to use and you do not need to carry out any kind of maintenance. This is one feature that makes it suitable for beginners and seasoned users.

    To start using this device, you will take the unit out of the pack and start vaping. The Draw to activate feature does not have any buttons or settings. When your pod runs out of juice, you will need to get a new prefilled pod. They are equally cheaper and the quantity is enough to buying a cigarette pack.

    The pod capacity is good enough to hold more juice and cannot be compared to any other kind of pen. It has a capacity of 1.8mls and each pod has a 60mg nicotine level.

    This is enough to hold you for a few days in quality of the pen, you will see that the colors are equally bright and can be easily discerned. The tiny size also adds to the portability of the pen because it perfectly fits your palm and you can walk with it as you wish.                               

    Posh Plus vape

    The posh plus pod is an upgrade for the posh vape pen and if you love disposables, then this is your best shot. It does not compare to the usual 1-2ml pens that are mainly available. The posh plus has a 5ml capacity and 6% nicotine content. From this pen you can successfully get 1500 puffs.

    On purchase, the posh plus is usually pre-charged and there are no major tweaks to consider. The posh plus vape pens are simple to use and with the draw to activate feature, you just need to unpack it and start taking draws. It also has many flavors compared to the earlier version.                      

    Design and build quality

    From the packaging of the device, you will note that it has more height compared to other disposables, because of the extra content. You can be assured that this is one of the huge sized vape pens available now. Even with its weight, you will note that it is still easy to carry it around because it is a lightweight.

    The 5ml e-juice content will possibly last you for more days and could even go for a week if you are slow on the puffs. You will like how the devices gives you 1500 puffs effortlessly. The cap for the tip is a good addition so you do not need to worry about dirt and lint getting into your mouthpiece.it will serve you well and you will like the performance.

    The outer aluminum body is very solid and the color coded casing is for representing the flavor inside the device. Such bright colors give the pen a premium look and feels high on quality. The cover is oval shaped and slopping to form a good design. The base is plastic and has a LED indicator in it. When using this pen, it will show lights having the posh plus logo. 

    How to use the Posh Plus vapes

    These Posh Plus disposables are filled with 60mg nicotine salt liquid and they deliver very strong and potent throat hits that are satisfactory to heavy users. This makes them unsuitable for social vapers. When taking a draw, you get a nice mouth to lung draw that is softer compared to a cigarette. The vapor produced is very warm but cooler for a warm vape.


    Flavors of the Posh Plus

    When using the Posh Plus disposable pen, you are sure that you have a lot of flavors to choose from. The disposable comes in 13 flavors and all of them have a nicotine content of 60mg. most of these flavors have a nice component to them so it is not a big choice for people who do not like cooling vapes.

    Pina colada

    This flavor is not as sweet as it may sound, but it is more of a mellow flavor that you can vape on non-stop. The sweetness is only good enough for enjoying. It has a little touch of menthol and even though it tastes like pina colada, it is not very strong

    • Mixed cocktail

    This flavor is so mixed to a point it does not feel strong anymore. You can only get a few hints of well-known fruits. The guava in the mix tastes actually better and additionally, it has no menthol.

    • OMG tropical

    The Orange mango and guava mix is still similar to the mixed cocktail but you can easily taste the individual fruits in them. The flavor is not very strong but you will notice that as you inhale, the guava is stronger and the mango follows on the exhale. This flavor also does not have menthol either.

    • Minty melon

    This flavor is a mix of watermelon mixed with menthol. This is one of the best combos you will find in a vape pen. It is a good combination of a sweet flavor and a mint flavor and a slight watermelon taste. It has good consistency from the moment you inhale and you can feel the flavors equally.

    • Cream brulee

    This flavor is a mixed creams flavor. It is too rich and if you are not used to cream. You may get overwhelmed as you vape. It is creamier and feels a lot like butter. At the end of it, there are still many good sides of this flavor

    • Frozen mango

    The frozen mango flavor is sweet mango combined with strong menthol. The mango has been moderated to balance the menthol flavor but you will still feel its authentic taste. The sweet mango and tropical mix so well and it is generally a good mango flavor.

    • Banana smoothie

    This is one of the strongest flavors when it comes to menthols. It is the coolest flavor and it kind of overshadows the banana flavor. You can still feel it but it is not as direct as you would expect a banana smoothie to taste. This is the best vape for menthol and banana and the flavor id signatory for this vape pen.

    • Frozen strawberry

    Strawberry is a flavor that should not miss in any vape pen. The flavor is not so much strengthened but you will feel the more natural taste of strawberry. It is mixed with mild menthol for added flavor and it deliver the best icy hits that you have never imagined.

    • Minty Berry

    The minty berry could be the strongest flavor among the many flavors. The blue razz and blueberries come together very strongly when mixed with menthol. This is one of the best flavors because it is strong and you can feel the actual fruity notes. It is good for vaping all day.


    Designed with an aluminum alloy finish, you will realize that these pens have a simple maintenance and are equally reliable for use by any group of people. The device is straightforward to use and you do not have many features to worry about.

    This is one of the best disposables going by the outlook and design. The flavors are so icy and cool which makes posh plus a unique brand that is very reliable compared to others.

    If you do not want to deal with all the menthol and cooling stuff, then you can check out the other multiple flavors of posh plus out there, you are guaranteed to still get the best quality.

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