What is Fatpuff Wholesale? Wholesale Puff Bars in Bulk

    What is Fatpuff Wholesale? Wholesale Puff Bars in Bulk

    What is Fatpuff Wholesale?

    Fatpuff Wholesale is one of the leading online vape distribution companies offering both direct to customers and wholesale business services. Starting at the end of 2019, the company has been working hard to make a name in the online vape distribution industry.

    They stock a wide range of products in different categories including wholesale puff bars, Wholesale Fume Extra, Airbar, Fume Ultra, Cuvie Plus, Mr. Fog Max, HQD Cuvie, and more. The company works to provide you with a stress-free shopping experience.

    If you want to visit the physical address, you can reach Fatpuff Wholesale at 500 N Harbor City BLVD, Melbourne, Florida 32935. You can also ring them at 407-801-1596 for any queries regarding wholesale vape products.

    Main Wholesale Products of Fatpuff Wholesale

    If you’ve been looking for a wholesale supplier of vape products for a while, visiting Fatpuff Wholesale might help. You can apply for wholesale pricing with the company by just filling out a small form or contacting them for further information.

    Here are some wholesale product categories that you will find at Fatpuff Wholesale…

    • Airbar Products
    • Bang Products
    • Puff Products
    • Hyde Products
    • Fume Products
    • Fog Products
    • Cloud Products
    • Escobar Products
    • Plum Products

    We’ve also listed the main wholesale products that you might be interested in…

    • Bang Switch Pro Max (Box of 10): It features 2000 puffs, 2 flavours in 1 each with 1000 hits, and 6% nicotine.
    • Airbar Max (Box of 10): It offers around 2000 puffs, 50 mg nicotine, two interchangeable batteries, and three fruity flavours.
    • Cloud Max (Box of 6): It offers around 4500 puffs and comes with a dual mesh coil, rechargeable 950mAh battery, 5% nicotine, 12ml e-liquid capacity, and many different flavours.
    • Wholesale Cloud Plus (Box of 6): It gives around 1600 puffs and features dual mesh coils, pre-filled 7ml e-liquid, 5% nicotine, 900mAh battery, and many different flavours.
    • Wholesale Escobar (Box of 10): It offers around 2500 puffs and comes with 5% nicotine, 6ml e-liquid capacity, a 950mAh battery, and a huge variety of flavours. 
    • Flex Vapes (Box of 10): A 2 flavours in 1 device offering 1800 puffs and featuring 8.5ml of 50mg(5%) of salt nic juice and many different flavour options.
    • Bang XXL (Box of 10): It comes with 2000 puffs per device and features a long-lasting built-in 8000mAh battery, 5% nicotine, 6ml e-juice capacity, and many flavour options.
    • Wholesale Fume Extra (Box of 10): It gives around 1500 puffs and features 50 mg nicotine and a wide variety of flavours.

    There are many more products on this list that you can explore by visiting the website such as Wholesale HQD Cuvie Air, Hype Max Flow, JUUCY, Wholesale Onee Plus, Mr. Fog Max, Pop Hit Lite, Wholesale Ceramic Cartridge, Wholesale Hyde Nbar, Fume CLONE, Wholesale Whiff, Puff Bar, Mystery Box, and more.

    How to Wholesale Vape Products on Fatpuff Wholesale?

    It is quite simple to wholesale vape products on Fatpuff Wholesale as they have an easy process for this. All you have to do is visit their website and fill out a form to apply for wholesale pricing. This will help the company to understand your requirements and suggest wholesale pricing accordingly.

    This will require you to fill in some information such as your name, your location, whether you’re buying for a business or as an individual, products you’re interested in, and the level of wholesale account you’re applying for.

    You can apply for 5+ boxes as a bulk buyer, 15+ boxes as a wholesale buyer, and 100+ boxes to become a distributor. The form will also ask for your email and contact number. Still, confused? You can always contact Fatpuff Wholesale to clear your concerns.

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