What is West Coast Vape Supply?

    What is West Coast Vape Supply?

    E-cigarettes have been around for more than a decade and vaping industry has skyrocketed in recent years. Vaping products like vape pens, vape pods, and mods are now the most frequently used tobacco product among teens and adults. Vape devices come in fun flavors and may look like a writing pen, a USB device, or a capsule. Some of them deliver high levels of nicotine, making the product extremely additive but the good thing is that you can control the level of nic salt and its strength.

    When we talk about vaping products, West Coast Vape Supply is a popular brand. Let’s discuss it in brief…

    1. West Coast Vape Supply: An Intro to the Brand

    The trend of vaping has become extremely popular as most people take this as a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. As technology continues to advance, more and more companies are coming up with innovative vaping products. With the recent advancements in the vape industry, accessibility to these products  has become easier. The companies like West Coast Vape Supply specializes in Vape wholesale distribution serving worldwide.

    Founded in 2013, it has become a popular wholesale supplier and online store for vape products such as vape juice, nicotine salt, vape devices, starter kits, sub-ohm tanks, disposables, and more. The company deals in low-priced, premium vape brands and offers a wide selection of products and accessories to their retail members, vape shops, and smoke shops across the globe.


    The main aim of the company is to provide vape products and vape supply at competitive prices with fast USA shipping delivery. 

    1. West Coast Vape Supply: Products You Can Consider

    The company offers a wide range of vape products and we will discuss a few of them that are the best selling in the global market. Check them out…


    West Coast Vape Supply has a wide selection of vape juice from different brands along with a huge range of sub-ohm and low voltage pod system vape coils. As it can be difficult to choose from a wide collection, we’ve listed some best-selling products to make it easier for you to make a choice…

    • Cuttwood Vape Juice: This vape juice comes from a brand known as ‘The Sauce Boss’ and has an intense flavor and thick clouds.
    • Naked 100 E Juice: The brand is bringing some great flavors and popular as one of the biggest brands in the vaping industry.
    • Candy King: If you have a sweet tooth, this can be our favorite pick as this flavor intends to bring back some of your childhood memories.
    • Vape Pink: Brought to you by Propaganda E Liquids, this vape juice is available in countless flavors such as the Hype, and more.
    • Loaded E-Liquid: This vape juice comes in dessert flavors made by Ruthless E Liquids and also available in different flavors.
    • Beard E Juice:It delivers a wide variety of flavors ranging from fruity flavors to sweet ones like desserts like the One Strawberry.
    • Uncle Junk’s E-Liquid: This is a premium range of vape juice that is known for intense flavors and extensive cloud production.
    • Twist E Juice: This vape e-liquid line has some great lemonade flavors and provides authentic cookie flavors for those with a sweet tooth.

    Some of the best e-liquid options that you can choose from such as beverages, dessert, custard, menthol, and more.


    Available in different flavors, the vape juice bundles feature an incredible variety of premium vape juice as well as hardware. You can choose from a wide selection of vape juice brands such as Bad Drip, Naked 100, Jam Monster, Twist E-Liquid, Glossy Flavor, Cuttwood, Ruthless Vapor, and many more.

    Here are some best-selling vape juice bundles…

    • Cuttwood Pick 3 Bundle: You get all of the incredible flavors into one bundle and an option to choose three 120ml bottles, a range of flavors, and different nicotine strengths.
    • Naked Vape Juice Pick 3 Bundle: A premium vape juice bundle available in exotic fruits to tobacco blends and different nicotine strengths.
    • Humble Juice Pick 3 Bundle: Available in tons of flavors like blueberries, graham crust, ice vape, cinnamon, and creamy sherbet, this bundle comes in three 120ml bottles.
    • Killer Kustard Vape Juice: This bundle replicates the amazing flavors of lemon, strawberry, and original custard flavors available in 100ml Gorilla bottles.
    • Loaded Vape Juice Pick 3 Bundle: A great bundle for dessert flavor lovers that is available in a 120ml glass dropper bottle or a gorilla squeeze bottle.


    Whether you are looking for the fruit flavor or a tangy twist, the West Coast Vape Supply offers an exclusive range of nicotine salt.

    Here we’ve listed some best-selling nicotine salts…

    • NKD 100 Salt Nicotine Bundle: It is available in a pick 3 bundle and many great flavors such as fruit, candy, cream, and ice-cool menthol and two levels of 35mg and 50mg.
    • Mint (Arctic Air) by NKD: Made for all the menthol lovers, this nic salt combines the taste of mint with menthol and available in a 30ml bottle.
    • Strawberry Pom (Brain Freeze) by NKD: This is a flavor-packed nicotine salt that comes with a savory blend of strawberries, tangy kiwis, and pomegranates in a 30ml bottle.
    • Lemon Tart by Dinner Lady: Available in a 30ml vape juice bottle, the nic salt provides a sweet lemon cookie taste with a note of tart lemon cream.


     West Coast Vape Supply offers a wide range of nicotine salt bundles that you can choose from as per your specific needs.

    Here we’ve listed some popular options that you may consider.


    • Candy King on Salt Pick 3 Bundle: This bundle is available in candy king on salt flavors and you can choose any three 30ml bottles and nicotine level from 35mg or 50mg.
    • Reds 7 Daze Salt Series Pick 3 Bundle: The flavors are made to provide you with a fruity sensation and available in 30ml Unicorn bottles in 30mg and 50mg nicotine levels.
    • Four Seasons Fine Tobacco Pick 3 Bundle: Available in different flavors including Turkish tobacco, menthol, desert tobacco, menthol tobacco, and American tobacco RY4 tobacco.
    • VGOD Stig Vape Pick 3 Bundle: Each stig comes ready to go with VGOD juices and each pod gives around 270 puffs and comes prerefilled with 1.2ml of salt nicotine.
    • Juice Roll Upz Salt Pick 3 Bundle: Designed to be used in a small form factor low wattage pod system, the bundle comes with the three flavors in a 30ml glass dropper bottle.

    The company stocks an extensive range of vape devices including Vape Coils, Box Mods, RDA Vape, Sub ohm Tanks, Sub Ohm Batteries, Vape 420, Vape Battery Chargers, Stabilized Wood Mods, and more.

    Here we’ve discussed some popular devices by the company…

    • Vape Coils: Find an extensive line of vape coils and atomizer heads including different ohms for sub-ohm atomizers and low voltage pod-based devices. They offer vape coils for RTAs, RDAs, and RBAs. 

    West Coast Vape Supply Product Reviews

    • Box Mods: There’s an extensive range of box mods available from different brands and styles. The Mega Volt comes with raid charging while the Reuleaux RX2/3 offers a barrel life that will last a couple of days.
    • Rebuildable Atomizers: The company provides a good range of rebuildable atomizers (RBA/RDA) tanks so that you can customize your vaping experience. Glossy Glass Bottom Feed RDA, ZEUS RTA, are some popular choices.
    • Batteries:Batteries are an important component of any vape device and here you will find a good range to choose from. The company offers a wide selection of batteries from popular brands for different devices.

    The West Coast Vape Supply has a massive collection of vape juice flavors but the stock is quite limited when it comes to vape devices. Though they promise to deliver the best vape juices at competitive prices, you may find the company struggling with shipping the products.

    The hefty selection of vape juices and vape bundles is one of the strong points of the company and it is also considered a premier destination for vape products. They stock products from popular brands like Jam Monster, Naked 100, Bad Drip, Cuttwood, Twist E-Liquid, Ruthless Vapor, etc.

    1. West Coast Vape Supply Coupon Codes

    You can get some discount on the finest vape flavors and devices using coupon codes from the following sites…

    1. Wrapping It Up

    Vaping is quite popular among the youth and vape devices have become sleek and high-tech to appeal to more and more people. The almost futuristic piece of the tech looks attractive and loaded with impressive features. However, vapers need to control the strength or level of nicotine they use in their devices as it’s an addictive substance.


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