Your indispensable MTL open pod system

    • Flavor master
    • Freshness protector
    • Hygiene guardian
    • Simplicity pioneer

    Ultimate Satisfaction

    • Flavor Master
    • Freshness Protector
    • Hygiene Guardian

    Flavor Master— Satisfaction from the very first puff

    Fulfilling vapor from the very first draw, thanks to the innovative Etchip™ coil. With an enlarged heating area and improved heating efficiency, the high resistance mesh creates satisfying and sustained vapor from the first puff.

    Flavor Master— Savor the original flavors of your favorite e-liquids

    When developing the coil, we tested extensively with mainstream e-liquids from all over the world, to ensure the very best performance with the most popular juices.

    Freshness Protector— Maintains the freshness of your favorite liquids

    The Uppen cap effectively protects the e-liquid from exposure to the air when not in use. It not only stops airborne impurities from penetrating into the liquids, but also reduces the flavorings’ oxidation process. Your e-liquid will retain its original freshness, even after several days of no vaping.

    Your Hygiene Guardian— Dust-free, bacteria-free

    The easy-to-use Uppen cap protects your pod from dust and dirt. What’s more, the mouthpiece features antibacterial technology (antibacterial rate 99.9%) for even further enhanced hygiene.

    Super Ease of Use

    Perfect for new vapers, ideal secondary device for experienced vapers.

    Uninterrupted vaping without dry hits, popping, spitting or leakage

    The Etchip™ Coil is equipped with an exclusive flax base to ensure stable, fluent liquid-delivery control, which significantly prevents dry hits, popping, spitting and leakage.

    Magnetic connection with auto- focus for super convenience and comfort

    The built-in magnets draw the pod to the right position securely, with a quick vibration to indicate it's ready for use.

    Super easy refilling

    Simply pull back the silicone plug and fill with your favorite e-liquid. No mess – the filling hole is designed for universal compatibility with different droppers.

    Your long-lasting companion

    Inside the slim body lies a 600mAh integral battery. Despite delivering thick vapor, the Etchip™ coil works at no more than 10W. One single charge is more than enough for a whole day of heavy vaping.

    Your Style Champion
    Enjoy each mood with Uppen

    The sleek design, inspired by life’s rich detail, highlights your unique taste and individual personality.

    Switch moods with ease!


    • Size: 16 × 134mm
    • Battery: 600mAh
    • Average Output: 10W
    • Capacity: 2.0ML
    • Resistance: 1.2ohm
    • Weight: 39.0±0.5g

    Standard Kit Includes

    • 1 × USB Cable
    • 1 × Uppen Pod
    • 1 × Uppen Battery
    • 1 × User Guide & Warranty Card
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