Innokin MVP5 Reviews And Instructions

    Innokin MVP5 Reviews And Instructions

    Innokin MVP5 Ajax Kit is the 5th generation in the highly-rated Innokin MVP series. The impressive 5200mAh built-in battery can bring a powerful draw for every puff and doubles as a power bank for charging your USB-powered electronic devices. The MVP5 Ajax is not just a vape kit. It has been redesigned and upgraded with many extra features for a rigid and solid exterior and outdoor activity such as mountaineering, orienteering, etc.

    Innokin MVP5 Ajax has three power modes, including temperature control and TCR mode. Wattage presets you the best vaping experience. It also features a unique sensor suite for compass, thermometer, barometer and altimeter sensors and a bright LED flashlight with six different modes. Combined with the Ajax Plex 3D coil alone with a 5ml Innokin Ajax tank, the MVP5 Ajax produces a tasty and rich vapor for excellent DTL vaping.

    The display has wattage mode, TC mode, cut-off, puffs, display, sensors, system. By pressing the center button in wattage mode, your options are Normal, Boost, Soft, AJAX, Z-Coil, Curve. So don't worry if you're lost in the desert, all you need to do is turn on sensor mode, and the unique Mvp5 Ajax kit will tell you where you are.


    • Dimensions – 141mm x 53mm x 27mm
    • Weight – 306g
    • Power Output – 6-120W
    • Battery Capacity – 5200mAh
    • Capacity – 2ml (TPD) / 5ml Rest of the world
    • Torch – Max, Mid, Min, SOS, Beacon, Strobe
    • Sensors: Compass, Barometer, Altimeter, Thermometer
    • USB Charge Out
    • 5th generation of the legendary MVP
    • 120W with temperature control
    • 5200mAh USB output power bank function
    • Big flavor with Ajax and Plex3D matrix coils
    • Large 1.14' vivid color screen with easy-to-use

    In BOX:

    • 1 x MVP5 Mod
    • 1 x Ajax Atomizer
    • 1 x Replacement Glass Tube
    • 1 x O-rings
    • 1 x Type C Sling
    • 1 x User Manual
    • 1 x Warning Book
    • 1 x Micro USB Cable
    • 1 x User Manual


    Design and Build Quality

    The Innokin MVP5 Ajax is a large rectangular-shaped state-of-the-art vape device and has excellent build quality. A solid body with a resin accent on the front makes it solid and unique. On the one size, the gold-plated 510 connectors can adjust the 25mm atomizer without any limitation.

    The other side of the upper plate is according to the LED flashlight. There is a hole in the front of the LED flashlight, and the branding 'Innokin' and 'MVP5' are molded into the two major sides of the mod, respectively. On both sides of the mod, the top-bottom triangle meets the resin on the tank.

    Simple and vertical ribbing on both sides makes MVP5 Ajax easier to grip. At the top of the mod is the fire button, clicky and ergonomic. The bright 1.14-inch screen under the fire button displays information such as vaping, battery life, time and date, resistance.

     The Innocent Ajax tank holds 5ml of e-liquid and features a full sliding top design for easy refilling without leaking. It comes with a wide bore drip tip, which has an AFC color-matched resin style. The 510 connectors are held in place by double O-rings. The dual airflow slots on the base allow you to easily adjust the airflow for the DTL Vapor.


    510 Connection / Torch

    Here you have your 510 connectors on one side, which will fit up to 25mm atomizer; on the other side, you have an LED flashlight; more on that later!

    Finally, next to the torch, you have your lanyard hole.


    Moving the body down to the mod's top, "Innokin" is tilted from top to bottom on two large sides.

    Below this, you have a colored flash of resin that matches the resin on the tank in an inverted bottom triangle attached to a shiny metal like the top. Most of the sides are smooth with vertical ribbing, which makes it easy to hold.

    On the thin edges of the mod, there's nothing but a USB-C connector under the rubber plug on one side (or for USB C!), Whilst the other has your controls and screen.

    At the top of the mod, there is an octagonal fire button above a nice full-color screen. The screen looks much larger, with a black 48-inch diagonal measurement all around. When turned on, the panel is actually only 28 mm oblique.


    At the bottom of the screen is your adjustment button, top, bottom and central confirmation button. All the buttons have good finishing like the top and bottom plates, so there's good consistency, even if you found the gold colorway a little bit “bling”.

    The mod base and you have another rubber seal that covers your USB A charging port and a nice clicky button to turn the torch on / off.

    The Ajax Tank:

    The Innokin Ajax tank holds a 5ml e-liquid and features a dual-bottom adjustable airflow design to give you intense flavor and massive vapor. This kit comes with a 0.16ohm Ajax Plex3D matrix coil rated for 50-80W and 0.35ohm Ajax Mes coil 30-55W, so you get the best experience of DTL vape.


    The top cap slide to refill system is easy to use without leaking. A kidney-shaped fill port can accommodate most bottles. Single Hole Cyclops Style Air Flow Control Ring with matching resin color based on the tank.

    How To Fill The Innokin Ajax Tank:

    • Slide the top cap to reveal the filling port
    • Add your favorite e-liquid into the tank
    • Close the tank and wait at least 5min to get the coil fully saturated


    Battery Life

    It has a very large battery, and even steaming at 80W will happily handle a day or two of vaping. If you prefer the mouth to lungs side of things and vape at low wattage, you can avoid not recharging for a week or more!

    The information you get on the screen is specifically mentioned; it will show you that the amps that are currently being charged and the time it will take to reach 90% capacity are useful. It will also charge up to 2 amps at such a decent speed, even if you measure it in hours if you take it out flat.

    Not only can you charge the mod, but you can also charge from the mod using another device as a power bank. The USB, A port at the bottom, allows you to plug in a USB cable and juice up your phone or whatever you need. The screen will again show the charging rate in amps, the time you will be able to continue charging and the mAh that has been charged in this session.


    • Enormous Battery
    • Loads of options
    • Useful torch!
    • Charge another device by using it as a power bank
    • Great Flavour (0.16Ω coil)
    • Easy Refilling
    • Good build quality
    • Packed with features and functions
    • LED torch and sensor suites for outdoors
    • 5200mAh battery that can be used as a power bank
    • 14-inch screen with the user-friendly menu system



    • Buttons are cheaply made and wobbly
    • Quite big and not very ergonomic
    • Disappointing drip tip
    • Noisy, turbulent airflow
    • Subpar flavor (0.35Ω coil)


    How to Change The Innokin Ajax Coil?

    • Unscrew the tank from the mod
    • Unscrew the resin AFC/Base
    • Pull the coil out of the tank
    • Push new coil into the tank
    • Reassemble the base onto the tank

    How to charge my Innokin MVP5?

    Innokin MVP5 charges via USB-C.

    It also has a USB-A port at the bottom that acts as a USB power bank to recharge your USB-connected devices such as phones, tablets, or even other vapors. Don't worry, and the 5200mAh battery offers generosity that can last you a whole week.

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    The Innokin MVP5 is really a standard vape mod that is full of features. Fully paired with Ajax sub-ohm tank MVP5, which provides excellent production of vapor and flavor.

    Not only is the MVP5 a vape mod box, but it's also a valuable product you'll never want to live without.












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