WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Xeo Vape Pen. A Guide to Buying Xeo Void Vaporizer in 2021

24th Apr 2021 | 181 | upends v

Among the best German vape brands, Xeo is top of the list. This is because they make intuitive vape devices at affordable prices. Xeo void vaporizer is one of their products that you should consider buying. The technology used in making this vaporizer is top-notch, making the device durable.

Today, we will cover the features, specifications, pros & cons, and more about the Xeo void vaporizer. What caught my attention while using this vape pen is it compatible with 50:50 e-juices and high VG ration e-juices.

Additionally, you can either choose to buy the device with a 0.6 ohm or 1.0-ohm atomizer. The 0.6-ohm atomizer is best when you want high amounts of vapor. As for the 1.0-ohm, it is ideal for you who are transitioning from cigarettes to e-cigarettes.

So, below is a comprehensive review of the Xeo void vaporizer.

Features and Specifications of the Xeo Void Vaporizer

Before you get to know about the features and specifications of this vape pen. In case you are a learner or intermediate vaper, then this is the best device to use.

Two Atomizers

When buying this vaporizer, you have the choice to select the atomizer of your choice. The two coils include the 0.6-ohm and the 1.0-ohm. These atomizers are in the product kit when you buy the Xeo void vaporizer.

They are not the same as you can see and they differ in performance too. When you go for the 0.6-ohm atomizer is suitable when you want to create a large vapor cloud. Also, it is best for you who prefer using high VG e-juice as it generates a strong flavor. Furthermore, this atomizer is preferably suitable for an experienced vaper.

If you consider buying the 1.0-ohm atomizer, you must be a beginner—the reason for this to enable a new vaper to have an excellent vaping experience. The 1.0-ohm coil increases the flavor of the e-liquid.


A 1500mAh battery powers this device. It is among the best devices with long-lasting batteries on the market.

Among the devices with a large battery capacity is the Zen Stilus Pro convection evaporator. According to my study, when you continuously vape using this 1500mAh battery, it will last up to 45 minutes.

When it comes to charging, use a micro-USB cable. The approximate charging time is one hour thirty minutes. This is when you are using a 1A. Suppose you are using 500mA. It will take up to three hours.

NB: The battery is non-removable.


Xeo void has a 2ml tank. This is an average capacity for most vape pens in the market. For a new vaper, this vapes tank will last a day or two. But for heavy smokers, this tank won’t last a day.

This means you must know how to refill the tank to continue enjoying vaping. Don’t worry, as I will show you how to fill the tank once it is empty. Continue reading the guide to learn more.

Also: Watch this video to learn more about Xeo Void Vape Pen.



Child-Proof Function

This is one of the safety features of this Xeo vaporizer. The child-proof function protects the kid from damaging or pouring the e-liquid into the device.

Short Circuit Protection

Short-circuiting has led to the damage of various electrical devices. This vaporizer is essential to you, and losing it due to electricity damage will be an issue.

To prevent such an occurrence, Xeo fitted the short circuit protection. This prevents your vape device from malfunctioning and getting damaged by electricity.

100% Leak Proof

Don’t worry about your tank leaking. This will never occur because this vaporizer is 100% leak-proof. In no way will the e-juice leak from the tank.

Low Voltage Protection

Get to know that the battery power is running out when you see the light flashing forty times. The importance of this safety feature is to prevent shock injury. For your information, low voltages can cause shock. That’s why this feature is included in this device.

Also, when the battery power is low, the device flashes the light then goes off.

Note: as you are charging the vape pen, it will be lighting red. When charging is complete, the red light goes off. This indicates the device is charged fully.


  • Tank – 2ml
  • Battery – 1500mAh
  • Dimension – 12cm by 1.9cm
  • Two atomizer head – 0.6 and 1.0 (ohm)

Pros and Cons


  • Good build quality and an attractive design
  • It has safety features like 100% leak-proof, child-proof function, and low voltage protection
  • Lightweight and portable
  • A large battery capacity
  • It has two atomizer heads. The 0.6-ohm is excellent for sub-ohm vaping
  • Various colors
  • Compatible with PG and VG e-liquids


  • After few minutes of vaping, the mouthpiece becomes warm
  • Comparing it to similar vape pens, it relatively costly

How to Use the Xeo Void Vaporizer

Are you new to this Xeo vaping device? Then you want to know how to use the Xeo void vaporizer.

In this section, you will learn how to use this device.

Let’s go.

Switch on and off

Press the fire button five times continuously. This will turn on or off the vape pen.

Fill the Tank

Unlike other vape pens that require you to know to fill the vape tank, the void vaporizer, you need to press down the mouthpiece to unscrew gently.

Fill the tank, then close the tank by screwing the mouthpiece to the device.

Note: Refill the tank to the max fill line. This is to prevent any leakage while screwing back the mouthpiece.

Air Flow Control

Do you want to increase or decrease the airflow of the void? Then adjust the ring around the mouthpiece.

Coupon Codes for Xeo Void Vaporizer

Save when buying the Xeo void vape pen by using coupon codes. There are various coupon codes that you can use to purchase a Xeo void vaporizer.

Here are coupon codes you can use to buy a Void today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Choose the Best Vape

Suppose it is your first time buying a vape. There are various things you must consider. This information is usually available to few new vapers.

To help you buy a suitable vape device, you must consider the following things.

DTL or MTL vapes. DTL stands for direct to the lung, while MTL is mouth to lungs. Different vapes use either of these techniques.

Another aspect you must have in mind is the type of vape. Is it a vape pen or a mechanical vape device? Check which is suitable for your needs before buying.

Beginners should go for vape pens like Xeo void.

How Much is Xeo Void Vaporizer?

Void vape pen costs £39.99. Some stores sell it for £59.99, but you can reduce that by using coupon codes.

Where Can I Buy Xeo Void Vaporizer?

Purchase this vape at Xeo's official website.

Also, buy this vaporizer at V2 Cigs.

Finally, you can get this device at Pure e-liquids

Note: At Xeo, this product is £31.05. This is less than the other outlets.


Suppose you want the best alternative to Xeo void vaporizer; you should go for Upone. This is an UPENDS product.

Why should you consider buying this vaping device and not the others?

The Upone is a disposable vape with a 4.5ml and 850mAh battery. Comparing it to the Xeo void, the battery of the Upone is less, but the vape tank is more significant.

Its coil has a 1.6-ohm resistance. This is more than that of the void vaporizer.

This UPENDS vape is available in six different colors.

This vape’s mouthpiece prevents bacteria such as Candida Albicans, staphylococcus aureus, and Escherichia coli. So, you are sure that it is safe for use.

The best thing about UPENDS products is that they are compliant with Tobacco Products Directive (TPD).

Upone is a disposable vape pen, but you can also get refillable vapes if you want a refillable, think of buying the UpOX, Uppen Plus, Upcott, and Uppen.