What is a Vape Detector and Why it is Necessary?

    What is a Vape Detector and Why it is Necessary?

    1.0 What is a vape detector?

    A vape detector is a sensor like device that detects the vapor from vape devices. It resembles a smoke or carbon monoxide detector. The vape detector is used for detecting vape in bathrooms or other facilities in schools or workplace where vaping is not allowed.

    Vaping is not allowed to people below the age of 18 and 21 in some countries. Most learning institutions, if not all do not allow vaping within their precincts. In addition, most work places do not allow workers or visitors to use any kind of substance.

    The vape detector comes in handy to ensure that these regulations are complied with. While it is easy for the older people and working class to adhere to such policies and instructions, teens and young adults may not fully understand the repercussions. This is the reason why institutions need to apply measures such as a vape detector to keep the kids from vaping.

    2.0 Why is a Vape Detector Necessary?

    Smoking, vaping, and use of drugs which are recreational activities are banned in institutions such as workplace, health facilities, learning centers, and most public places. There are people who have a hard time either understanding these rules or prefer to act in total disregard of the same.

    In addition, children below the age of 18 or 21, depending with your country, are not allowed to use the vape products and devices. Vape manufacturers are aware of these laws and will not sell their products to persons who have not attained the legal age.

    Vape detectors will detect the vapor from any vaping device and it will go off letting the authorities know the illegal has been committed. The detector senses the sudden chemical changes in the atmosphere, ring the alarm to alert the security system of the institution.

    The vape detectors are placed in places such as bathrooms, changing rooms, and other areas where security cameras cannot be used due to privacy issues. The vape detector is an important device for school administrations and employers who want to enforce discipline among workers, students, or visitors.

    3.0 The Best Vape Detectors

    3.1. HALO IOT Smart Sensor

    It is a comprehensive security device which helps in monitoring the quality of air. It used for detecting vape and THC released in the air. The detector can be used in K12, health facilities, higher education institutions, manufacturing, hospitality institutions, commercial, and transport facilities.

    It is among few vape detectors can differentiate between THC and nicotine smoke or vapor. In addition, it has multiple sensors that will detect, the quality of air, smoke, strange noises, such as gunshots, bullying, shouting, banging among others.


    • Power supply - PoE (IEEE 802.3af Class 3 Compliance) 9W
    • Dimensions - 5.75″ x 3.08″ (146mm x 78mm)
    • Weight- 0.8 lbs (0.365 kgs)
    • Operating Humidity - 0 to 90% Relative Humidity (non-condensing)
    • Certifications - UL, CUL, CE, RoHS, FCC, WEEE, California IOT Security 1798.91.04, C-Tick and CRM Compliant
    • Operating Temperature - 32°F – 122°F (0°C – 50°C)

    3.2. 3D Sense Vape Detector

    The 3D Sense is a vape detector that is useful for institutions such as schools, health facilities, and others that are keen at controlling what is happening around their vicinity. The 3D Sense does not only detect vapor from a vape device but also detects vandalism, violence, and smoking.

    The 3D Sense vape detector comes with advanced sensors that help in detecting vapor from vaping quickly and in real time. You will only need one 3D Sense vape detector in one room. You will also get real time text message and email alerts to alert of you of a vaping activity.

    The 3D Sense vape detector also uses the collected data to analyses when vaping is likely to take place. Also, using its intelligent insights, it compares the timestamps to bathroom logs and security videos. It helps the institutions a better plan to enable prevent vaping.

    The 3D vape sensors comes at affordable price, almost half the price of common detectors. In addition, it comes with a forever free package such that you will not have to incur cloud or any subscription fees. It is easy to install and use, you will not any additional tools.


    • Easy to install
    • Detects vapor from vaping and smoke
    • Top accurate results
    • Real-time notifications
    • Affordable purchase price

    3.3. Zeptive Vape Detector

    The Zeptive Vape Detector is developed by experts with over 50 years’ experience in the industry to enable you combat vaping in restricted areas. The detector was developed to help deal with the frustrations the parents and institutions deal with when it comes to dealing with the vaping teens. However, it can be used in other institutions such as health facilities, hospitality industries, transport among others.

    Zeptive vape detector is easy to use and install. It comes with a battery powered that is already pre-configured. The vape detector offers a comprehensive solution to vaping. It enables better and effective prevention, timely interventions and treatment, and recovery from the use of cannabis and nicotine among teens.

    The Zeptive vape detector is highly efficient in helping to combat vaping among teens. It is easily installed in the hard to monitor areas such as buses, bathrooms, and locker rooms.


    • Easy to install on ceilings and walls and comes with mounting tools
    • It has an integrated tamper sensor with optional wire guards and hardened tamper proof
    • Zeptive vape detector is powered by batteries, you can use PoE and use external power using an AC-AD transformer.
    • Allows for remote access and control sensors
    • Compatible with Android and iOS devices
    • Audible sound alerts, text messages, and email alerts
    • Connects to the Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and cellular internet
    • It has low false positive alerts

    4.0 Tips for Choosing the Best Vape Detector

    If you are looking for a highly effective vape detector that is hard to tamper with, you should be serious about your search. Not every detector in the market is effective enough in controlling vaping behavior in restricted places such as schools. Take note of the following tips to enable you find a long-lasting solution to vaping teens especially in school.

    4.1. Ask Around

    The right place to start looking for an effective vape detector is by asking around from people who have experience. Ask colleagues or the security systems in institutions that have successfully used a vape detector. Here, you will get recommendations that will enable you to start your search. Direct referrals and reviews from first hand users is one of the best ways you can get the best product in the market. Take your time to talk to people around you and get this valuable information.

    4.2. Start Your Search

    Chances are that you will get different recommendations from people you seek this information from. Now, it is up to you to take every bit of this information and put it under scrutiny. Go over every product as you analyze the pro and cons to enable you get exactly what you want.

    You should consider vape detectors with favorable features such as connectivity, tamper-free features, low false alerts, effectiveness in detecting vapor from vaping devices, multi-functions such as detecting smoke, bullying, violence, or strange loud noises. Above all you should consider the purchase, installations, maintenance, and subscription costs where they apply.

    5.0 FAQ

    5.1. What happens when a vape detector goes off?

    If the detectors senses vapor or smoke, the internal alarm triggered. When the sensor is triggered, the detector communicates across the network and alerts the security system.

    If there is no audio alert system, the vape system sends a simple text or email alert in real time. You can configure the device to send all the notifications including the audio and text alerts.

    5.2. Can I use a fire alarm in place of a vape detector?

    No. it is hard for a vape vapor to set off the fire alarm. The fire alarm might not capture the chemical composition in vape vapor. There are different types of alarms such as ionization, heat, and optical alarms that work by design.

    5.3. Will the vape detector effectively help in preventing vaping in teens?

    You should consider using the best and most effective vape detector to help in preventing vaping. However, you should use other strategies such as vape education to beat use of vape products among the teens. You should also be vigilant as some teens will wittingly find ways of vaping without ringing the alarm.



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