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Can you bring vape juice on a plane? Following this method, you can Flying with Vapes and Carts on a Plane!

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1.     Can you bring vape juice on a plane? A Complete Guide Preparing a Vape and Cart Luggage for a Plane Travel

It is possible to travel with vapes and carts on a plane. However, Transport Security Administration (TSA) provides guidelines that allow you to travel with such goods. In a nutshell, you are allowed to pack your vapes and carts in a carry-on luggage bag. Your luggage then is checked against the TSA rules before you are given the ok to travel.

Apart from the TSA rules and regulations, different airlines can have their own rules and regulations that they can subject you to before you are allowed to travel with your vapes and carts.

Our article shall give you a complete guide on how to pack vapes, carts, and other vaping equipment before the flight. We shall base our guide on the U.S TSA regulations that are almost similar across the world.

In case you may be traveling to an unfamiliar country, it is advisable that you check the countries' flight rules and regulations before deciding to board their plane.


Before getting to the airport to travel, these are some of the rules you need to have in place when packing your vapes and carts

2.     Tips to bring vape juice on a plane

By following this method, you can bring vape juice on a plane. the method is that the e-liquid that you travel with must not exceed 1-quart container.  Then you can bring vape juice on a plane.  

If more than 1-quart content,as said earlier, TSA allows you to travel with your vapes and carts, but you have to pack them in carry-on luggage.

  • Have in mind the 1-Quart Liquid Rule

  • The TSA rules dictates that any liquid like the e-liquid that you travel with must not exceed 1-quart container.  Any bottle that you pack in the 1-quart container should not exceed a capacity of 100 milliliters.Use Plastic Cartridges

A plastic cartridge has many advantages when compared to a glass cartridge. The plastic vaping cartridges are less likely to burst when subjected to pressure.

The plastic cartridges cannot easily shatter if they roll around when disturbed with air turbulence or any accidental shaking.

  • These reasons makes TSA restrict any package to be in plastic bottles and many airlines cannot allow you to travel with glass bottles.Avoid Full Carts

I know it is quite tempting to fill your carts to the brim but it may cause a set back while you travel.

There is much pressure in the plane’s cabin that may cause the cartridges to explode. When you leave some unfilled space, they are less likely to explode or crack during the travel. And this is why TSA prefers that you leave your carts partially depleted.

  • Store the Cart Batteries Separately

Modern vapes are powered by lithium batteries. The batteries may explode when the plane reaches at a certain altitude when not stored separately and properly.

To eliminate any possibility of an explosion, TSA advices that you have a plastic battery case for storing lithium batteries while travelling.

The plastic case that you buy should restrain the lithium battery enough to avoid the positive and negative terminal from coming into contact.

  • Have the Labels Clearly Visible

You need to minimize the time you take during the checks at different airports. You also need to minimize doubt from the agencies that are going to inspect your luggage.

You need to have all the labels clearly indicated and visible to also the air flight authorities easily check your luggage and clear you to travel. If the labels are hidden, most authorities may doubt you and will take a lot of time to have you cleared to travel.

It is also wise to leave all the vapes and carts I their original packaging packets to make them more trustable and readily cleared for travel.

3.     Can I Bring with a CBD Oil or Vape Juice on a Plane?

TSA changed the CBD travel policy and allowed people to travel with CBD with less than 0.3% THC. But it is still risky to travel with CBD oil as there are no regulations and policies protecting you as its consumer.

CBD oil rules vary greatly from one air line to the other that may see you go through various questioning points that may waste a lot of time.

 Unless the CBD Oil is approved by FDA, then you may be at risk to be arrested when travelling with it depending on the country you are travelling to.

4.     Can I Bring with Weed and THC Vape Cartridges?

Travelling with weed or vape cartridges is risky. While TSA can clear you to travel, you will be subjected to various airport authorities who may subject you the laws of the land if they realize you are carrying such substances.

However, with these regulations, you can travel will with dry herb vaporizers or empty pens. You have to make sure they are completely clean and free from any traces of weed. This is to make sure that the authorities including the drug-sniffing dog don’t notice any traces of weed.

5.     How do I navigate through the Checkpoints?

There are few rules that will make your clearance from TSA and airport authorities’ checkpoints. You need to be prepared very well about your vapes and carts to make it simpler for you.

Here is what you are expected to do;

Prepare to Explain-many authorities have a fast knowledge on vapes and carts and they may try to see if you are aware of what you are carrying. Because of this, you need to know exactly what you are carrying and be ready to explain as questioned.

Avoid Complicated Gear- make sure you choose familiar vapes and carts that will be easy for you to explain and are familiar with authorities. This is because, as you travel internationally, there is language barrier and may not be easy for you to deeply explain what you are carrying.

If you want to avoid much questions, make sure you carry simple and uncomplicated vapes and carts.

Make sure your device is charged- if you have larger vaping equipment, authorities ma question its safety. One of the measures to show its safety is that they may ask you to activate it to prove that its not explosive.

When your device is charged, it will be easy for you to activate it and reduce the time with the authorities and avoid being embarrassed.

Finally, carry a kit for building your coil, you may have screwdrivers, wire cutters and a spool of wires. This may force the authorities to question you on why you have to travel with all those suspicious goods. If possible consider, you may consider using am atomizer with already wrapped coils when you fly.

6.     Now Let’s have a Look on the Common FAQs Associated with flying with Vapes and Carts


Can I Vape in the Airport?

The urge of vaping may rise while you are travelling and you may be attempted to vape. Vaping is illegal in the airport unless you do it at designated smoking zones.

If you must vape, you can opt to use alternative nicotine elements. You can use smokeless tobacco like tobacco-free pouches, nicotine gum or even lozenges.

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8.     Conclusion

The travel culture has in the recent past accommodated vapers. However you need to have in mind the specific regulations from both TSA and local airport authorities. A little search and preparation can save you a great travel deal.

You don’t need to worry much if you have kept the simple rules. Airport authorities are much aware of vapers and have been dealing with different vapers for a while now. If you keep the rules, you will have a great trip.