Yocan evolve plus camo vape pen Review. Design, Performance and How to Use Yocan Evolve Plus Came Vaporizer

    Yocan evolve plus camo vape pen Review. Design, Performance and How to Use Yocan Evolve Plus Came Vaporizer

    What is the Yocan camo vape pen?

    The Yocan camo is one of the most unique vape pens ever produced. The pen is a portable vaporizer that has been designed to have a camouflage outlook design which is very appealing to many users. The Yocan brand us a very well known company in the vaporizer world.

    This is due to the huge number of vape pens they have released. The evolve plus pen also follows the same technological outlook of the signature devices. 

    The camo evolve pen is still efficient and easy to use. When looking at the major improvements done on the pen, you will realise that the device does not require any prep time and uses a fully functional quartz coil to heat up the substances. The pen uses a chamber made from ceramic hardware and uses one of the most unique button technologies ever invented.

    These added features make the Yocan plus get ready within a moment of turning it on. This gives you the best conditions where you can enjoy the best conditions and pleasant vaping sessions.

    The evolve plus camo is a very sleek and discreet vaporizer that looks very attractive too. It has almost everything you can find in a normal vape pen only that it is somehow bigger in size due to its large size chamber. This makes it a bulkier and weighty device when placed together with similar pens in the same category. 

    Despite having these extra features that make it bulky, the pen is still very convenient for public use. It can be carried around in your pocket or backpack. The cap system on the atomizer is also unique and very specific to the pen. It works like a carb cap on a normal rig which allows easy control of temperature around the coils to stay hot.

    Design of the Yocan plus camo vape pen

    Considering the price tag placed for the Yocan plus, the pen can be classified as a well put pen which feels so much like most of the high end vape pens in the market. The pen has a good performance feature and that is one of the most attractive things about this pen. The Yocan plus camo has tried so much to be different from its competitors with the unique cap system they use for their atomizers.

    The functioning of the cap works very similar to a carb cap you find on a traditional rig. The carb cap allows the sufficient maintenance of temperatures in the coils to stay hot for a while. The maintenance of such temperatures give the pen more efficient vaporization that helps to guard against any kind of splattering.

    The splattering issues and flooding problems which happen in the quartz coil devices was sorted by the chamber design. The chamber was fitted with square edges which are good for stopping splattering by melting back the substances into the cartridges. 

    The Yocan utilizes the bottom coil chamber technology which is a growing trend. The bottom ceramic chamber is easily accessible and this helps you reload your vape pen as quickly as possible. The device has an added fifteen second cut off time that will turn off your device if you do not vape with it for more than the allowed time. This allows you to keep the battery up for a very long time.

    Using the evolve plus camo pen

    To start using the pen, you need to turn it on by pressing the power button five times. Once you are done, you will see the lighting around the button illuminating which means the device is active. To switch the pen off, you need to press the button again for five times. 

    The device as we have seen does not come with any buttons for temperature control and this setting can be disappointing to others and convenient to some. With the Unique fixed temperatures, the one button on and off system, easy to open, simple filling and cleaning, we can conclude that the Yocan plus is a simple to use device.

    The pen uses a micro USB charging system to charge and uses an 1100mah battery. This is a very strong battery compared to the other standard batteries which are in the same category. Having such a big battery is a big argument because you are sure your pen will last for a full day of vaping. This is a great feature because you also get more draws when fully charged. 

    Performance of the Yocan plus camo vape pen

    With the sturdy, compact and stealthy design of the pen. The Yocan plus camo packs a punch within. This device is more prominent that your average wax pen you can find in the market. It has more than what an ordinary vape pen can offer. When you use the Yocan evolve pen, you will still find the initial features that make the Yocan a phenomenal pen. You would not be wrong to think of the pen as an exceptional wax pen.

    One thing that make the pen different from its predecessors is the quad coil quartz atomizer which is very good at delivering compared to average coils. This pen delivers huge clouds because it has four times the size of other wax pens. It still maintains a compact structure, and the 1100mah battery gives up to 25% more usage time than the evolve.

    Being a powerful dab kit that can still be carried in the pocket, the pen cannot be considered to be stealthy. To make it have even more discretion, the pen has a dual compartment made from silicone which is meant for storing wax. To get the best from this pen, you have to keep up with regular cleaning.

    This happens because the coils tend to get hotter and these may lead to some build up of residue within the coil chamber. You can therefore use a little isopropyl alcohol to dissolve any stuck or burnt waxes. It would be of essence to remember that one atomizer could last you for six to eight weeks but for heavy users they will have to change it earlier to ensure the pen maintains its taste all the time.

    This amazing device has everything you need to vape all within its system. To start, the pen is easy to assemble and it is a good beginner kit for people who want to try out wax pens.

    Vapor production of the Yocan plus camo pen

    One commendable fact about the Yocan evolve camo pen is that it is a performer. The dual coil quartz atomizer delivery style is what to expect from such a device. The set up of the atomizer is not ground-breaking as such but it gas been used by many vape pens especially the Kandypens collection.


    The flavour being delivered by the Yocan evolve plus is very rich, decent and fulfilling. The trick to this is that you try and control the coil temperature through the given methods. If you vape while holding the pen, your draws will start to feel harsh and with a burning taste at the end.

    Battery life of the Yocan evolve camo pen

    The battery of the camo pen looks like a marker pen and is covered in camouflage skin. The extra girth on the battery means that Yocan was able to add an 1100mah cell within the shell. This is almost twice the amount of power you get on regular vape pens which are rated at 650mah. You can therefore get so many draws from using the pen on a single charge. 

    Pros and cons of the Yocan evolve camo pen


    • Instant heating time from the pen
    • A compact dual quarts atomizer
    • Built in silicone jar for private storage
    • Good battery capacity 
    • Built in ceramic chamber 
    • Does not have any prep time
    • The pen is very affordable 


    • The temperature setting is not appealing to every user


    The Yocan evolve camp still remains to be a very consistent vape pen. The pen gives you reliability and gets the job done. The experience is smooth and does not come with any surprises. The feature upgrades give the pen very significant differences such as the long lasting battery, coil cap and more.


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