Best Wholesale 4 Orange Creamsicle E-Juice/E-Liquid Flavors to Buy & Review

    Best Wholesale 4 Orange Creamsicle E-Juice/E-Liquid Flavors to Buy & Review

    Orange Creamsicle Vape Juice is perfect if you're looking for quality vape juice with orange flavors and ice cream toppings. This juice comes with an ideal blend of nicotine and other fruit additives. This review highlights more about this product and the different brands it embodies.

    What is Orange Creamsicle Vape Juice?

    Orange Creamsicle is an e-liquid with different fruit ingredients like oranges, blackberries, vanilla, and citrus. The product comes with a pod kit and a battery charge for a long-lasting session.

    There is a wide range of flavors to choose from, and they all come with different nicotine strengths. Orange Creamsicle Vape Juice comes in 15ml bottles; in this capacity, we have 24mg of nicotine strength as the highest quantity.

    Who makes the Orange Creamsicle Vape Juice?

    The manufacturer of Orange Creamsicle Vape Juice is Vape Craft Inc. Company. This company is also the manufacturer of several orange flavors and supplies them to significant vape stores. Consumers may reach the company directly through their email address or direct telephone.

    The advantage for this company is that it produces 120ml vape juice bottles and 15ml, which caters to small and large consumers. If you want to order any product from their company, you must pay a shipping fee and wait 90 days or less for the product to arrive.

    What is the taste of Orange Creamsicle Vape Juice?

    The Orange Creamsicle Vape Juice has an orange flavor. The ice cream flavor in the vape juice gives it an incredibly refreshing and stimulating feeling. There is a wide variety of Orange Creamsicle Vape Juices, and they all have unique tastes. However, the orange fruit flavor is the most dominant in many of them.

    Top 4 Orange Creamsicle E-Juice/E-Liquid flavors

    Tropical Vape Juice 
    This Vape Juice comes with a refreshing taste of orange and tropical mint flavors. This vape juice is unique because it does not contain ice, unlike the rest of the brand. The other flavors that constitute this brand include mango and pineapples. The product boasts an 80% vegetable glycerine capacity, which is adequate for a concentrated blend.

    Alien Fruit Vape Juice

    This brand is a favorite for all sweet mango lovers as it contains that flavor along with green honeydew and orange cantaloupe. This e-liquid comes with a 70%VG content and 6mg nicotine strength. You can get this product in 120ml bottles.

    Blood Orange Creamsicle

    Blood Orange Creamsicle is an e-liquid with a high nicotine strength of up to 12mg. However, the nicotine in this vape juice is tobacco-free; in other words, it includes synthetic nicotine. The maximum bottle capacity for this product is 120 ml, and it comes with a few accessories like pod kits.

    Dreamy Orange Juice

    This vape juice contains orange and vanilla flavors with some bits of strawberry juice. It comes in a 30ml bottle and has 16mg of nicotine strength. This brand of Orange Creamsicle Vape juice is rare in the market as it is a new product. However, you can find it in major stores as it is the most sought after by regular users.


    Does this vape juice contain nicotine?

    Yes. This product contains nicotine up to a maximum of 24mg and as low as 3mg. Nevertheless, there are particular brands with no nicotine.

    Do all Orange Creamsicle Vape Juice taste like oranges?

    The majority of this brand's vape juice has an orange taste. Other brands have other flavors, but the orange flavor is present.

    Is Orange Creamsicle Vape Juice the best in the market?

    This vape juice is among the best in the market. Customers have different tastes and preferences, but most enjoy Orange Crimsicle Vape Juice.

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