What is Juul? Juul vs. Vape

    What is Juul? Juul vs. Vape

    Juul is one of the recent types of e-cigarettes, the Juul is a small portable device used to deliver nicotine just like combustible cigarettes. They give physical and sensory satisfaction someone would get from smoking cigarettes but they do not necessarily look like one.

    The device is segmented into two compartments, he lower part of the device holds the battery and a small temperature regulation system. The upper part is a cartridge that holds the e-liquid, this cartridge also acts as the mouth piece so once you stick it into the Juul you are ready to go.

    The Juul is rechargeable and it is equipped with a USB charger that you can connect to your laptop or charging port.

    What is Juul? Juul vs. vape

    The Juul and vape are both e-cigarettes but they both have features that distinguish them from the other. The main one being that a Juul does not come with any settings, the Juul is able to sense when you puff from the mouthpiece, it then heats up to vaporize the liquid inside.

    The special temperature regulators come in handy to prevent overheating and combustion when using the device. This thermal technology ensures that the device is less likely to burn or explode, as opposed to what people experienced with the earlier versions of e-cigarettes that hit the market. 

    On the other hand, vape pens consist of three main components, a battery, liquid reservoir and a heating coil. The e-liquid is held within the reservoir with a heating element and it is activated by pressing a button as you inhale. The vape pen is much different from the Juul because it allows for customization and can be used more than once and with different flavors of vape juice.

    What is the difference between Juuling and vaping?

    Juuling is a method of in-taking nicotine from e-liquids used in e-cigarettes, the term Juuling is used more exclusively to refer to the usage of Juul devices only. On the other hand vaping facilitates delivery of nicotine into the lungs using the traditional methods of combustion. Vaping uses electricity to heat e-liquids containing nicotine, turns them into vapor which can be inhaled.

    Is Juul different than other e-cigarettes?

    Even though a Juul is among the e-cigarettes category, it is quite different from other types of e-cigarettes. 

    Some of the differences you can see between a Juul and other e-cigarettes are;

    1. It is designed to look like a USB flash drive and does not have any feature to suggest it is a cigarette.
    2. While other e-cigarettes come with a separate reservoir to hold the liquid, the Juul is compact and cannot be re-used once its contents are depleted because you cannot refill it.
    3. The Juul is believed to contain higher nicotine content than other e-cigarettes, the company even said that the content in one Juul pod is equivalent to smoking a whole pack of cigarettes.
    4. The Juul pod does not give the user more options for flavoring because they are limited to only a few that the company produces.
    5. Being a cartridge bases e-cigarette, Juul does not release vapor or visible emission as the device is being used because of the nicotine salts, this phenomenon may make the product more addictive.
    6. Juul are disposable and cannot be used frequently, their shelf life is about a year so once their content value decreases. You are advised to purchase a fresh one.

    What substances does Juul contain?

    The main components of a Juul are nicotine salts, this is another means of extracting nicotine. This nicotine salts maintain a higher level of nicotine in the formula, which is suitable for Juul.

    The strength of the nicotine salts depends on how far you are in your journey to quitting smoking. The e-liquids in a Juul are made up of ingredients such propylene glycol that helps to preserve the flavors, glycerol used to enhance formation of vapor. Nicotine which is the main ingredient, designed to achieve sensory satisfaction, food-grade flavoring and benzoic acid which reduces throat irritation caused by inhaling nicotine.

    The compound nicotine in the Juul is extracted by organic methods. Therefore delivering a good satisfaction like normal cigarettes without the harmful effects found in traditional combustive cigarettes.

    Are there side effects from smoking Juul e-cigs?

    E-cigarettes are still new to the market and there are a few researches being carried out to understand what long-term effects the e-cigarettes such as Juul would have. Here are a few of the effects that could be felt after Juuling.

    • Lightheadedness

    Juul is believed to contain some compound nicotine in the e-liquids, the nicotine content in each device may differ on percentage which may result to varied psychological reaction for different people. The nicotine once inhaled, it affects the adrenal glands thus releasing adrenaline.

    • Cardiovascular effects

    This might be a rare occurrence among people who Juul, e-cigarettes are believed to cause hardening of arteries and increasing blood pressure. This effect means that a person who joules could easily develop a heart attack or proceed to have coronary artery diseases.

    • Lung damage

    Chemicals contained in e-cigarettes may be bad for your lungs, before Juul flavors were banned, it is believed that it contained some flavor ingredients that were not listed. Some of these flavors could affect the lungs because the alveoli has to absorb hot droplets of liquid.

    • Addiction

    One similarity that cuts across all the e-cigarettes is addiction. Juul is also not left out of the list, the nicotine rush one feels after taking Juul triggers the brain reward system to always want more and increasing dopamine. It is believed that teenagers were addicted to flavored Juuls and that is one of the reasons they had to stop producing a number of Juul flavors.

    Is exposure to secondhand Juul smoke harmful?

    In the case of traditional smoking, people around smokers can inhale the fumes. Ian the case of Juuling, you are exposed to e-cigarette aerosol. There is not enough published evidence to link secondhand aerosols to causing effects on people’s body. 

    Juuling releases less harmful chemicals compared to smoking, but there is a possibility that it could still have some effects on the other person. Considering that Juuls contain a higher percentage of nicotine, as some of the released aerosol could contain some amount of toxins likely to cause some effects on people.


    UpOX, super-value mini open pod system.

    UpOX is a super-Value mini open pod system. Compared to most pods, the performance of the UpOX comes top. It has a favorable price and its magnificent minimalistic design makes it easy to use and durable. 

    The cotton installed in the UpOX coils is obtained from the snow-covered fields at the foot of Tianshan Mountains also referred to as the “golden cultivation zone”. With a significant balance of fiber volume, liquid absorption and no natural oils. You only get to enjoy your desired e-liquid.

    The Etchip 2.0 Flavor Master coil makes the UpOX compatible with many of the renowned e-liquid brands. With improved and efficient heating, the mesh coils will deliver an original vapor from the first puff.

    The pod can magnetically connect with the battery when inverted, when you are not using the pod, you can invert the pod 180 and put it into the battery housing to protect from dust and fibers that could block the airway.

    It is equipped with intelligent activation upon the first draw, you get hit by the original flavor upon your first puff.


    So far so good we have seen how the Juul differs from other brands of e-cigarettes in the market. It is much better now that we understand how to differentiate between a Juul and a vape.

    So, people in the vaping community are able to know what works best for them. We have outlined the possible effects the Juul could have under certain conditions. And it would be in the best interest of e-cigarette users to follow guidelines offered by Juul Company. This is to ensure they get the full experience of the product. 

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