WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

What is Local Vape? Local Vape Review

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Local vape refers to one of the earliest vape shops opened in Orange County. During 2016 and beyond, the enterprise had its operations moved to Henderson, Nevada. Exists as part of the Retail Sector Industry. Since then, Local Vape has steadily grown and features in premiere online retail as well as wholesale distributors. Basically, local vape distributes electronic cigarettes, mods, e-liquids, atomizers as well as e-cig accessories amongst other products.

The enterprise has been in existence since 2012, and has supported both local shops as well as online stores. The Local Vape Distro provides you with the best deals. They have highest quality customer service.

Local vape provides mailing list which you can freely join for amazing deals from the entire vaping industry. You can freely create an account and start making orders after making payment.

Electronic Cigarettes

Commonly known as e-cigarettes simply means a battery-operated gadget that releases vaporized solution which you can inhale. The solution usually has nicotine as the main content which gives you a feeling of inhaling tobacco smoke.

 Electronic cigarettes have several other names like e-hookahs, vaporizer cigarettes, vape pens or vapes. They feature various shapes which include USB drives or pen design. Vaping has become more popular wat of inhaling tobacco indirectly.

E-cigarette uses e-liquid that has fruity smell or any related scent with high content nicotine. The atomizer, consisting of tiny small heating element/coil vaporizes the e-liquid. The wicking material draws the liquid onto a coil. When you inhale, a flow sensor ignites the heating element, which atomizes e-liquid solution.

Local Vape Reviews: Is Local Vape Good?

Local vape is the best way to go for quality electronic cigarettes, mods, e-liquids, atomizers and e-cig accessories and more. We have lots of products you can find from local vape which include:


The Littlefoot RDA is new release by WAKE. The 24mm Squonk-ready RDA featuring 2 post clamp design can give you a remarkable warm sensation inside. This monster has all you need in in an e-juice on the market. WAKE clearly focused on flavor as well as classy and elegant design.


The Little Foot RDA has strong and creative built quality. Features gold-plated build composed of two post or single terminal build. Has glossy top cap which fully adjusts dual-slotted airflow. It has a diameter of 24mm with high-class shell and a top cap for visual display. Has internal built deck that features double post design. This includes a single 3mm terminal opening in every post which you can top secure through knurled Philips screws.


24mm diameter

Gold-plated stainless steel design


Big 8mm juice well

Sturdy dual-post clamp design

Custom post screws

Fastened acrylic 810 drip tip

Hard-anodized aluminum top cap

Pros and cons of Little Foot RDA


Highly durable

Features both single and double coil configurations

Has a large juice well

Contains PEEK insulators

Has a creative design and high-end elements

Has dual-slotted airflow which you can fully adjust.


Requires frequent cleaning of atomizers

Requires an expert to handle

Caviar Gold – Caviar Tincture

One of the quality products Local Vape distributes include Caviar gold. Caviar Tincture provides the best way you can consume herbal medicines. This comes as another superb option for Cavi Caps enthusiasts. It provides the least calorie intake and great smoke-free method of pure distillate. Cavi Tincture offers fastest absorption rate compared to edibles because of high alcohol content. This is true particularly when taken beneath your tongue. Cavi Tincture comes in Regular (1500mg) as well as Extra Strength (3000mg).

Jay & Silent Bob’s Bickety Bam Berry CBD 3000MG

Another product you can find on Local Vape include the Bickety Bam, a natural Hemp Oil. Al the Hemp in the Bickety Bam product comes from organic Colorado farms. This brand from Jay & Silent Bob can help you take away the sucked moments in your life. This product can leave you relaxed by taking away the stress. It relieves pain quickly through rapid absorption rate compared to edibles as it has high alcohol concentration. This tincture has low calorie and represents the best smoke-free option you can benefit from the botanical hemp.


This kind of CBD leaves you chilled and relaxed. You can find this unadulterated CBD tincture on Local Vape. The ideal hemp seed oil remains pure as it gets and quite palatable by each drop. The CBD tincture comes in 30ml bottles, blended with CBD distillate of three strengths. The active CBD concentrations comes in 300mg, 500mg as well as the 1000mg. The Hemp oil that acts as the base promises great absorption from fatty acid complex. You also benefit from naturally occurring phytonutrients. This product suits sublingual use.


This is CBD distillate and Hemp seed oil tincture that features natural flavoring of peppermint. It has a minty, smooth taste that promotes gastrointestinal calming action. Also relieves stress. Thus Urth CBD Peppermint is a suitable dose for cooling and refreshing desires. This tincture blend of URTH sold by Local Vape involves cannabidiol distillate featuring three potency-based stages. All this comes from hemp seed oil and doesn’t have coconut, triglycerides or any form of additives. This product’s drop topper has outlined proportion sizes. This enables you have an idea the amount of tincture your body absorbs. You can refresh your mouth with the peppermint tincture from Urth CBD.

Heady Harvest CBD Coconut Tincture

This multipurpose and organic coconut tincture is suitable for sublingual use (under your tongue). As an oil-based tincture and no alcohol content in it, it provides broad uses. The CBD present in this coconut tincture is purely vapor extracted out of hemp plants from a single farm. It doesn’t have any additions of cannabinoids or terpenes extracted off farm. The cannabinoids or terpenes are but naturally occurring.

Koi Naturals 30ml Featuring Koi Prizm Infusion

The Koi Naturals CBD tincture features blends of oils flavors and lots of other ingredients. This includes extract of premium Koi PRIZM broad spectrum with naturally occurring CBD alongside other phytocannabinoids. Local Vape sells this ideal tincture in four different strengths. You can freely choose from 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg or 2000mg strengths. The Koi naturals is designed for oral (Sublingual) intake or you can add to food or drinks.

CBD Tincture – GRN CBD

This kind of tincture features USA grown full spectrum of hemp oil extract. The hemp extract has 100% vegan with zero-THC. The hemp is federally legal and pesticide-free. The mixologists combines the pure CBD oil together with MCT oil alongside other 100% organic ingredients. The top-quality GRN CBD oil tincture includes flavorings that makes them delicious.

The broad spectrum tinctures have zero THC. Full spectrum tinctures features legalized levels of THC trace amounts (less than 0.3%). Whether full or broad spectrum, you won’t feel high from the tinctures. For better absorption, you should consume the GRN CBD oils orally, sublingually for faster effect. You can as well add to your food or drink. Comes in 3 different strengths that include 250mg, 750mg or 1500mg.

Frequently Asked Questions about Local Vape (FAQ)

The following includes some of the Frequently Asked Questions.

What About if I forget my login password?

If you forget the login password of your local vape account, simply click on the login button. You can locate it at the top-right hand side of the Local Vape website. Below the login box, Local Vape provides the “forgot password? Click here” option. This link sends you an email with a link that guides on how to reset your password.

What if I receive a wrong product?

In case you receive a product you did not order for, we have operational customer care service that can help you. You can easily contact the customer care service in a time frame of 24 hours upon receiving the wrong product.

What return policy does Local Vape provide?

Without any prior authorization, Local vape won’t offer returns, exchanges or any refund.

How much does shipping cost?

Local vape usually calculate the shipping cost automatically prior to your submission of payment information. You simply add the products to your cart then go to Checkout page. Here you’ll find shipping method options alongside their prices.

When can my product order ship?

For details concerning each of the item availability, look out on each single item page. After you have placed your order, you can simply click on the log in box located at the top-right hand side and begin tracking the shipping process of your order. Once shipped, local vape sends you the shipment confirmation and the tracking details between 24 and 48 hours.