What is Arabisk Vape? The Best Vape Wholesale and Distributor in Abu Dhabi, UAE

    What is Arabisk Vape? The Best Vape Wholesale and Distributor in Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Vaping has become extremely popular and some countries have made it legal. It covers a wide variety of products and most of them use a battery-powered coil. The coil turns e-liquid into vapor that is inhaled by the user.

    As technology continues to advance, the tobacco industry is providing a wider range of such products. While vape devices were created to help smokers quit smoking, they have now become a part of some people’s lifestyles.

    There are two main types of e-cigarettes: open and closed systems or open and closed tanks. In an open system, the e-liquid can be filled manually by the user and there is a removable mouthpiece. However, a closed system is more like a one-time-use or disposable device.

    As there are many vape manufacturers, retailers, and distributors out there, we will help you know one such name that is known to provide quality products. Arabisk Vape is a sought-after retailer and this article discusses everything you need to know about them.

    What is Arabisk Vape?

    Arabisk Vape L.L.C. is a vape shop in Dubai, UAE, and is extremely popular among people as a retail establishment. Opened in 2017, the shop has now one of the fastest-growing retailers in Abu Dhabi and has branches across the Emirate from Dalma Mall to Defence Road.

    The retailer offers a wide range of vape products including Vape Devices, E-Liquid, E-Juice, Disposables, Nicotine Salt, POD Kits, Coils, etc. The primary business of the company is vape retailing and other services include vape accessories, vape wholesale, and vape devices.

    They are known to provide high-quality vape products and are one of the first distributors in the UAE. The retailer covers the whole middle east and offers the finest e-liquids and vape juices from across the world. 

    What is Arabisk’s Main Business?

    Arabisk Vape is a retail establishment in Abu Dhabi and primarily deals in vape products. However, they are also distributors for other vape brands and also provide accessories to make your vaping experience wonderful.

    Here are some of Arabisk’s businesses or product categories…

    1. Self-Branded:Arabisk is a brand itself that sells a full line of products including e-liquid, hardware, nicotine salt, disposables, smoking supplies, and more. It is considered one of the best vape shops in Dubai, UAE. Since its establishment, the store has flooded the market with some great products. The company used some eye-catching designs keeping youth in mind and that’s why their products have gained immense popularity.

    Here’s what you will get on their website or store….

    • Disposables: Arabisk Vape offers an extensive collection of disposable pods and devices for those who want something compact that they can carry anywhere. Some popular options under this category include Again DTL Energy Drink, Again DTL Green Mango, Arabisk AK Disposable Pod Device Blueberry Ice, Arabisk Vape Disposable Pod Device Grape Ice, Arabisk Vape Mint Tobacco, Arabisk AR Disposable Pod Blue Razz, and more.
    • E-Liquid: Arabisk Vape stocks a wide range of e-liquid to suit different needs and budgets. The main product categories include Arabisk Series, VGOD Series, Nasty Series, Quix, Samsvape Series, and Ruthless Series. Some popular products under this category include VGOD Bomb Series Berry, VGOD Bom Series Iced Berry, Ripe Vapes VCT, Dr. Vapes Bubblegum Kings, Nasty Juice Double Apple, and more.
    • Nicotine Salt: When it comes to nicotine salt, Arabisk Vape has many options available for different needs. The main product categories include Arabisk Salt Series, VGOD Salt Series, nasty Salt Series, Samsvape Salt Series, Podsalt, VEIIK Salt Series, BLVK Salt Series, Dr. Vapes Salt Series, Juicy Salt Series, Tokyo Salt Series, Roll-Upz Salt Series, Mad Hatter Salt Series, Grand Salt Series, and more.
    • Hardware: Arabisk Vape also deals with vape hardware to make your vaping experience more convenient. Vape hardware includes general and essential components such as the battery, vape tanks, coils, wick, e-liquid, charger, etc. Under this category, the brand has SMOK ACRO KIT, Vladdin RE Kit Titanium, Vaporesso XIRON Red, Geek Vape AEGIS Solo Kit, JUSTFOG P14A Kit, ADVKEN POTENTO Pod Silver Blue, and more.
    • SHISHA Winter Collection: Shisha pens, also called e-shisha, are devices used to inhale flavored liquid just like an e-cigarette. These are more like hookah pens or e-hookah and are extremely popular in UAE. These devices are designed to replace the use of traditional hookah pipes used for smoking shisha tobacco. The main products under this category include Mr. Shisha Purple, Kavangki Bronze Shisha, Khalil Mamoon, MAGIX, and Arabisk Shisha.
    • Smoking Supplies: Apart from offering vape products, Arabisk Vape also offers a wide range of smoking or hookah supplies. This product category includes Arabisk Dokha, Al Fakher Moassel 50G, Al Fakher Moassel 250G, Bahraini Moassel 1KG, Ya Layl Moassel 250G, and Mazaya Moassel 250G. These are some premium brands of hookas and offer many flavors such as Ice Gum, Apple, Cinnamon Gum, Mint, Orange, Lemon, Grape, Blueberry, and more.
    1. Agent for Other Vape Brands: Apart from being a brand itself and offering a wide range of products, Arabisk Vape is an agent for other vape brands. Being an agent, the company is legally empowered to act on behalf of another brand or an entity. They offer some popular products from other brands so that you can take your vaping experience to a whole new level. Also, they want to provide a lot of options to choose from.
    • Disposables: Disposable vapes are designed for the on-the-go individual that comes pre-filled with e-liquid and non-rechargeable devices. Arabisk Vape stocks a huge variety of disposable pods and devices. Some popular product categories include Podsalt, Arabisk, Kief Cirok, Smooth 3000, Nerd, Again, Vabeen Plum, and more. There are many options available so that you can pick as per your preference.
    • Red Bull Vape: Apart from other vaping options, Arabisk Vape provides a wide range of Red Bull vapes. This vape is designed for those who want to spark their taste buds and do not want to rely on other energy drinkers. It gives a feeling of stimulation and can be a perfect choice for anyone feeling a little groggy. The most popular options include Arabisk Salts - Red Bull 25MG 30ML, Red Bull 1600 Puf 50ML Disposable Pod, and Coffee Red Bull 300 Puffs.
    • Energy Drink Vape: For those who prefer an energizing vapor that can be inhaled before their productive training sessions, Arabisk provide a range of energy drink vape products. These products are meant to boost energy through an e-liquid that has stimulating properties for an overall feeling of alertness. Some popular products under this category include Yuoto 1500 Puffs 50MG, Emismk Disposable 2200 Puffs 50MG, Youto Switch Drink & Coke, and more.
    • SBCC Ice Cream: Arabisk stocks a huge variety of vape flavors and SBCC Ice Cream is one such product that has mixed fruit flavor. Cuvie Plus SBCC Ice Cream provides around 1200 puffs and comes in 50MG quantity. This flavor is designed to be enjoyed after dinner as it has the sweet flavor of cinnamon combined with the taste of strawberries and the creaminess of cheesecake and ice cream. This is meant for people with sweet tooth.
    • Vaporesso Target Purple: The TARGET PM30 is based on the latest GTX coil platform and is known for its unique flavor. It has a built-in battery providing an all-day vape and Type-C charging. Also, it is easier to refill as it has the slide and PTF system on top and comes with 3-level adjustable wattage. The device is designed to be portable and suit the needs of vapers who want something with a longer-lasting battery and impressive flavors.
    • Myle Pods V4 Pink Lemonade: This is more like a premium alternative to smoking combustible cigarettes as it comes with pre-filled Salt Nic Vape juice. These disposable pods come in a variety of flavors with Pink Lemonade being the most popular one. This 0.9ML 50MG disposable pod provides around 240 puffs per pod. It is made for people who want fun and fruity flavor or a delicious blend of refreshing flavors.

    Arabisk Vape offers an extensive collection of vape products so that you can choose from different flavors, types, etc. Apart from dealing in their brand, they also provide products from other popular brands. This makes them extremely popular among people as they get what they want under one roof.

    Let’s Conclude

    As e-cigarettes use a non-combustion method to deliver nicotine to the user, many people are shifting from traditional smoking methods to vaping. Keeping this in mind, many brands are offering a wide range of vape products.

    Arabisk Vape has gained immense popularity in UAE by providing a huge selection of vaping products. The retail establishment offers high-quality vape e-juice, e-cigarette, salt nic, disposables, pods, coils, and accessories at a competitive price.

    If you’re looking for some great vape products, you can explore Arabisk Vape’s website and they also provide international delivery. Moreover, they deal in wholesale are and known to provide authentic products at affordable prices.


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