What Are The Vape Drip Tips? The Best Vape Drip Tips

    What Are The Vape Drip Tips? The Best Vape Drip Tips


    1.0 What are Drip Tips?

    The vape industry is one of the trendiest, as creativity and innovations are always fresh. One of the most essential and useful accessory that every vaper needs is a vape drip tip. It is also known as the mouth piece. The drip tips are versatile and they come in a wide array of sizes, colors, and shapes to suit your taste and style. Additionally, the drip tips are made with different types of materials such as ceramic, plastic, stainless steel, or aluminum.

    2.0 How to Use a Vape Drip Tip?

    A vape drip tip has a similar function as the e-cigarette cartomizer or the cartridge. It is reusable hollow tube that is attached directly to the atomizer. It allows the vaper to drip Ejuice onto it. The vape drip tips enables the user to have an ultimate vaping experience and eliminates the need for a cartridge when vaping.

    A vape drip tip can dramatically transform your vaping experience from good to great. It is just more than a vaping accessory. Sometimes you may not know its importance until you get a crappy one.

    3.0    Top Best Vape Drip Tips

    There are so many vape brands offering different kinds of drip tips in the market. It may make choosing the perfect drip tip hard for you. We have made it easier for you. The following are the among the markets best vape drips.

    3.0.1 QYS 510 Drip Tips

    The QYS drip tips come in a wide array of 13 colors to enable you choose your favorite color. The QYS drip tips are compatible with more than 150 tanks. It offers the user tight airflow which in turn provides a warm and rich flavor. The QYS vape drip tips are made with silicone material.

    3.0.2Geekvape Resin 810 Drip Tip

    You have probably come across the GeekVape brand. The brand deals with top quality vape products including the drip tips. The GeekVape drip tips come in three different colors which are blue, red, and green.

    The drip tip is short and stout and it is specially designed to sit well on the atomizer for thick clouds. The 810 drip tip are specially meant for the goon-style atomizers and gives your tank a complete look.

    3.0.3 YSTAR Jade 810 Drip Tips

    The YSTAR Jade 810 tips are different from the ordinary plastic and resin tips you are used to. YSTAR is made with Jade Gemstone which helps to keep it cool even when subjected to high-temperatures. It comes in five different colors to enable you pick your favorite color.

    3.0.4. Non-Stick 510

    The Non-stick 510 is another top-quality drip tip made with a protective coating which upholds the sanitary conditions of the tip. In addition, the tips have a medium height and come in different shades of grey for a mature look. Although they have a wider bore, they are designed to fit all types of 510 openings.

    3.0.5. KIZOKUChess 510

    Another high-quality vape drip tip is the KIZOKU Chess 510. It is made of stainless steel for low-heat atomizers and MTL. The drip tips come in four chess inspired designs for an old-school vibe. The KIZOKU have a narrow bore which enhances a strong throat hit.

    3.0.6. SMOK Cobra Resin 810

    The SMOK Cobra 810 drip tip has a unique and stylish look with snake skin patterns. These drip tips come in five different color variations to enable you match it with your tank. You can get this drip tip by purchasing it separately or as an accessory when you buy a SMOK vape device.

    4.0 What is the Difference between 810 and 510 Vape Drip Tips?

    The drip tips come in two different sizes which is the 510 and the 810. The difference between the two is that the 510 drip tips are narrow while the 810 tips are wide. Each type of vape works in tandem with how you inhale the vape. For instance, either through mouth to lung or by direct ling inhales.

    The 510 drip tips are used for mouth to lung restricted ling vaping. Some of the drip tips have a wider bore compared to others. However, the standard diameter for most of them is 8.5 mm.

    The 810 Drips have a significant wider bore compared to the 510 drips. They have an outer diameter of 12.5 mm at the base. The 810 drips have become more popular than the 510.

    5.0 Which Drip Tips Are Better for a Rich Flavor?

    Different vapors use drip tips for either cloud chasing or rich enhanced flavor. If you want to achieve a great flavor using drip tip, you should go for ones with a smaller bore. But, if you are after thick massive clouds, the wider bore will give you just that.

    You should also consider the material of the drip tip. The heat resistant materials are good. However, you will have to push to wattage higher as compared when using materials that are good heat conductors.

    6.0 Advantages of a Vape Drip Tip

    1.Using a vape drip tip makes it easy for you to vape compared to normal vaping

    2.Drip tips are affordable

    3.Drip tips are easy to use as you work with the already available coils as opposed to traditional RDA’s that require you to wick manually which is a time consuming and tedious process.

    4.A Vape Drip tip automatically enrichens the flavor of your e-liquid and gives you massive clouds.

    5.Vape drip tips allows you to switch on different flavors without having to change the coil.

    7.0 Cons of a Vape Drip Tip

    1.It is time consuming and hectic since you have to be on your toes adding the juice. In addition, the juice depletes pretty fast, so you have to keep on adding every now and then.

    1. Vape drips are not suitable for users who need long sessions of uninterrupted vaping.
    2. Drip tips are not easy to use especially for most vape beginners. It gets messy and it’s hard to get the right amount of liquid you need to add. If you are beginner, you need to learn how to use drip tips effectively without wasting your juice.

    8.0 FAQ

    8.1 What is Dripping?

    Dripping is pouring the e-juice into the e-cigarette atomizer directly, without the need to use the cartridges, cartomizers, or clearomizers. Dripping helps the user to achieve a rich flavor from the e-juice. It is commonly used by expert and intermediate vapers, although you can try it as a beginner. However, for busy or new vapers, it takes time drip. It is because it takes a bit of time and expertise to drip the juice into the atomizer to keep the wick nicely moist.

    8.2 How Can I Use the Drip Tips without any Wastage and Making a Mess?

    There’s nothing to compare to the rich flavor dripping brings about. However, if you have done dripping before, then you should know that it can get messy. When filling in the juice, there is nothing holding it like in the cartomizers. You will realize that the juice leaks more often leading to a mess and wastage. To solve this, you should use an accessory known as the drip shield, which collects the leaking juice to save your juice from getting wasted.

    8.3 Is Dripping Worth the Trouble?

    Dripping at first is not a walk in the park. It might be hard for the new beginners to master the art. However, once you have mastered how to drip well, you will swear by it. With a good vape drip tip, it makes things easier for you.

    You should know how and when to add the juice, and how much liquid to add. It helps to keep your atomizer from drying up and burning the wick. You need to add the right amount of juice to prevent overflow and leakage.

    8.4 How Can I Take Care of My Vape Drip Tip?

    Vape drip tips are easy to use, clean, and maintain. The materials in which they are made of are easy to clean. But, also, you should note that they are prone to attracting all manners of things they come into contact with such as food particles, dust, e-juices, and your skin. You need to clean it as often as possible.

    Put the drip tip into a bowl of warm water and leave it in for a few minutes. Wash it a little and dry it using a clean towel. If you have not washed your piece for a long time, you might notice a build-up of products or dirt. If this is the case, you need to soak your mouth piece in isopropyl alcohol, then rinse with warm water. Alcohol helps to breakdown the dirt, grease, and juice stuck on your piece.

    8.5 How Long Can I Use My Vape Drip Tip?

    After a reasonable long use of your mouthpiece, it might start getting rusty and gross. It is an indication that you need to get a new drip tip. However, with proper care and maintenance, it will sustain you for long.


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