WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

SMOK Micare Vape Pod Review and Instructions

12th May 2022 | 520 | upends v

As you start vaping, there is a lot of vape equipment that you will come across. These vape equipment, together with the vaping technique you use, will determine the quality of the vape you will experience. To ensure that you enjoy your vape, you need to take care when choosing the vaping equipment and try to learn the best way you can vape using the specific vape equipment you have acquired.

UPENDS Guide to Micare Vape Pod

As UPENDS, we understand that as a vaper, you need to enjoy vaping and achieve the desired need. For this reason, we will give you a review of one of the notable vape tools; Micare Vape Pod. This will help you use this tool diligently to make sure you satisfy your cravings without falling back to smoking.

Here is the SMOK Micare Vape Pod detailed review;

What is Micare Vape Pod?

Before you ray your hand on specific vape equipment, you need to understand what it is and how to use it fully. In this case, SMOK Micare Vape Pod is a cartridge vaporizer that is developed to make use of an oil cartridge. This vape equipment is developed by SMOK that is a renowned vape equipment developer and seller. This makes it easy to trust it and employ it for your vaping needs.

SMOK Micare Vape Pod at a Glance

SMOK Micare Vape Pod is an improvement of the previous Pod versions. This is to make sure that you vape using the latest vaping quality and latest vaping technology, allowing you to enjoy the best vaping quality.

Here are the features that define your Micare Vape Pod;

Battery and Battery Life

SMOK Micare Vape Pod is powered by a 700mAh battery that assures you longer vaping time forever full charge. The battery requires one hour to recharge fully but allows you to enjoy vaping for days before requiring the next charge. However, this depends on your vaping frequency.

Variable Vaping Power

SMOK Micare Vape Pod is highly versatile vape equipment that we can recommend for you. It allows you to vape using an adjustable voltage that caters for both beginner vapers and expert vapers. As a beginner vaper, you can start vaping Micare Vape Pod’s lowest voltage setting of 3.4V as you adjust to 3.6V, 3.8V and 4.0V.  

Intelligent LED Indicator

As you vape, SMOK Micare Vape Pod allows you to vape at variable voltage settings, and you don’t need to struggle to know your vaping voltage as a different LED colour identifies every voltage setting. 3.4V-Blue, 3.6V-Green, 3.8V-Orange and finally 4.0V-Red. This allows you to tell the vaping power you are vaping at exactly.

Pod Capacity

SMOK Micare Vape Pod comes with two Pod capacities, 1.0 ml and 0.5 ml. this lets you choose the capacity that will fit your vaping needs.

Preheating Function

The aim of vaping is not just to make puffs but to make quality vapes. A preheating function SMOK Micare Vape Pod allows you the get a high-quality vape experience. The preheating function accelerates the process of liquefying the e-liquid that helps you get the best vape taste and full mass production of vapour.

To activate the preheating function, press its button twice in quick succession, and the preheating function will start running. If you want to halt the preheating function, you only need to press the button once.

Ease of Use

 As other wax pens and oil vaporizers that are known to be easy to use, SMOK Micare Vape Pod is not different from them. It comes with a single button that allows you to operate it in a simple way that gives you a seamless experience. 


As a vaper, you may need to travel from time to time as you attend other functions. As you travel, you do not need to stop vaping because you can’t travel with your vape equipment. SMOK Micare Vape Pod comes with a compact bag that you can use to carry it along as you travel safely.

SMOK Micare Vape Pod is further built with a slim, practical and convenient design to increase its portability. It comes with a dimensional size of 56mm Height, 43mm Width and 15mm Depth. This is possible as its cartridge is contained within the device, making this Pod a simple system that you can use to vape.

To make it even more portable, SMOK Micare Vape Pod further comes with a weight of 69g. This is an equivalent of a common pen. This will allow you to carry it along without being fatigued.

510 Thread Adapter

SMOK Micare Vape Pod makes use of a 510 threaded adapter that allows for magnetic connection. This makes it easy and convenient for SMOK Micare Vape Pod to fit on multiple cartridges and batteries of up to 11mm diameter.

Airflow System

SMOK Micare Vape Pod utilizes a unique airflow system that is different from other airflow routes. Here, the inhaled air does not get directly and straight come out from the mouthpiece. This is advantageous as you can avoid any leakage giving you a consistent purer taste.

Improved Mouthpiece

SMOK Micare Vape Pod further comes with an improved ceramic mouthpiece that makes your vaping comfortable. The duck-billed shape ceramic adoption of Micare Vape Pod’s mouthpiece gives you enjoyment, and the ceramic coating gives it an anti-corrosion property.

General SMOK Micare Vape Pod Performance

SMOK Micare Vape Pod combines outstanding vape features that any vaper always crave. Combining the latest vaping innovation of variable vaping power, preheat function, slim and sleek design for portability, SMOK Micare Vape Pod defeats other vape equipment in the market.

SMOK Micare Vape Pod is built with a zinc-alloy chassis that makes it an outstanding vape tool in terms of durability. In addition, this is cost-effective as you will not be replacing a newer vape tool from time to time.

With advanced short-circuit protection, your SMOK Micare Vape Pod has not exposed the risks of burns. This makes it a convenient vape tool that you don’t need to monitor as it recharges.

  • SMOK Micare Vape Pod Key FeaturesDimensional Size: 56 x 43 x 14.8 mm
  • Output Power Range: 5-25 W
  • Output Voltage Range: 3V – 4.1V
  • Input Voltage Range: 3V – 4.2 V
  • Preheating: 3W
  • Overcharge Current: 1A
  • In-Built Battery Capacity: 700mAh
  • Coil Resistance: 5Ω – 3.0Ω
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 05 ml and 1ml 


Pros and Cons

As usual, SMOK Micare Vape Pod comes with positive and negative.


  • SMOK Micare Vape Pod comes with a versatile and long-lasting battery
  • It is built with a minimalist, sleek and slim design that makes it highly portable
  • It comes with a 10-seconds preheat function that assures you outstanding vaping quality.
  • It comes with an integrated pod tank that is easy to fill with an e-liquid
  • SMOK Micare Vape Pod is highly durable.
  • It allows you to vape at variable power settings catering for both beginner and expert vapers.


  • Its e-liquid capacity may not be enough for frequent vapers

Manual, Review and Instructions

SMOK Micare Vape Pod is unique vape equipment that is unique in vaping quality operation and durability. With a preheat function, SMOK Micare Vape Pod allows you to enjoy a high quality feel in every puff you make. Many vapers go for this vape equipment as it is easy to operate even for those who have not used it before. It has one button that is easy to locate and operate. Amazingly, SMOK Micare Vape Pod is draw-activated; you only need to place its mouthpiece on your mouth, take a puff, and it will be activated.

We can recommend SMOK Micare Vape Pod for your vape also as it is well-built to last long. It is built using zinc alloy that makes it more durable. It is further built with a reminiscent of an old school lighter that gives it a modern glossy look.

Try SMOK Micare Vape Pod today!

Let’s Look at the Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn ON my SMOK Micare Vape Pod?

The SMOK Micare Vape Pod is draw activated; you only need to put its mouthpiece on your mouth and start enjoying the vape. It also comes with a single button that you can use to activate/deactivate the preheat mode and vary the vaping voltage.

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Vaping is meant to quench your craving for nicotine and even herb hits. The SMOK Micare Vape Pod is among the best vape equipment we can recommend for your vape.