What is Jungle Juice Vape Juice/E-liquid? Best Cheap Jungle Juice Flavor, Review and Wholesale Online

    What is Jungle Juice Vape Juice/E-liquid? Best Cheap Jungle Juice Flavor, Review and Wholesale Online

    Jungle Juice has made a name for itself among vapers. This brand is one of the most unique in the vaping industry and also one of the most selling e-liquid brands. This article explains why it has captured the attention of the Vaping market.

    What is Jungle Juice e-liquid?

    Their explosive e-liquid collection, which is available in shortfills, features unusual flavor profiles like Blue Raspberry and Sweets, as well as more traditional blends like punchy fruits and fizzy Cola.

    Who makes Jungle juice vape juice? (Who owns Jungle Juice e-juice?)

    This e-liquid is manufactured and produced by Komodo Vape which has launched a new line of e-liquids called Jungle Juice Lagoon. They're a spin-off of the award-winning Cider Farms vape juice line from EcigClick.

    What does Jungle Juice Vape Juice taste like?

    Pineapple, guava, strawberry, mango, and citrus zest This tropical blend is a mix of fresh South Florida fruit that packs a punch and is full of curiosity. Sweet grape, watermelon, and a hint of menthol are also combined in the Jungle Juice taste.

    List of Jungle Juice Vape Juice/E-liquid

    Blue Lagoon Shortfill E-liquid

    Blue Lagoon Shortfill E-liquid by Jungle Juice is a beautiful Blue Raspberry flavor that will drown your taste buds in luxurious richness. Jungle Juice increased the taste concentration and added a Cotton Candy touch to create a more complex flavor.

    This will be a great success! 100ml shortfill with 70VG/30PG, 120ml with 2 10ml Nic Shot (Nic Shot sold separately). Nicotine is a flavoring agent that is added to cigarettes to improve their flavor. 2 × 10ml 18mg Nic Shot for 3mg E-liquid.

    Red Lagoon Short-Fill E-liquid

    In Jungle Juice's Red Lagoon Shortfill E-liquid, the bold flavors of Red Berry and Sicilian Lemon come together. Red Berries enliven the palate, while Sicilian Lemon adds a refreshing accent.

    This flavor is ideal for all-day vaping. The VG/PG ratio in an e-liquid is 70/30. Shortfill 100ml, 120ml with 2 x 10ml Nic Shot (Nic Shot sold separately). Nicotine is a flavor enhancer for cigarettes. Use two 10ml 18mg Nic Shots for 3mg E-liquid.

    Orange Lagoon Short-fill E-liquid

    Jungle Juice released Orange Lagoon, a shortfill. The e-liquid has a flavor that is reminiscent of sweet Florida oranges. On the inhale, you'll be greeted with a big blast of juicy orange, followed by a nuanced exhale of bitter orange zest.

    The perfume of fresh orange greets you as soon as you open the bottle, and the flavors that follow don't let you down! 100ml and 120ml 70VG/30PG Shortfills with 2 x 10ml Nic Shots (Nic Shot sold separately). Cigarettes include nicotine as a flavor enhancer. For a 3mg E-liquid, combine two 10ml 18mg Nic Shots.


    Jungle Juice e-liquid REVIEWS: Is Jungle Juice good?

    This is one of the best-selling e-liquid. Every vape will have your taste buds begging for more, as you'll detect raspberry, followed by a sour note, but nothing overbearing. It's just the right combination to make you smile.

    What is the most popular jungle juice vape flavor?

    By far the most prominent flavor is strawberry. It's synthetic, sugary, and sour. The sharpness of this candy strawberry draws attention to the profile's excessive sweetness and artificiality. You won't find any actual fruit here!

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