Great Value Prefilled Pod System

    Enjoy a Closed Pod System at the Price of a Disposable

    By introducing an innovative but simple structure, Upcott eliminates all unnecessary expense and offers users a pleasant vaping alternative at a fantastic price.
    For users of disposable kits or regular prefilled pods, Upcott reduces their cost by as much as 50%! Vaping is no longer unaffordable for most global smokers.

    Vaping Without Interruption from Leaking, Spitting and Popping

    Filled with organic cotton, the Upcott pod effectively prevents all leaking, spitting and popping problems.
    The cotton filter inside the mouthpiece is the second defense against popping and condensate, guaranteeing an easy and uninterrupted experience.

    Insert a pod and start vaping without any other steps.

    Simply replace with a new pod when the liquid runs out.

    Simply charge the battery when it runs out of power.

    With the 4ml capacity cotton tank, Upcott gives you a couple of days’ vaping time without the hassle of replacing.

    Savor Original Flavors with Upcott

    With its thick organic cotton, Upcott offers an original flavor in a fulfilling vapor cloud.

    Reliable Quality

    Natural, organic, pollution-free cotton material

    Food-grade PC mouthpiece

    Quality is further assured by the GMP pharmaceutical grade manufacturing environment. Manufactured under the “8S” management mode and ISO9001 quality management systems, Upcott provides users with reliable quality.


    • Capacity: 4ml e-liquid capacity 
    • Battery capacity: 400mAh 
    • Resistance: 1.6Ω
    • Rated Output Power: 9.5W
    • Size: 20 x 18 x 115mm
    • Micro USB
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