What is Vape DNA? Is it Worth it?

    What is Vape DNA? Is it Worth it?

    1.0 What is Vape DNA?

    It is a chipset that helps to facilitate a smooth and a customized vaping experience. The DNA Mod regulates power while giving the user a consistent output. It enables the user to experiment with different vaping styles while providing great functionality for your vape device.

    The DNA chipset is attached to the display screen that gives you the status of the battery, the wattage, voltage, and the resistance.

    The Evolve Vapor company created the first Vape DNA mod. The DNA chipset helps in regulating and giving accurate temperature coil temperatures. With a vape DNA chip, you get access to features such as the temperature regulation, preheat, replay, power modes, and Boost.

    In addition, the DNA helps keep track of information such as battery life and coil resistance. The DNA chips are the best when it comes to enhancing the battery efficiency.

    2.0 General Features of a Vape DNA Mod

    1. An Intuitive Interface- The DNA chipset attaches to MOD display to allow access and read accurate information such as the wattage, voltage, resistance, and battery life.
    2. Accuracy-The Vape DNA mod is nearly 100% precise. For instance, if you are heating your Mod at 90 Watts, you can be sure it is emitting precisely 90 watts. In addition, the wattage does not fluctuate, it keeps a constant watt of 90 until the battery is depleted.
    3. It does not have PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)- The PWM is a regulation for voltage technique. The regular mods have a PWM which sustain a set wattage which rapidly releases short bouts of power. The DNA mods however offer a smooth and stable power supply instead of shorts sessions power.
    4. Temperature Control-The DNA mods are known to be the best at controlling temperatures.
    5. Safety-The DNA mods have a number of safety features that allow vapers to stay safe. It keeps the battery from overheating and exploding. Although it has additional safety features, it does not deplete your battery or fire up the coil.
    6. Customizability-The DNA Mod come with great features. In addition, you can use software such as Escribe to customize features you like.

    3.0 The Top Best Vape DNA Mod in the Market

    The Vape DNA are truly revolutionary to the world of vapes. They allow you to tweak and modify your vape for a great unforgettable experience anytime. In addition, it offers safety features which is a priority to most vapes. So, here are the best vape DNA mods:

    3.1. Dovpo Odin DNA250C

    The Dovpo Odin DNA mod is a collaboration between two vape giants, the Vaping Bogan and Vaperz Cloud. The Mod is made of Zinc alloy which makes it extremely light-weight yet strong and sturdy to withstand even the greatest pressure.

    The Mod is compatible with the 20700 and 21700 batteries giving a maximum 200W wattage output. In addition, this mod offers excellent safety features such as short circuit protection, atomizer protection, overheat protection, and protection against battery failure.


    • Long-lasting battery
    • Strong and sturdy construction
    • Visually appealing design
    • Temperature controls and different power modes
    • Excellent safety features
    • Variable Wattage mode
    • It offers great vaping experience


    • A bit pricey

    3.2.Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C

    The Lost Paranormal DNA 250 C is another vape DNA worth your investment. The body is made with die-cast zinc alloy which makes it strong to withstand the test of time. Also, the Mod comes in three different finishes which are carbon, wood, and leather. It has an impressive wattage output of 200W and it is powered by 18650 batteries.

    The Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C has one of the best DNA chipset. It is an excellent and reliable performer with a number of features such as the precise temperature control mode, preheat settings, wattage control, and replay mode.


    • Great features such as temp control, preheat settings, replay mode
    • Among the best vape DNA in the market
    • Fast-charging USB port
    • Long lasting battery
    • Strong and sturdy construction
    • Attractive design


    • Pricey

    3.3. Asmodus & Ultroner Thor II

    Another vape DNA worth the hype is the Asmodus Thor II. It utilizes the DNA75C chipset with a output power of 75W and temperature range of 200°F to 600°F.

    It also comes with impressive features such as TFR and TCR modes. It can accommodate all types of coils such as titanium, steel, and nickel. Another special feature of this DNA mod is its sleek ad aesthetically pleasing design.


    • Has good temperature range
    • Great visual appeal
    • Powered by single 18650 battery
    • Easy to modify


    • A bit pricey
    • Low wattage compared to others

    3.4.Lost Vape Centaurus DNA250C

    The Lost vape Centaurus DNA250C is powered by dual 18650 batteries with a wattage output of 200W. The Centaurus is fitted with premium metallic and carbon fibers and a matte finish. The chipset enables the mod to perform functions such as the accurate temperature control and adjustment navigation menu, and smooth operation.

    It has a replay mode which enables the user to set and save favorite puff settings, coil temperature wattage output, ramp-up time among other settings to allow you take a perfect puff.


    • Quality DNA chipset
    • Precise and accurate temperature control
    • Great battery life
    • Boost and replay power mode


    • The 510 plate is inadequate

    4.0 FAQ

    4.1. What is EScribe Software?

    Escribe software enables the user of the DNA mod to customize their favorite features to allow them to vape as they please. It is one of the most sophisticated software in the world of vaping as it allows you to customize your profile, store settings for different types of coils, create themes, and make adjustments to your vape as you desire.

    4.2. Why is a DNA Mod expensive?

    In different industries there are enthusiast products and vape DNA mod is one of these products in this industry. The enthusiast products come with an array of new and great features offered by the industry. These enthusiast products are expensive because they are equipped with the latest cutting edge technology and the cost of production for these products is also high making it expensive.

    4.3. Does it interrupt my normal vaping experience?

    No, a vape DNA enhances your vaping experience. It works well with the cartomizers, RDAs, RBAs, and clearomizers.

    4.4. Why Should I Buy a Vape DNA?

    If you want to up your vaping game, you should consider gifting yourself a DNA mod. They are better in every way as compared to ordinary mods. Here are the reasons why you should consider buying a vape DNA:

    4.4.1.DNA mods are super powerful

    With a DNA Mod, you can vape up to 10 power amps, which is the amount of power the battery is capable of supplying. You should use the right battery to enable your DNA utilize the 10 amps effectively. With good amperage, you will constantly enjoy massive clouds of vapor.

    4.4.2. DNA Mods Are Smart

    Other than great power output, the DNA mods are smart. They supply the right amount of power needed smoothly and consistently. The DNA mods allow you to customize your favorite features to improve your vaping experience. In addition, you can use the Escribe software to enable you tweak your mod to your liking.

    4.4.3. Great Features

    The vape DNA chipsets attaches to the display interface to give you accurate and on time information on the status of the mod, wattage, resistance, battery status, and temperature.

    4.4.4. DNA Enhances your Safety when Vaping

    The vape DNA mods not only give you the best features, but also enhances your safety when using the mod. For instance, if your coil is small, it is not going to fire up, thus avoiding instances of personal injury or property damage.

    In addition, it has battery care features such as it does not push the battery to the dangerous levels of discharge. With a DNA chipset, you will not encounter ugly instances of battery explosion.

    4.4.5. You enjoy a consistent hit with vape DNA

    Unlike the ordinary mods where you set your favorite wattage and realize after a while it starts to fluctuate, the DNA mods give you a consistent hit all through. The power displayed or set is not what is displayed in most mods.But with a DNA mod, gives you the correct wattage all through until the battery power is depleted.


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