WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Wotofo Nexpod: Wotofo Nexpod Vape Equipment Review and Instructions

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With fast-changing technology, modern ways of nicotine intake have been improvised to make it tastier and more fun. Vaping has turned out to replace traditional tobacco smoking with a cleaner and more convenient way of attaining the desired satisfaction. Vape pens are highly portable devices that allow the user to use them anytime and any place.

What is Wotofo Nexpod?

This is a reusable and rechargeable box-shaped pod device that employs disposable pod cartridges. You will always go back to look for this vape pod device that has gained massive popularity for its exceptional features. This device comes with the following specifications;

The Wotofo Nexpod achieves a rectangular shape, and this gives it a unique outlook. The sturdy build quality is made of aluminum. The vape pod comes 3.2 inches in height, 1.6 inches in width, and 0.9 length, and this conforms to its portability and impressive size to comfortably use at any given moment. The edges of this device are rounded, and this gives the user the comfort of holding it. You will find this vape device in four classic colors that include; blue, black, grey, and red.

Most disposable vape pens tend not to include adjustable airflow. The Wotofo Nexpod vape device adds an adjustable airflow feature, where there is a switch at the bottom of the device. The switch slides back and forth to open or close the airflow slot. You can decide to move the switch gradually to fine-tune your desired level of airflow.

These vape pods have the capability of holding 8ml of liquid that is sufficient to serve you with 3500p puffs for every pod. You are greeted with authentic and accurate flavors as these vape pods use mesh coils for the exceptional flavors to be felt.


  • It comes with a powerful battery
  • It can perfectly handle a variety of flavors
  • It comes with an overcharge protection
  • It features a water-resistant pod slot


  • It is costly

Watofo Nexpod Video Review

Wotofo Nexpod Reviews: Is Wotofo Nexpod good?

 nexPOD Prefilled Pod Kit

This is the new generation of the pod system that involves the combination of a disposable vape and a pod system. Owning the nexPod vape device means you are not required of any maintenance obligations. You are only expected to slide the cartridge to the port and enjoy the flavorful clouds produced.

Every vape user deserves a perfect hassle-free device that offers a vaping experience of a high-quality level at a very humble price. The vape device comes with a prefill of 8ml of your selected flavor for 3500 puffs from a single pod. The vape device is as well environmentally friendly. The battery that runs this device can be used over 400 times before another recharge cycle is needed.

It is pretty much easy to spot this vape device in the market as it achieves a unique and truly eye-catching design with a futuristic appearance. The outer physical build is made of anodized aluminum, which gives this vape product its amazing durability. Unlike most vape pods, this one features a built-in nexChip that ensures fast fire response is achieved and all safety features are put in place.


  • It offers a wide variety of amazing flavors
  • It comes at an affordable price
  • it has got a long-lasting battery
  • It is environmentally friendly


  • It best supports strong nicotine-level flavors

nexPod Replacement Pod

This vape pod comes with some amazing flavors that you can always replace with the originally prefilled e-liquid. The vape pod features the Sakura Milk flavor, which is mellow milk mixed with fragrant cherry blossom. This vape juice flavor will bring you under splendidly blooming cheery trees for every puff you take.

There is the lush strawberry e-liquid that offers a refreshing taste of juicy watermelon that is blended with sour and sweet strawberries that are picked in their fresh form. The Caramel tobacco e-juice flavor is as well available with its rich and mellow tobacco aroma that is accompanied by a touch of sweet caramel flavor. The effect of the caramel flavor is to provide a memorable experience that will quench the cravings of nicotine users.

Other exceptional flavors that you can find include; strawberry yogurt, mango yogurt ice, mango gummy, three melons, tropical ice, pina colada, watermelon lychee, blue razz, purple razz ice, monster ice, and mint. The vape juice flavor blends will make your vaping moments more delightful.

Wotofo Ultra Vape Pen

You need to bring this wonderful disposable vape on board that delivers top-notch vape qualities. Beginner-level enthusiasts who aspire to enjoy the real fun and pleasure of the Wotofo Ultra Vape pen. This premium quality vape pen brings you a wide variety of exciting flavors, and in this sense, you will not be left out from enjoying the toxic flavors that are used with high-quality vape devices. This device boasts of its massive e-liquid capacity that needs less frequent refilling. You are entitled to enjoy over 3000 puffs from this vape pen.

With first glance and feel, you will definitely perceive the classic and comfortable nature of this device.   This vape pen makes you forget all about changing its coils or refilling its e-liquid. Anytime any place is appropriate and ready for taking the breathtaking puffs.

Thanks to the powerful 550mAh battery capacity, along with the coil heating core that achieves a 1.4 ohms resistance rating, that are the game changers in terms of the device’s performance. This device is compatible with a micro USB charger- Type C, that enables fast charging to take place.

Wotofo Zetta LED Pen

This is an LED-lighted disposable vape pen that is designed to shine from within as it brings more fun to your vaping experience. When it comes to delivering a premium experience, the Wotofo Zetta vape pen is worth watching as it is designed to be a hassle-free and convenient product. All vape customers are given an opportunity to select their favorite colors as this product comes with various exotic colors.

The vape pen comes with a powerful 600mAh battery that is capable of delivering up to 5000 flavorful puffs from the 13ml e-liquid it can contain. With the outstanding features well endowed on this device, it is quite impressive how affordable you will find it to be.

It can chance that you are new to vaping and you desire to enjoy the ultimate dope experience with vaping, then this is the ideal vape device for you. This vape pen gives the user ease of use and less or no maintenance requirements. Every vape juice flavor you can think of can be perfectly heated for authentic and accurate tastes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wotofo Nexpod

Read along the following concerns that have been raised by those who have tried out and those who intend to use the Wotofo Nexpod device. You will find the answers to your own fears and gain the knowledge you need for better and more fun vaping.

Is the Wotofo Nexpod Vape worth it?

At Wotofo brands, every product that is offered meets a high-quality experience for all vape users, whether they are beginners or seasoned.

How do you charge a Wotofo Nexpod vape?

The vape device features a charging port for a battery that is positioned on the bottom of the vape pod casing. When there is a need to recharge your vape device, simply connect a C-port charging8 cable to the charging slot that is offered at the begging of the charging exercise. The vape device will need an hour to it to be fully charged.

How long does nexPod vape last?

This solely depends on the frequency of how the vape device is used and the habits of the vaper. Generally, a newly purchased Wotofo Nexpod vape can last between 3-10 days as each comes with a replaceable cartridge that offers up to 3500 flavorful puffs.

How do I know when my Wotofo Nexpod vape pen is charged?

As you allow the vape product to charge, there is an indicator light that is constantly on. When the vape device is completely charged, the indicator light starts to flash three times and then later turns off.

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