What is The Berg Vape Juice/ E-liquid? Best Cheap The Berg Juice Flavor, Review & Wholesale Online

    What is The Berg Vape Juice/ E-liquid? Best Cheap The Berg Juice Flavor, Review & Wholesale Online

    What is Berg vape juice?

    The Berg by Innevepae E-Liquids is a refreshing blue slushie flavor with mixed berries and aniseed for an ice-cold taste. 

     Innevape E-Liquids come in a variety of excellent flavors that are perfect for sub-ohm vaping. Available in a 120ml nicotine-free short fill bottle with enough room to add two 10ml 18mg nic shots to make 120ml of 3mg e-liquid. When used with a sub-ohm vape tank, this 80 percent VG e-liquid will transport you to a world of powerful flavor and enormous clouds.

    Who makes The Berg vape juice? (Who owns The Berg e-juice?)

    Innevape Labs Company USA produces the Innevape E-Liquids juice line, which is based in Florida, where the days are sunny and pleasant, making it the ideal atmosphere for creating vape juice flavors that are meant to be enjoyed in the sun. 

    What does Berg vape juice taste like?

    The Heisenberg vape juice tastes like a blue raspberry slush with sweet candy and delectable fruit, leaving you wondering how a vape juice could ever taste like such a joy. The flavor of the vampire vapes is berry menthol. 

    This outrageous mixture of the Berg vape juice has more "blue" flavors than almost any other vape juice on the market. A tantalizing sweet and pleasant vape experience is created by combining blue raspberry, blue ice pop, and blue slushie

    List of The berg Vape Juice/ E-liquid

    Heisenberg: The Berg 75mls

     Heisenberg: Berg 75mls is a Heisenberg brand created by Innevape. It's one of the best goods available, with perfectly mixed tones of extremely rich flavors. The manufacturers of this delicious vape juice allow you to choose between the 12mg, 6mg,3mg and 0mg nicotine strengths.

    This product is one of the reasons Heisenberg is the greatest out there; anyone who has tried it would agree that it has been meticulously crafted, with flawlessly and deeply balanced flavours. Thanks to the 30PG/70VG contents that are formulated to allow the vape users to enjoy deep-throat vaping using low-wattage devices. The PG and VG contents are diluants that are used in any e-liquid to provide more vicious and larger vapor clouds.

    On the inhale, you'll get a definite note of sour blue raspberry, and on the exhale, you'll get incredibly pleasant notes of a blue raspberry slushie. 

    Heisenberg: The Berg Menthol 75mls

    The Berg Menthol 75mls from Innevape is another blaster. Another reason why Heisenberg is so popular! The vape juice is compatible with sub-ohm devices and high-wattage devices. This is made possible by the 30PG/70VG ratio. The 75ml bottle comes with a nicotine strength of  12mg, 6mg, 3mg, and 0mg levels.

    With the addition of a minty flavor, this product gained a new depth. On the exhale, you'll get a cold menthol blended with a blue slushie note, and on the inhale, you'll get a unique blue slushie flavor. It provides a relaxing and pleasurable vaping experience that allows you to forget about your troubles and tension.

    Heisenberg Salts: The Berg 30mls

    The Heisenberg Salts: The Berg 30mls, which is also made by the Innevape Company, is a fantastic product. The vape juice features 40PG/60VG contents that make this product. You can use this vape juice with greater effectiveness by its compatibility with pods and similar low-wattage devices.

    The Berg Nic salt comes in various nicotine strengths that range from 50mg and 24mg, making this vape juice tasty and perfect for your vaping needs.

    It's also one of the best-selling flavors, featuring undertones of blue slushie on the exit and saccharine sweet slushie on the inhale. Isn't it incredible? Try this vape juice for a sweet and wonderful flavor combination.

    Heisenberg Salts: The Berg 10mls

    What inspired the manufacturers of this flavor is the need to bring a flavor that is familiar to the vape user. This version of the Berg vape juice takes freshly-picked berries that bring a smooth aniseed finish. You will find this vape juice in 10 ml packages that feature 10mg and 20mg Nic Salts contents.

    Most vape users love how the vape juice offers a well-balanced flavor taste that is delivered in large clouds. The characteristic is geared by the 30PG/70VG content ratio engineered in this vape juice. The vape juice is easily accessible in your nearest vape shop.

    Heisenberg: Menthol Nick Salt 30ml

    This refreshing type of nic salt brings its users a blue raspberry and menthol flavor that brings joy to every vaping moment. Nicotine salt is meant to offer a higher nicotine strength that is ideal for vape users who are seeking satisfaction. If you need more flavor options, you have to use an open system pod instead of the closed system pod mod.

    There is a 40PG/60VG content that allows the creation of deep throat vaping under low wattage. The nicotine levels that you can find in this vape juice are 24mg and 50mg. The vape juice is compatible with the compatible pod mods.

    Heisenberg: Chill Out 30ml Nic Salt Juice

    Enjoy the blend of sweet and tangy tropical flavors that leaves you refreshed as it comes with a Hawaiian apple and menthol blend. The 30ml bottle contains a nicotine strength of 24mg and 50mg. The vape juice brings a fruity base flavor that brings a cool and tangy feeling. This is a must-try delicious vape juice for fans.

    Get the best flavors from these vape juices as they offer you larger vape clouds made possible by the well-balanced 50PG/50VG ratio. The vape juice is compatible with most vape pods and allows low-wattage devices. Your taste buds are assured of long-lasting sweetness that will offer you the satisfaction you need.                     

    Coastal clouds 30ml

    You can experience the cooling breeze of the vape juice with menthol flavor that offers a refreshing feeling. The delicious vape juice is available in a 30ml bottle package that exists in 50mg and 35mg of nicotine. Thanks to the 50%VG and 50% PG content formulation that allows sub-ohm vaping under low wattage.

    With this salt nicotine, you will experience an ultra-smooth sailing of the mango, tobacco, sugared nectarine apple, peach strawberry, mint and apple flavors. Your taste buds will enjoy the unbelievable blending of premium flavors that will make your vaping moments absolutely memorable.

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    The Berg Vape Juice/ E-liquid Main Product Comparison List





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    The Berg 75mls

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    The Berg 30mls

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    Blue  raspberry/Menthol


    The Berg 10mls

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    Blue raspberry/ Mint


    Berg Menthol Nick Salt 30ml

    Vape Juice




    Chill Out 30ml Nic Salt Juice

    Vape Juice




    Coastal clouds 30ml


    Vape Juice





    The Berg Reviews: Is The Berg vape juice good?

    Heisenberg Vape Juice is one of the most popular vape juices on the market, and you'll fall in love with it because of its originality and high quality. The flavors that make up the berg vape juice are of great quality that gives you a mouthwatering taste!

    Why does some vape juice have a darker color?

    This is caused by steeping, which occurs when the nicotine in the e-liquid oxidizes. Also, it happens that the nicotine in the e-juice reacts to the flavorings, giving the vape juice a deeper hue. Steeping is a normal characteristic that you should not be worried about. It is just but a change in color.

    What is salt nic juice?

    The leaves of tobacco plants are the source of nicotine that exist naturally for consumption. Nicotine salt juice is the freebase nicotine that is bonded with an acid that delivers a smoother 

    nicotine hit. The benzoic acid added to the nicotine harvested plays an essential role in/creating smoother nicotine hit.

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