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Why Does A Disposable Vape Taste Burnt: Reasons and How to Fix It?

5th May 2023 | 435 | upends v

Have you ever experienced a disposable vape burnt taste? No one likes a burnt-tasting vape as people spend time and money finding the perfect vaping product and a blend of e-liquid. Everyone who loves to vape wants it to taste great and work perfectly. The flavor is one of the biggest features of vaping and the only thing that separates vaping from smoking.

In this article, we will discuss the reasons that could make a disposable vape taste burnt and how to get rid of such a situation.

What exactly is burnt hit?

A burnt vape hit gives a bitter and vile taste that remains in the mouth for a long time. A lot of vapers experience such a situation even when they are doing all things right. A burnt hit is enough to ruin your vaping experience, making you want to throw your vape pen away. However, this isn’t a solution because you can always fix a disposable vape that tastes burnt.

Why does a disposable vape taste burnt?


It can be extremely disappointing to get a burnt taste from a disposable vape pen. When it does not taste good, it could ruin the entire vaping session, making it an unpleasant experience. When vape users confront such an issue, some want to get rid of their vape mod while others look for a solution to fix it.

Any disposable vape product may produce a burnt taste due to many reasons and the reasons may include…

Lack of Adequate E-Liquid: This is a common problem in rechargeable disposable vapes. The device shows charge but there is no adequate e-liquid in the cartridge, making it produce a burnt taste. If there is not enough e-juice in the vape tank or pod, the coil will start burning the wicking material inside the coil instead of vaporizing the e-liquid.
Chain Vaping: Chain vaping is when users take a lot of puffs in a row which may produce a harsh taste. It is probably the most common cause of a burnt taste as there are no intervals between puffs. The wick does not get enough time to soak up the e-liquid which causes it to dry out and produce a bad taste.
Coil Needs Changing: If you’ve been using the coil in your vape for a while, the coil may need changing. It is important to maintain your vaping product by ensuring that you regularly change the coil. On average, a coil lasts for around 1 to 2 weeks and it could also last up to a month if you don’t use your vape too often.
Wrong Priming of the Coils: While using a new vape pen, it is imperative to prime the coil before filling the e-liquid in the cartridge. Priming means soaking the wick in the e-juice so that it reaches the saturated level before vaping. It is because most wicks are tightly compacted cotton and need to be primed.
High Vaping Power: If a vape pen features a battery with  high voltage, the coil should also be capable enough to support it. If the coil fails to support the battery, the device may overheat faster which may lead to high vaporization production. A high rate of vapor may not keep up with the wick’s absorption and the effect is a burnt taste. 
Any Manufacturing Fault: Vape manufacturers produce thousands of vape products like pens, pods, etc to meet the increasing demand. This may lead to some quality issues and manufacturing faults like high voltage batteries, faulty wicks, inefficient coils, etc. If the problem lies with the manufacturing, you can dispose of it and get a new one.
Using High VG E-Liquids: Disposable vapes have many features and one of them is high VG e-liquid capacity. Some vape pods are designed to hold high VG e-liquids while others can only hold 50% PG. That’s why it is important to check the wick sizes before filling your cartridges. If it is not meant to hold a high VG e-juice, it may cause an awful burnt taste.
Old or Scorched Coils: Many refillable cartridges face the problem of a burnt taste as the coils may become overworked and inefficient. In this case, you may have to replace the whole cartridge of the coil as the old coil may not be as efficient as it should be. If the coil is working properly, then check the oil as it might be too old. 
Power Settings are Too High: Most vape pods have adjustable power settings so that users can adjust everything to suit their unique needs. A lower power setting means a less intense vape experience and a higher power setting means a warmer and more intense vape. However, a higher power setting may adversely affect the coil and could produce a burnt taste.
Wrong Resistance of Coil: Vape coils come in different resistances to suit vape kits of different sizes and features. A new kit may come with two different coils in the box and both of them in different resistances. It is important to use a coil that best suits your vaping kit as different resistances require different power levels

How to fix a disposable vape that tastes burnt? 

If you are looking for ways to fix a disposable vape that tastes burnt, the following tips might help…

  • If the coil needs to be changed, replace it by referring to the instruction manual of your device.
  • Make sure to keep the vape tank topped up with e-liquid to make sure that it doesn’t run out completely.
  • Prime all new vape coils before using your vape device.
  • Start with a lower power setting and slowly increase it until you reach the optimum level.
  • Adjust the power of your vape device according to the resistance of the coil.
  • Choose the right PG/VG ratio and quality of e-liquid for your device.
  • Give your device a break before the next puff or give your device a shake to help distribute the e-liquid in the wick.
  • Avoid colder temperatures as the e-liquid tends to thicken it becomes harder for it to flow into the atomizer or wick.
  • Sometimes the coil may get too hot due to overcharging or maybe you took too many puffs frequently.
  • Clean the mouthpiece as disposable vapes do a lot of traveling inside bags or pockets and there are chances that debris get stuck into the chimney.
  • If the vape device can be disassembled, you can clean it by using a bit of elbow grease and reassemble it.
  • Let the cotton soak for a few minutes if you’ve just filled the cotton. Add a little more if it is still dry.
  • Don’t overcharge as the battery may be providing too much voltage for the coil.
  • Do not buy vaping products from unauthorized vendors or retailers.

How to know when your disposable vape is finished?

Disposable vapes are a fantastic choice for those who are looking for something compact and portable. But how do you know when it is finished or needs to be replaced? Here are a few things to pay attention to…

  • When the vape has a burnt taste
  • When no vapor is produced
  • When the vapor becomes tasteless and thinner
  • When the vape has a metallic flavor
  • When the vape battery is dead

FAQ: Know everything about disposable vape burnt taste

What makes a disposable vape burnt taste?

There may be numerous reasons behind a vape taste burnt such as lack of adequate e-liquid, overheated coil, quality issues, manufacturing fault, wrong resistance of the coil, inappropriate power settings, and more.

Are there any other problems with disposable vapes?

There are some common problems with disposable vapes like leaking, less or no vapor production, a limited battery life, harsh throat-hit, etc.

Why won’t my disposable vape work?

There can be many reasons that your disposable vape doesn't work, including the end of its lifespan, or battery running out of power, the tank reaching empty, or any technical problem with the device.

Which disposable vape lasts longer?

The lifespan of a disposable vape is generally measured as puff count and this is determined by the device’s tank and battery size. Also, it will depend on the users’ vaping style.

What makes disposable vapes stand out?

The disposable vapes are beginner-friendly, easy to operate, large variety of e-liquid flavors, integrated batteries, and inhale activation, and are travel-friendly.

What are the pros of using disposable vapes?

Disposable vapes are compact, convenient, stylish, discreet, easily accessible, less harmful than traditional cigarettes, and designed to provide a smooth throat hit.

Are there any cons to using disposable vapes?

Disposable vape bars or pods are single-use devices which means they are not good for the environment and may be expensive when used daily.

What are the basic steps to fix a burnt disposable vape?

If the vape is tasting burnt, you can try cleaning the mouthpiece, removing the internals, checking the levels of e-liquid, adding more vape juice if required, and reassembling the device

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