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What is CBD Additive? Best 10 CBD Vape Additives

12th May 2022 | 10 | upends v

With the recent surge in the acceptability of vapes and even CBD all over the globe, so many vapers are even more amazed at the innovation of CBD additives- a concept that gives every vaper the chance to enjoy a personalized vape experience. Would you like to know what CBD additives are? Are you on the lookout for the best CBD vape additives in the market? Hold on! This article is right here for you. We shall be looking at what CBD additive is, and the best 10 CBD additives for you.

1.      What is CBD Additive?

To make this very easy for you to understand, see CBD additive as a means of experiencing and enjoying a customized and personalized vaping experience. CBD additives are CBD concentrations that affords you the chance of turning any vape juice flavour of your choice into a CBD-hinted flavour. What this simply means is that if you are a lover of CBD in your vapes, you do not necessarily have to stick to CBD vape juices alone, you can take that particular natural vape juice flavour you are in love with, and give it a mix of CBD additive while keeping the original natural flavour- awesome, right?!

CBD additives are independent CBD concentrations that can be safely mixed with any other vape juice flavour to give you an enjoyable CBD flavoured vape.

2.      What Types of CBD Vape Additives are There?

There are three main types of CBD vape additives, the three are:

2.1 Isolate CBD Vape Additives

This type of additive only has the CBD molecule as its main content with very little to no contents like the terpenes CBG, CBN, and CBDa.

2.2 Full-Spectrum CBD Vape Additives

Just like its name, the CBD in this hemp oil is full and it is also with other non-intoxicating strong ingredients, and also a bit of THC which makes the one who vapes it very likely to test positive for a drug test.

 2.3 Broad-Spectrum CBD Vape Additives

This additive takes a middle course between the other two types of additive. It is not too strong or too weak, it is a perfect blend.

3.      What CBDFX Vape Additive Concentrations are There?

The following are the available CBDFX vape additive concentration:

3.1 CBD Vape Oil Additive 60mg

3.2 CBD Oil Vape Additive 120mg

3.3 CBD Oil Vape Additive 300mg

3.4 CBD Oil Vape Additive 500mg


4.      How to Pick the Best Vape Additive with CBD?

There are a lot of fake brands of CBD additive products out there and that is why you have t be careful while choosing. To ensure that you are picking the best, make sure you are buying from a well-known, reliable, and trusted company- it is very important! Another thing to look out for is the components of the product, check the ingredients on the label to ensure that only safe ingredients were used while making it. Lastly, ensure that the product is certified too.

5.      How to Use CBD Vape Additive?

To use your CBD vape additive, simply fill the eyedropper with the additive, insert the eyedropper into your cartridge and squeeze the additive into it, then insert your cartridge into the vape rig, and then relax and enjoy your vaping experience!

6.      Best 10 CBD Vape Juice Additives


This top-rated CBD additive presents in 500, 1000, 2000, and 3000mg strengths. It is of very good quality and it has zero THC present. Its ingredients are all-natural extracts from various plants with no artificial agent added and apart from the fact that it makes an enjoyable vape component, it also has lots of healing and comforting benefits. It is one of the best CBD additives out there.

6.2 Paper Crane

If you are from Japan or have been to Japan before, you would agree with me that this product right here is the top-selling and most sought after CBD additive over there. The company is well known for its carefulness and expertise in making this particular product stand out amongst its peers. Paper Crane CBD has no amount of THC present and it also has relaxing and calming properties present in its ingredients. The product is made with natural agents all through and it is a highly effective one.


If you are a lover of Full-spectrum CBD additives, then ECODRIP is for you. This CBD additive is for the strong-minded and it is one of the leading additives of its kind. One very interesting thing about this product is its price, even with the fact that the product is a high-quality one, the company sells it for a price that is very affordable and so makes it easily accessible by so many people. The product contains no amount of THC and it refreshes, comforts, and relaxes the mind and body. You should give it a shot one of these days.

6.4 Chong’s CHOICE

This is also a product from another highly trusted company. The product is a very great one and it contains no THC too. It is quite affordable and it is made using only natural ingredients. The company is known to only use the best quality ingredients in producing their vapes and this makes them highly reliable. One very unique thing about this product is the fact that it is very easy to use. You do not have to be worried or confused about how to go about its usage even if you are new to vapes. The product is indeed a great one.


This is a recent one from the company and we must say that they did a really great job producing this CBD vape additive. The product is a high-quality one and its ingredients are natural all through. It is also quite affordable and contains no THC. It is a product that is very easy to use and you are sure going to enjoy vaping this brand.

6.6 Liquid gold

This product lives by its name because it is definitely rare and great! This is a highly effective and great quality product with no THC present. Liquid gold is very easy to use and is one of the most affordable CBD vape additives out there. When you add this CBD to your vape juice, you get to enjoy a highly relaxing and satisfying vape experience.

6.7 Relax Vape

If you are in search of a CBD additive that gives a hundred per cent relaxing feeling, opt for this particular product because just as its name depicts, it is highly relaxing! There is no quantity of THC present in this product as it only has natural CBD components. Its ingredients are of high quality and it is well affordable.


This is a product of a great company. Just like every other product of theirs, this CBD additive is a great one too. It is made using a high-quality product and it gives you a highly enjoyable vape experience. It is very easy to use and leaves you with no worry about the originality or not as it is a product of a highly trusted brand. CBDFX vape additive is a very effective one.


This is another great product with an awesomely great taste. Its quality is high and it is one of those CBD additives that shouldn’t be missing in your vaping hours. The product is quite affordable and very easy to use.


This product comes with a price that is not as cheap as so many other CBD additives but we can confidently tell you that it is worth that price. It is a product that you would never stop asking for once you give it a try once It has really high quality and it is from a well-trusted brand. The effectiveness of this product can never be over-emphasized. You should try it out one of these days.

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8.      Conclusion

Now that you know what CBD additives are and how to use them, we are very certain that you are presently longing to try them out and that is why we have carefully selected the top-selling and best ones out there for you- so you can have a pleasurable CBD-mixed vape experience. When the right brand is chosen and used the right way, the experience is one that you would definitely love to have over and over again. You want to learn more about CBD vape additives and even other vape choices? Try checking out UPENDS.com!