WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

What is Breazy? Breazy Reviews & Coupon Codes

24th Apr 2021 | 4 | upends v

Being a small business with big goals, Breazy has come a long way since its launch. It aims to provide vape lovers with one stop online shop so they can have their hands on plenty of gears with minimum effort. So, it is committed towards providing its customers with seamless shopping experience by addressing there needs and demands adequately.

Breazy has come forward as the biggest advocate of tobacco free smoking. They aim to make your life more enjoyable and happy by bringing you quality vapes. You can head over to their website and explore some high quality vapes along with numerous vaping accessories. Let’s see what they have in stock for you!

1.1  Starter

Breazy has surely made everything seamless for vapers by categorizing demanding products as Best Sellers. Some of the highly reviewed and purchased kits on the website are as follows:

1.1.1       My Blu Starter Kit- Blu

My Blu Starter Kit aims to bring simple yet pleasure full vaping experience to beginners with pen style device. The Pod comes with powerful 350 mAh battery and prefilled e-juice. In the kit you will receive a tobacco flavoured Gold Lead Pod, Vaporizer, charging cable and a manual.

1.1.2       SMOK Nord 15W Pod Kit

Cut the mess, and have a smooth vaping moments with the Nord Pod System. It comes with a 3ml refillable pod and 1100 mAh of long lasting battery that will effortlessly survive for a day. In the kit you will receive a pod, two types of coils for your desired vaping style, USB cable and a manual.

1.1.3       Smok Novo 2 25W Pod Mod Starter Kit

Missing that hard hitting smoke puffs that leave you satisfied to the core? Novo Pod Kit will do the job. Some of the prime features of the starter kit are 800 mAh durable battery, 2ml of juice capacity and draw to activate feature. In the package you will get a device, a mesh pod and MTL pod along with cable and manual.


1.2   Vape Juices& E-liquids

Some of the highly popular vape juices and e-liquids you will find on Breazy are:

1.2.1Hawaiian Pog E-liquid

You will find this tropical heaven at the lowest price on Breazy. Being the mix of passion fruit, guava and orange, Hawaiian Pog is surely one delicious e-juice for updating your vaping game. And one more exciting thing, it never runs out of stock on Breazy’s!


1.2.2VCT-Ripe Vapes

Another best seller and top rated e-liquid on Breazy is VCT vape juice. It brings you the fusion of vanilla and tobacco that leaves you indulged in satisfaction. So, you can treat yourself anytime by getting your hands on 120 ml bottle of e-juice from Breazy.

1.2.3Lava Flow E-liquid

Now you can avail the is highly talked about e-liquid from Breazy at the discounted price. The prime flavours are sweetness with a hint of fruits that gives the ultimate sensation. You will find your taste buds relishing with the flavours of pineapple, coconut and strawberry. Thus, e-liquid collection on Breazy is second to none!

1.3   Hardware

Amongst a wide variety of collection, some of the highly sold hardware’s are mentioned below:

1.3.1       Crown V3 Sub Ohm Tank

This Sub Ohm Tank is classified as one of the easiest tank to use. Owing to its features like plug and pull off you won’t face any trouble filling it. Moreover, it comes with the generous capacity of 5 ml to last you long enough. In the package you will find numerous other gears as well to utilize in vaping.

1.3.2       Suorin Drop Pod Mod Kit

This kit is highly adored for it’s easy to use nature. You just need to fill the pod, sit back and wait for few minutes and then it’s ready to use. Along with the that it also maintains the standards of class with sleek design. The kit contains a pod, 2ml cartridge, USB cable and a user manual.

1.3.3       Suorin Air Starter Kit

You will find this amazing starter kit at surprisingly low price on Breazy’s. Who minds saving few buck? If you are a beginner who is under a budget, then Suorin Starter Kit can be your new best friend. It contains everything you need to begin with vaping except the juice. Well, don’t worry Breazy has got you covered on that as well with its collection of e-juices.

1.4   Disposables

Under the category of Disposables, you will find following popular items:

1.4.1       TWIST TOGO Vape Pen

Bringing you trouble free vaping experience, TOGO vape pen is the best new disposable with its compact design and user friendly nature. At Breazy’s, it is available in diverse flavours giving you a complete choice to pick your favourite. It comes in a pack of two, each disposable has 1.3 ml of vape juice with 50 mg of nicotine concentration. 

1.4.2       Chill Stick Disposable Vape

As its name, Chill Stick will definitely leave you with chills with its intense puffs. It has been designed to be portable, beginner friendly and easy to use. Each vape gives you maximum of 300 puffs and it has overall nicotine concentration of 50 mg. You can find it in different flavours on Breazy’s website.


1.5   Vape Mods

Some of the famous mods available on Breazy’s website are:

1.5.1       SMOK D-Barrel 225W Box Mod

With Zinc Alloy construction, this mod has extremely durable yet stylish look. It has compact design to tick the box of portability. It needs a powerful 18650 to be powered. The mod has wattage output range of 10W - 225W and voltage output range of 0.5V - 8.2V. Furthermore, the mod has built in protection against short circuit, overheating and much more.

1.5.2       E-Priv 230W Box Mod – Smok

This mod from SMOK also fits the standards of portability. It needs a dual high amp 18650 to be powered. The premium zinc alloy construction enhances its appearance imparting durability as well. Furthermore, it also comes with integrated protection against common issues like overheating and short circuit.

1.5.3       Majesty 225W TC Box Mod – Smok

Constructed from high quality material, Majesty Mod will catch your eye on first glance. It can support various heating elements like Ni200 Nickle, stainless steel and titanium. It also has OLED display matric that allows you to monitor your puffs.

1.6   Accessories

Vapes like pens, pods, mods, kits can’t go for long without vaping accessories. So, you will surely need to purchase them today or later. Breazy’s is home to various prominent yet cheap and durable vaping gears. You will find INR 18650 2500 mAh two pack Battery from Samsung which you will need if your battery is giving you trouble.

Furthermore, you will find a variety of replacement coils, replacement cartridge, battery charger and much more.

1.7   Brands

The number of brands that you will find on Breazy is impossible to list. However some of the well-known brands that you will find are Suorin Air, Naked 100, Keep it Up 100, Dinner Lady, Geek Vapes, SMOK, Ripe Vapes, Air Factory and much more.

How long does it take to ship?

Unlike other online vape stores, Breazy hasn’t put price limit on order that get to avail fast shipping. Breazy’s gives free shipping on the order of $60 and above. Moreover, it employs various trustable mailing services to safely deliver the orders to its customers. You can choose any mailing service like USPS first class mail, priority mail and express mail depending on your requirements.

USPS Express mails delivers order safely in less than three days whereas the others take four to five business days. Moreover, the international shipping can take 20 business days with regular shipping and less than 10 days with express mail.

How can you get in touch?

To get in touch you can explore the Contact section on Breazy’s website. It already has answers to general asked questions. Furthermore, you can also have a live chat with customer support by clicking on the chat option and email them your query as well.



2.     Reviews

The trust of people on Breazy’s can be reflected from their sale ratio, number of orders and product reviews. It is an authorized online seller of many reputable brands like SMOK, Naked 100, Dinner Lady, E Leaf and many more. Customers swear by the lowest pricing of popular vape products on Breazy’s. You will find most of the highly raved pods, starter and accessories on sale.

Thus, as it is the authorized seller, there is no doubt of fake products. After purchase, customers leave the review regarding the product. Breazy further classifies the top rated and highly reviewed product as the best sellers to relieve people from extensive searching. So, it is one trustable online shop for vape shopping!

3.     Coupons

Opening the website, you are welcomed with the deal of getting 20% off on your purchase if you refer the website to your friend. Furthermore, you are also instantly welcomed with a discount of 15% on e-liquids if you sign in.

Breazy never lets your any penny go to waste. Upon any purchase, you will get one point on every $1. With the completion of 140 points you can avail $5 discount on your order. Similarly, with 220 points you can avail $10 discount and so forth. You can also explore the Deals category to find your favourite vapes and gears on excitingly low prices. 

4.     UPENDS

UPENDS is the new sensation in the vaping industry that can caught attention of many vape lovers. They bring to you the best of the best by keeping in view the customer demands and convenience. The reasons of its utmost popularity are modern compact designs, simple usage and low prices. Let’s explore some of the popular vape pens from UPENDS.


Upcott is the marvel of minimalism. It is rid of all the unnecessary fancy features and design which has also reduced the overall price of the product. It comes filled with organic cotton and cotton filter inside the mouth piece to prevent any leaking, spitting, popping and condensate. The pod has 4ml e-juice capacity and you can replace it with new one any time it empties.


Uppen is an advanced vape pen with integrated technology like Etchip™ coil. The coil prevents dry first draw and it is also located at the bottom to maintain the flow of e-liquid. Furthermore, the pen cover protects the mouthpiece against any bacterial accumulation. Along with that the built in magnet ensures the pod is fully secured into the position.

Concluding the article, the vape industry is undoubtedly saturated with thousands of products. So, it has become difficult to distinguish between authentic high performing gears from the fake ones. But we have come to your rescue naming a trustworthy source. In case of any doubt, just simply head over to UPENDS online store and your concerns will surely be answered.