WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

What is Hookah? The Difference between Vaping and Smoking with Hookah Vapes

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1.0 What is Hookah?

Hookah is also commonly known as Shisha. Hookah, just like vaping is one of the most alternative of in taking tobacco besides the traditional smoking methods. Hookah is a water pipe that is used for smoking tobacco which is infused with different flavors.  Hookahs, come in different shapes, sizes, and styles.

A typical hookah has a metal body with a head, water bowl, a flexible hose or hoses with a mouthpiece. Hookahs are specially for social smoking and it is commonly used by young people around the world.

The hookah smoke is generated at the bowl at the top. Then, the smoke is passed down through the hookah stem to the bottom where it is filtered in water. The smoke is passed back through the hose for inhaling.

2.0 How to Use a Hookah?

What you need:

  • Water
  • Shisha tobacco
  • Hookah bowl
  • Hookah tongs
  • Hookah coals
  • Fork
  • Electrical burner
  • Foil

Step 1: First, separate the glass base from the stem. This may not be possible as some stems that are screwed to the base. But, for the hookahs with a rubber grommet that are easy to detach. Twist and pull to separate the stem from the glass base.

Step 2: Fill the glass base with lukewarm water. As you re-attach the system, ensure that the bottom is only submerged up to one inch in the water.If the water is more than enough, it makes it hard to inhale the smoke.

Step 3: Place back the stem to the glass base. Fit the snug and air-tight using the rubber grommet. Place the tray back on the top of the stem.

Step 4: Place three to four coals on top of the electric burner and light them up. Ensure to use high-quality coals to avoid unpleasant odor on your smoke.

Step 5: Using a fork, scoop shisha tobacco in your bowl. Lightly place the tobacco a few millimeters under the rim and not too close to the rim. The quantity of the tobacco scoop depends with the size of your bowl. Also, ensure your tobacco is clean and top-quality to maintain the quality and purity of the tobacco. Don’t pack the tobacco too tightly. Ensure it is loosely packed to allow easy airflow as the tobacco burns.

Step 6: Create a funnel using a pencil at the middle of the tobacco for easy and free air flow.

Step 7: Prepare a foil and fold it two times. Place this foil over the bowl and using a poker make holes in a cylindrical manner.  Then, attach the hookah bowl to the stem. Use a rubber grommet to ensure that its air tight.

Step 8: Check on the hookah coals constantly to ensure you have the right amount of heat. If the coals have become red hot, use a pair of tongs to move them on the edge of the bowl. Also, ensure the hot coals are evenly arranged around the bowl to aid in faster burning of the tobacco.

Step 9: Once the bowl is warm enough, you can start smoking. As you smoke, keep on adding hot coals to keep the production of the tobacco smoke. 

3.0 Differences between Vaping and Smoking with Hookah

  1. Vaping does contain nicotine, but there is no tobacco. Hookah smoke is derived by burning raw tobacco.
  2. Hookah smoking is a fun social activity to unwind and brings people together. On the other hand, vaping is mostly utilized by people who are trying to quit smoking cigarettes. Although not absolutely safe, it helps an individual stop smoking cigarettes which are more dangerous.
  3. Hookah smoking has been practiced for quite a long time, especially in the middle east and Asian parts of the world. The vaping culture is relatively new and are mostly used by non-smokers to aid in quitting smoking.

4.0 Similarities Between Vaping and Hookah Smoking

1.Vaping is done by the use of electronic devices such as electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. Hookah smoking is mostly through the use of a hookah pot. However, you can use a vape hookah, although it is not a common method. The vape hookah is filled with the e-liquid of your choice and then attached to the hookah to filter the vapor that is produced.

5.0 Is Smoking Hookah Safe?

You should note that hookahs are not a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes. This is because hookah smoke contains same components as the cigarettes.  The hookah water pipe delivers same amount of nicotine, the same addictive substance found in cigarettes.

In addition, the tobacco in hookah is passed through intense charcoal heat which makes the hookah as toxic as cigarette. According to studies, hookah smoke contains at least 82% of toxic chemicals and carcinogens which affects the user’s health.

6.0 Is Hookah Smoking the Same as Vaping?

Hookah and vaping are two different methods of administering nicotine to your system. However, both methods are stylish and more fun compared to smoking traditional cigarettes.

Hookah involves inhaling shisha and flavored tobacco through a hookah pipe. On the other hand, vaping involves the use of a vaping device that aids in heating the vape juice or e-liquid to produce vapor that is inhaled through the heating coil.

7.0 What is a Hookah pen or Vape Hookah?

The vape hookah or e-hookah is a modern spin off the conventional hookah pot. The e-hookah vape pens are convenient like ordinary vapes. It allows you to enjoy smoking while on the go. The vape hookahs are small pocket-sized to allow for easy portability. You can opt for either the disposable e-hookahs or the rechargeable vape hookahs depending on the convenience you want.

8.0 Top Brands of Ehookah You Should Consider Buying

8.1. Fantasia F2 Rechargeable E-Hookah Liquid Flavor Tank

The Fantasia F2 e-hookah is a rechargeable starter kit if you want great smoking experience. It small size for easy portability and convenience when using it. It comes with:

  • USB charger
  • CE5 hookah flavor tank
  • 900mah EVOD battery
  • Free Fantasia e-liquid bottle

8.2. North Smoke e-Hookah

The North-Smoke is another brand that deals with top-quality vape, hookah, and ehookah products. If you are looking for a quality ehookah, you should consider the North Smoke brand.

8.3.Arcane E-hookah 200W

Another ehookah you should consider is the Arcane 200W by ePuffer.


  • Easy refill
  • Easy coil replacement
  • ePuffer e-hookah head with a pre-installed atomizer FeCrAl Mesh Coil
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Extra Atomizer Mesh FeCrAl Coil
  • User's Guide

9.0 Hookah Vs. E-hookah: Which is Safer?

Hookah as explained above have been in use for such a long time. E-hookah are modern day improvement of traditional hookahs. E-hookahs are equipped with modern technology feature to make smoking fun, easier, and discreet.

When it comes to safety, ehookahs are safer compared to the ordinary hookahs. According to a study conducted by (Centers for Disease Control) CDC, hookahs contain dangerously higher amount of nicotine, compared to smoking cigarettes. In addition, smoking from a hookah produces large amount of carbon monoxide and other toxic substances that might damage your lungs severely or cause cancer.

Ehookahs, although not absolutely safe, it has technological features with great vapor generating mechanism. The smart features make it safer compared to traditional hookahs.

9.1 Pros of Using Ehookahs

  • The vapor from ehookahs does not contain tar and tobacco
  • It is rechargeable for efficiency
  • Ehookahs comes in disposable devices which is efficiency
  • Environmental friendly
  • Ehookah is easy to use. If you have used a e-cigarette, using a ehookah will be a walk in the park


  • The taste is not as rich compared to a hookah

10. Tips for Buying the Best ehookah

Just like vaping, the use of ehookahs has increased tremendously. In large market such as this one, there are plenty of products from all manner of manufacturers. So, how do you get the best quality ehookah from a sea of them? Here is a guide to help you choose the best ehookah.

  • Check the battery power-A good battery enables you to enjoy your smoke for longer and assures your safety. If you are looking for rich dense vapor from your ehookah, you must have great battery.
  • The Cost-First, you should consider if you want a long-term or a disposable ehookah. Do you want to smoke while mostly on the go or just at home? Also, you should have a budget for the e-hookah to avoid overstretching your budget.
  • The Aesthetics-The ehookahs comes in different sizes, shapes, styles, and color. How would you love yours? Would you like a stylish one or just a laid back one. Choose one that best compliments your style.