WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

What is VGOD? Reviews and Coupon Codes for Popular Vaping Products

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Vaping has grown in popularity over the last few years, leading to e-cigarettes and other vaping products being sold by many brands. Even though the tobacco market is still a lot bigger, the vaping trend is growing by leaps and bounds. Some people think that vaping will help them quit smoking while others do not want to inhale too much tobacco but enjoy different flavors instead.

A lot of manufacturers make vaping products. While the large majority of brands are independently owned, a lot of brands belong to popular tobacco-selling parent companies. VGOD is one such brand that is popular among vapers and we are going to discuss it in detail. Let’s dig it deep…

What is VGOD?

The use of vaping products like e-cigarettes has dramatically increased among youth in which a battery-powered e-cigarette heats a liquid into a vapor that is inhaled. The vapor may contain nicotine, flavouring, and other substances like marijuana, hash oil, etc. When we walk about vaping products, VGOD is a popular brand name that creates hard-hitting vaping products. VGOD is an American vape company that was founded to take vaping to the next level. The brand is known to provide the most premium flavor profiles, vaping devices, and accessories.

Though VGOD has a limited product line, they focus more on the quality and performance of their products. They emphasize high-powered, high-wattage devices with their main product lines including…

  • The Pro Series
  • The Elite Series
  • The Stig Series

Other products offered by the brand include E-juice, Bundles, Apparel, Legacy products, and accessories. To make your vaping experience enjoyable and convenient, they also have a different section for ‘product manuals’.

 VGOD Main Products: Products and Accessories You May be Interested In…

 VGOD is a platform where you can find the hardcore vaping gear that is focused on cloud-chasing and vaping tricks crowd. Also, their product line consists of high-power vape products that have strong and outward appearances. The brand has staked out a unique position in the vaping market by sharing the same brand in its appearance.



 The VGOD Pro series is built to withstand any type of harsh conditions whether you’re at home, working at the office or traveling places. This series focuses on the best chipsets technology and the products are made to adjust to a multitude of vaping styles. It features Pro 200 Kit, Pro Subtank, Pro Mech2Kit, Pro Mech, VGOD Pro 150, VGOD Pro RDTA, VGOD Pro Drip, and parts and accessories.

  • Pro 200 Box Mod Kit: Known for its style, power, and durability, this kit is designed for extreme versatility and high performance as it comes with the Subohm tank. The kit is built to withstand rough conditions and equipped with features like a 200w max output, customization, massive cloud production, 5ml tank capacity, two Official VGOD shields, and added grippy rubber for extra convenience.
  • Pro Mech2Kit: Known for its unique aesthetics, the Pro Mech 2 Kit boasts a CNC machined Delrin comfort touch chassis and the TriCon switch system. It delivers a hard-hitting performance and comes with a removable soft-touch Delrin, powder-coated underbody, copper chassis, three independent pins, built-in self-adjusting battery ring, and carbon fiber switch. It also comes with a black elite RDA shield and hybrid-friendly protruding gold-plated 510 pins.


  • Pro Coils: Constructed of high-quality wire, these Pro Coils do not require Temperature Control Mode like Nickel, Titanium, or Stainless Steel wire. It consists of 2 x coils on the market and 20 stands of 100% Japanese Organic Cotton. It features a 24mm diameter with a dual vertical post design that has 2-holes per post for a better vaping experience.


  • Elite RDA: A rebuildable drip atomizer designed to provide you with the finest features and unparalleled performance. It comes with a VGOD-engraved Elite RDA shield, 2ml capacity, hybrid-friendly protruding gold plated 510 pin and 2mm hole dual posts. The kit consists of 1 x VGOD Elite RDA, 1 x Spare O-rings, and 1 x Multi-Tool.
  • Elite RDTA: This Elite series rebuildable dripping tank atomizer comes engraved with an Elite RDTA shield and 4ml tank capacity. It features a top mount one-way fill port, a vacuum wicking system, and hybrid friendly protruding gold plated 510 pins. The build deck features 2mm hole dual posts, finger tight nut, and post hole spacing.
  • Elite Mech: This is one of the elegantly designed vape mods that feature a flare grip chassis and emboldened VGOD flag crest design. It comes with a 510 hybrid connection, copper contact, and copper framed carbon fiber switch. The mod has VGOD Elite crest design, floating battery adjustment, plastic tube insert for battery protection, and seep set VGOD engraving.


An ultra-portable disposable vape device designed to vape on the go as it comes with a pre-charged battery, plenty of SaltNic e-liquid, and 3 STIGs in a pack. The brand promises that each STIG will provide around 270 puffs and smooth throat hits. Also, the STIG pod is light as a feather to fit in any pocket. This could be your great travel companion as all you have to do is just unpack the pod, use it, and throw once you’re done.

The STIG disposable pod is designed to offer an effortless vaping experience and available in 6 fresh flavors. There are no buttons or any complicated settings to use the vaping pod as it can be enjoyed directly out of the package. The package consists of a fully charged device with 1.2 ml saltine liquid per stig, and 6.0% nicotine by volume that is equivalent to 20 cigarettes approximately.


VGOD e-juice is available in different flavors including Cigar Line, Lush Line, Dessert Line, Bomb Line, and Ice Bomb Line. The Cigar line consists of some popular flavors like VGOD Cubano e-juice that is topped off with soft creamy vanilla undertones and available in Cubano Silver, Cubano Back, and Coco.

The Lush Line includes VGOD Luscious e-juice that comes with a burst of fresh watermelon while you inhale and the undertones of mixed melons when you exhale. It is available in Lushice and Sourlicious flavor options. The Bomb line consists of VGOD Apple Bomb e-juice, Mango Bomb, Berry Bomb, and Purple Bomb.

The VGOD Dessert Line is a colorful line with flavor options like VGOD Pink Cakes e-juice and BakLava Original. The Pink cake offers a sweet taste with a moist and fluffy pink cake topped with some buttercream frosting. Whip the Baklava is sweet like pastry that is made with a combination of fresh filo and finely chopped nuts.

The Iced Bomb line consists of flavors like Iced Purple Bomb, Iced Apple Bomb, Iced Berry Bomd, and Iced Mango Bomb. This line delivers a frozen chill and a powerful punch of Concord grape juice that is sweetened with some sugary candy and a frosty chill.



Apart from the above-mentioned products, you will also find VGOD bundles such as Pro Drip RDA Bundle, Pro Subtank Bundle with the replacement glass, Pro Subtank Bundle with VGOD cotton, VGOD Elite RDA bundle, Elite RDTA bundle, VGOD parts, and accessories. The company also have apparel in its product list and offer VGOD shield t-shirts, beanie, sweatshirts, hoodies, and hats.

VGOD Product Reviews

VGOD has managed to emerge as one of the most preferred brands in the UAE when it comes to vape products and vape e-juice. The company believes in the motto “living a smoke-free life and having a great time” and pretty successful in delivering its promise. VGOD Cubano and Lush Ice are the two most popular flavors. Also, their nicotine salt range is widely popular with some widely accepted flavors like Cubano Salt Nic and Mango Bomb Salt Nic.

VGOD e-liquids are extremely popular and all of these juices come in 60ml bottles filled to 50ml in a 70/30 mix. The nozzle of the bottle can easily be removed  and you can put a standard 10ml Nic shot in the bottles. As far as the Apple Bomb is considered, sniffing the bottle gives a very strong apple smell and it’s like drinking an Apple concentrate without the water. Though the inhale brings a sour flavor that tickles the tongue, the exhale brings quite an impressive apple flavor.

You can try the Apple Bomb as it’s quite impressive as we’ve tried several Apple vapes from different brands but VGOD seems to be pretty impressive. As far as the device is concerned, you can give VGOD Pro Mech Mod a try as it comes with a hybrid mech mod which means the battery connects directly to your atomizer.

VGOD Coupon Codes

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How long does it take to ship?

Interested in VGOD products but worried about the shipping? They usually ship within 48 hours but it may take time if you’ve placed your order at the end of the business day. You can contact the company to check whether they ship in your area or not.