Where Can I Buy Wholesale Vape Products?

    Where Can I Buy Wholesale Vape Products?

    Are you planning to start a new business and looking for wholesale vape products? Buying vape products in large quantities is the most economical method of maintaining steady supplies and making profits. Among many businesses, the vape business is one of the fastest-growing businesses in different parts of the world. Although there are certain rules and regulations regarding buying and selling of vape products, you can easily become a wholesale distributor or retailer.

    Here are a few reasons why buying from wholesalers is a good option…

    • Money savings as buying in large quantities which means a lower cost per product.
    • Low selling prices or better prices as compared to your competitors.
    • Overcomes the problem of shortages as you buy products in large quantities.
    • The opportunity to explore a wide range of products - different sizes, flavours, shapes, etc.
    • Helps you stay up-to-date with the latest trends as well as industry regulations.
    • Makes transporting goods easier as you make a big but single order.
    • Eliminates all middlemen and therefore saves you money.

    The wholesale vape dealers and manufacturers are the first-hand source of vape products and also part of a more extensive network. It simply means that they can provide you access to more products, expert advice, and quick delivery.

    Top Wholesale Companies for Vape Products…

    1. Vape Wholesale USA: From e-juice, hardware, accessories, and everything in between, the company provides a wide range of products and wholesale specialists in the USA. They specialize in wholesale vaping supply and partner with top brands like SMOK, Eleaf, VGOD, Sigelei, Candy King, Joytech, VooPoo, Aspire, iJoy, Geekvape, Naked, and more. The main products you will find on their website include e-liquids, disposables, pod system kits, starter kits & mods, tanks, rebuildables, alternatives, CBD, and accessories. The main wholesale products that you can explore include vape pens, disposables, battery packs, starter kits, replacement coils, e-liquid, and more. These products are available in different brands, shapes, and sizes.
    1. VapeRanger Wholesale: Located in the United States, the company is one of the popular online wholesale distributors of e-liquid / e-juice products, the company provides a wide range of products to choose from. They have over 2400+ brands for their wholesale customers. The wide selection of products includes e-juice, disposables, pods, TFN vape products, devices, hardware, and accessories. You can find disposable vapes in bulk at a very competitive price. Apart from disposable vapes, replacement pods are also available for wholesale. The devices that you may explore include vape devices, box mods, vape pens, mechanical mods, Squonk mods, pod systems, and wax pens.
    1. Vapes Wholesale: A professional e-cigarettes & accessories wholesale online platform where you can discover a wide range of vape products. The firm aims to build a 24-hour online shopping mall offering an array of products, a reliable supply chain, and unmatched after-sales tracking. With the warehouse in China, the main product categories that you will find on this website include CBD vapes, Wax Vapour, herbal vaporizers, e-liquid vapes, batteries, mods, and accessories. If you are looking for wholesale vape products, you can consider buying disposable vapes, pod system vapes, cartridge vapes, starter kits, MODs vape kits, and accessories.
    1. BBWSupply: One of the largest wholesaler and distributors in the USA, the company specialize in manufacturing, importing, and distributing compressed gas products. It is more like a one-stop vaping superstore offering an extensive selection of products. The main product categories include disposable vapes, CBD, glass pipes, hookah, coils, pods, and accessories. Some of the products feature clean nicotine or tobacco-free nicotine and are available at the best prices. As far as buying disposable vapes wholesale is concerned, you can choose from a huge variety available starting from mini devices to ones offering around 5000 puffs.
    1. DHgate: A popular Chinese business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-commerce marketplace where you can find an immense variety of products. Being one of the largest B2B trade platforms in China, the company also provides a wide range of vape products to small and medium retailers. You can explore products like disposable vapes, puff bars, vape mods, vape pods, rechargeable disposable vapes, and accessories. Some popular products that you may be interested in include disposable vape pen puff XXL, Puff Bar Plus XXL Flex Max Disposable Pod e-cigarette device, 15 Colors Puff Plus Disposable Vape Puff Bars Plus, and more.
    1. Got Vape: One of the popular vape distributors in the USA offering a wide range of vape products. The main product categories include vaporizers, disposables, CBD, glass & silicone, and parts & accessories. They have a wide selection of vaporizers such as oil vape pens, refillable vape pens, disposable vape pens, concentrate vaporizers, Cartridge vaporizers, dry herb vaporizers, and dual-use vaporizers. If you are interested in wholesale disposable vape pens, there are many options available. You can pick from popular products like Pod Stick 3500 Flo, Hyppe Bar Max Flow 2000, Air Bar Disposable, Pod Stick 5500 disposable Salt Device, and more.
    1. Made-in-China: This is a comprehensive service platform for foreign trade and provides business opportunities to Chinese suppliers as well as overseas buyers. The platform has become one of the most extensive and popular places for international trade. You can find millions of high-quality products on this platform including wholesale vape products. Explore categories like wholesale vape pens, wholesale electric cigarette pens, wholesale disposable vape pod pens, accessories, and much more. Some popular products worth buying wholesale include RandM Tornado 6000, Pynepod disposable vape pen, Wholesale Mini Puff Disposable Vape Pen, and more.
    1. Global Sources: A popular B2B sourcing platform that connects buyers and suppliers worldwide by offering tailored solutions. Being an international platform, it provides an array of products and services. If you are visiting the company’s website for wholesale vape products, you will find plenty of them at reasonable rates. You can check for bulk disposable vapes and find products like Wholesale ESCO Mesh Coil Vapes, Wholesale Disposable E-Cigarette ESCO 6ML Mesh Coil Vapes Ultra, and more. You can explore a huge variety of products available from different brands and pick as per your needs.
    1. KMG Imports: One of the most prominent names in the vaping industry as wholesale vape suppliers, KMG has a huge variety of products to offer. The main product categories that you may want to explore include vape devices like kits, mods, etc, atomizers, tanks, pod systems, disposable vapes, e-liquid, and accessories. If you are interested in wholesale, you can check the KMG wholesale partner program and submit your application. As of wholesale disposable vapes are concerned, there are many products available from different brands. Some popular products that are worth buying are Red Energy, Red Bang, Passion Fruit, and more.
    1. 1 Vape Wholesale: Being one of the popular wholesale disposable vape, smoke, and hookah suppliers and distributors, the company offers high-quality products at factory rates. Based in the USA and China, the B2B and B2C supplier stocks a huge variety of vape products that are supplied directly from the factory. The categories that are worth exploring include disposable vape, vape, hookah, bong glass, smoking pipe, water pipe, grinder, hats, vape batteries, and smoking accessories. IGET NOVA Cartridge 3Pcs/pack, IGET NOVA Pod Kit, IGET LEGEND Vape Disposable, IGET Dual Vape Disposable, and IGET Bar Vape are some popular products.
    1. Mi Pod Wholesale: This is the official wholesale vape sire for Mi-One brands and is based in Phoenix, Arizona. Mi-One brands wholesale vape products include wholesale nicotine salts, wholesale vape juice, disposable vape pen, vape starter kits, salt nic refillable pod systems, thick oil cartridges, and vape accessories. The platform serves local vape shops, online vape vendors, tobacco shops, and distributors. Whether you are a retailer or a distributor and looking for wholesale vape products, you may want to give this website a shot. Choose from different brands, flavours, sizes, and specifications.

    As there are many wholesale vape suppliers and distributors out there, you have to be cautious before spending any money. To get the best value for your money, make sure you explore enough options and find the best fit for your needs.


    There are many vape manufacturers and distributors that support local vape shops and online vendors by offering wholesale vape products. Whatever business you do, your goal should be to make profits and serve your customers in the best possible way. And, that is why you should consider the option of buying the products in wholesale or bulk.

    For a businessman, every possible option to save at least a few pennies is important as it can make a huge difference. When it comes to operating a vape business, considering wholesale vape products seems to be the best solution. The purchase price per unit is lower when you buy in bulk and you can sell the products for profit to the final consumer.

    If you are looking for a wholesaler to buy vape products, many popular platforms are offering a wide variety at a competitive price. All you have to do is contact them, create an account to order your preferred products, and start your vape business.


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