Vaporesso Nexus Pod System Review and Instructions

    Vaporesso Nexus Pod System Review and Instructions

    Vaporesso is one of the renowned vape equipment that you can always count on. Vaporesso has been a number one helper to many vapers developing high-quality vape equipment and updating them to give you the latest vaping technology.

    The latest release from Vaporesso is the Vaporesso Nexus Pod system. We at UPENDS understand that you need the best vape tool for you to enjoy the best vaping experience, and this is why we always assist you in identifying the best vape tool for you.

    Here is a review of the Vaporesso Nexus Pod System;

    What is Vaporesso Nexus Pod System?

    This is a small all-in-one vape pod system developed by Vaporesso, one of the renowned vape equipment developers. Vaporesso Nexus Pod System is draw-activated and developed to hold up to 2ml of e-liquid that is refillable once depleted.

    Its vape features are wonderful and outstanding, allowing you to enjoy high-quality vaping that you can always count on. From a powerful rechargeable battery to a classy look and zinc alloy construction, Vaporesso Nexus Pod System defines the best vaping equipment. For more about Vaporesso Nexus Pod System, let's read to the end.

    Vaporesso Nexus Pod System Features

    The first feature that you can note about Vaporesso Nexus Pod System is the effectiveness of its temperature control. Vaporesso Nexus Pod System is engineered to allow you to vape using three different temperature settings. Different temperature settings correspond to different colors on its LED lights on the button, allowing you to tell the temperature you are vaping easily. At high-temperature settings, the LED indicates a white light; at a medium temperature setting, it indicates Yellow light, while at low battery settings, the LED lights indicate Red.

    You can vary the temperature settings easily by pressing its button three times in quick succession.

    As you vape at variable temperatures, it means that you are also vaping at different power settings. As you vary the vaping temperature, you can also vary the vaping power through 9 watts, 10.5 watts, and 12.5 watts.

    As you buy the Vaporesso Nexus Pod System, you can also boast of its dual coil head that is compatible with a 1.0-ohm NX CELL ceramic and a 1.0-ohm NX OCC cotton head. These coils give you optimal vaping performance. In addition, they have large wicking holes that allow you to use the thicker e-liquids without compromising on your vape quality.

    We are also sure that you can also love the Vaporesso Nexus Pod System'sSystem's vaping air control. It is engineered with an airflow controller that comes as a knurled head that screws onto the coil. When it is fully open, it allows you to enjoy a nice throat and lung hit, and while it is closed, it gives a tight MTL draw.

    Its battery and battery life are also worth mentioning as we review Vaporesso Nexus Pod System. It comes with a 650m Ah capacity rechargeable battery that requires only 40 minutes to recharge fully. Depending on your vaping frequency, this battery can take you for a whole day without denying you your vape. As the battery drains, your Vaporesso Nexus Pod System will not go off without you knowing; it comes with a battery life indicator. Its battery life LED indicator glows white when it's full, green when it is 50% charged, and Red when totally drained.

    Charging the Vaporesso Nexus Pod System battery is easy and allows you to vape while it's charging. This is because it is developed with a pass-through charging system.

    Vaporesso Nexus Pod System also comes with a 2ml e-liquid pod. This capacity can serve you for a while before it's depleted for refilling it again. Refilling the pod is easy and straightforward; you don't need any prior experience to start vaping.

    General Performance

    The Vaporesso Nexus Pod System combines all its outstanding features to make sure it gives you a world-class vaping experience. Using two coils, Vaporesso Nexus Pod System guarantees you an excellent flavor that gives you a soft but satisfying throat hit. In addition, its flavor is amazing even when you are vaping at the lowest temperature and power settings.

    There is no possibility of any dry hit experience through the life of the Vaporesso Nexus Pod System. This is because its coils wide wicking coils wets the wick faster to allow you chain-vape without compromising the flavor.

    The performance of the Vaporesso Nexus Pod System is satisfactory.

    Key Specs

    • 7 x 34 x 17.2 dimensional size
    • 2ml E-Liquid capacity
    • 650mAh capacity battery
    • Low liquid detection
    • 1A micro USB charging port
    • 2-coil options
    • Draw-Activated
    • Overcharge protection
    • 6-ohm minimum resistance
    • Adjustable airflow
    • Auto Temperature control

    Pros and Cons


    • It is a built-in compact and portable design
    • It guarantees you a comfortable throat hit
    • It allows you to vape at adjustable vaping parameters like power, temperature, and airflow
    • Its coils are designed to make sure they don't dry up at any point
    • It recharges fast and can allow you to vape while charging
    • Its 2ml pod is refillable with your favorite vape e-liquid
    • It is extremely easy to use


    • Its wattage power is limited, thus limiting clouds
    • Its juice window is hard to see through

    Manual, Review and Instructions

    The Vaporesso Nexus Pod System has been widely accepted by many vapers not only because of its outstanding features but also because of its easy-to-use interface. It comes with a refillable pod that has a nice refilling interface that you can readily refill with the e-liquid. In addition, to monitor the e-liquid level, the pod has a clear window that you can use to view the e-liquid level.

    Vaporesso Nexus Pod System further comes with an ON/OFF button located on its bottom. You only need to press this button to turn your Vaporesso Nexus Pod System ON. Then place its mouthpiece on your mouth and take a puff to the air-activated sensor that will vaporize your e-liquid. Of course, you can still adjust the amount of vapor by adjusting the airflow by turning the metal piece.

    This vape pod is easy to use, and you don’t need any prior knowledge to be able to enjoy its service.

    Vaporesso Nexus Pod System Competitors

    Vaporesso Nexus Vs. Aspire, Breeze,

    While the Vaporesso Nexus Pod System is powered by a 650mAh capacity battery, the Aspire Breeze is powered by a 1000mAh capacity battery.

    The Vaporesso Nexus Pod System is equipped with a 2ml refillable pod, while the Aspire Breeze is equipped with a 3ml pod.

    Vaporesso Nexus Vs. Vaporesso Zero

    1. Both of them are developed by the same developer: Vaporesso
    2. They both have a 2ml-capacity pod
    3. They are both powered by a 650mAh capacity battery
    4. While Vaporesso Nexus Pod System comes in four colors, the Vaporesso Zero comes with more colors.

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    The Vaporesso Nexus Pod System is ideal and affordable vape equipment that can be used by both beginner vapers and expert vapers. Because of its slim and sleek design, Vaporesso Nexus Pod System is highly portable, allowing you to vape even while you are traveling or away from home. If you are looking for a mobile vape tool, then don’t hesitate to shop the Vaporesso Nexus Pod System. On the other hand, if you think Vaporesso Nexus Pod System is not good enough for you, always visit UPENDS and acquire an alternative vape tool.



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