What is Beard Vape Juice/E-Liquid( Best Cheap Beard Vape Juice Flavor, Review & Wholesale Online

    What is Beard Vape Juice/E-Liquid( Best Cheap Beard Vape Juice Flavor, Review & Wholesale Online

    What is Beard Vape Juice/E-Liquid?

    Beard Vape Juice is an e-juice manufactured to assume a bold profile with every other flavor of the vape released. While laying focus on the effect the vape has o the consumer, the mixologists at Beard Vape Co. manufacture numerous flavors ranging from cake to fruit-based blends.

    Who Makes Beard Vape Juice? (Who Owns Beard Vape Juice?)

    Beard Vape Juice is made by Beard Vape Co, an Ultra-Premium American Vape company specialising in creating one of the best e-juice flavors. The company prides itself on giving high-quality products through research, testing, and innovation.

    What Does Beard Vape Juice taste like?

    The Apple by Salty One tastes like a perfect apple doughnut with a mix of creamy milk and cereal. You'll get an extra throat hit if you add a nicotine shot.

    List of Beard Vape Juice/E-Liquid

    Apple by Salty One

    Apple by Salty One is a perfect combination of apple doughnuts, creamy milk, and a mixture of cereal. The result will stimulate your taste buds with the delicious creamy flavor.

    The dessert-inspired e-juice brings a mouthwatering and fresh taste of doughnuts with apple filling. The Apple by Salty One is your choice if you’re in for a fantastic all-day-vape experience.

    No.71 Beard Vape Flavor

    The No. 71 comes with a 70/30 VG/PG and is one of the most real fruit vapes of all time. It tastes like a mixture of sour-sugar peaches and is among the most delicious peach flavors of all time. It is the perfect flavor for a sunny day.

    The 70 VG ratio leaves you a cloud of smoke, and you’ll fancy it if you’re a huge smoke fan.

    No. 32 Beard Vape Flavor

    The Beard Vape flavor comes with a 60/40 VG/PG ratio and is awesome in every sector. It is that kind of juice every vaper wants to try, owing to its excellent taste—the dessert-inspired vape checks in with its cinnamon cake flavor, which leaves your taste yearning for more.

    The high VG ratio gives a huge cloud of smoke as you exhale, which is a preference for some people. If you're a huge fan of funnel cake, this is the right vape.

    No. 05 Beard Vape Flavor

    The No. 5 Beard Vape is a tasty mixture of cheesecake and strawberry, informally referred to as the ‘New York Style Cheesecake Strawberry.’ It brings forth a complex flavor but accurately hits your taste buds with much intent.

    The strawberry is the main ingredient here, and you'll feel you're taking bites off real strawberries. However, the addition of a creamy layer on top makes this e-juice nothing less than irresistible.

    Moreover, the vape comes with a 60/40 VG/PG ratio, a favorite to huge cloud smoke lovers.

    NO. 88 Beard Vape Juice

    The No. 88 comes with an 80 VG composition. That will give out too much smoke compared to other e-juices across the board. The flavor brings forth a chocolate mint taste and is a vape most common with dessert lovers.

    Beard Vape mixologists have tried to remove the prominent chemical taste in the vape and replaced it with a sweet dark chocolate-mint flavor. If you love dessert and a lot of smoke in your vape, it’s time you tried the No. 88.


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