WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vuse Vibe Review and Instructions. The Features, Specifications, Design, Build Quality and How to Use Vuse Vibe

18th Sep 2021 | 279 | upends v

The Vuse Vibe is a complete starter kit that is a hit among beginner vape users. It features a slender shape and a ready filled cartridge. It comes with a battery capacity of 350mAh and an automatic draw system, hence zero buttons on the shaft. The pen uses pre-filled cartridges which have a capacity of 2ml with nicotine content of 3.0%. You can choose from seven flavor options and four of them will be included in the package. 

Features and specifications

  • Liquid capacity of 2ml
  • Nicotine strength of 3%
  • 2 pods are included in the pack
  • Built in battery with the 350mAh capacity
  • Medium vapor production intensity
  • Lightweight at 26g          

Design and build quality

The kit takes after the famous eGo pattern that we have seen among plenty of vape pens. Now after massive evolution, the eGo batteries are known as vape pens. It is the battery section that provides power for the cartridge holding the e-liquids. The cylindrical design resembles a pen that can be held in the hand, hence Vuse Vibe Vape pen. 

When the pen has the cartridge mounted on it, the unit weighs around 34 grams, though it is slightly heavier that the JUUL pod, only that it has a more strong battery and more holding capacity. Generally, this device is a lightweight. You can also vape with the unit for longer periods without the need to recharge or get another cartridge on it. 

The cartridge is built from a translucent material which is a dark grey plastic which allow you to see the amount of liquid left in your tank when you hold up the pen against a source of light. The best feature about the cartridge is the mouthpiece that slims at the shaft, making it look like the tip of a vase. You can therefore hold it in your lips as you take a hit. It is commonly identified as a “Ming” style mouthpiece. 

 How to use the Vuse Vibe

Since it is a beginner product, this device is very straightforward to use like all other starter kit vape pens. When you have the complete kit, you are all set to go and start using the device within seconds. The cartridge can be screwed to the battery and to activate it, all you need to do is inhale. You will not get any on or off button since it is automatic draw.

The bottom of the unit has a LED light that glows as you charge or taking a drag. You will buy the Vuse Vibe with a pre-charged battery, but it is advisable that your boost it a little bit. To charge it, you need to screw your charger onto the battery then insert the USB charger to a power outlet.


When you first get your vibe kit, the pen will not be available on the first holder. There is a fitted cardboard that has the cartridge and the charging cord. You have to take out the cardboard to see the pen under the tray.

Flavor production

The Vuse Vibe vape pen is not a tough hitter, and is more of a lightweight. If you are an individual who does not like loud or robust flavors like other kit, the vibe has the most accurate descriptions for their tastes. Here are some of the flavor profiles they have.

  • Original: this is the standard tobacco flavor
  • Mint: cool fresh mint with a hint of tobacco
  • Melon: cool refreshing melon flavor
  • Nectar: a smooth blend of silky summer fruit flavors
  • Tropical: An exotic mix of tropical fruit flavors
  • Fusion: an exquisite blend of supple fruit and cream flavors
  • Menthol: a refreshing menthol taste

The most liked flavors are the fusion, nectar, melon and tropical. They are clean and bright flavors with a small amount of sweet profiles.

The menthol and tobacco flavors are also good but they do not have the fruity feeling of the rest of the flavors. When vaping on the Vuse Vibe, you will notice a good aroma. And you can feel them first hand when you exhale the vapor. It cannot be felt from the outside though.

Battery and charging

Unlike other vape pens with the pass-through feature that allows you to vape while charging. The vise vibe cannot be used as it charges, since the charger is connected with a 510 connection, you need to take out the cartridge before you proceed. When the charger is inserted, there is a white light that stays on throughout the process.

The charger indicates a red light on the bottom of the battery and it fades in and out in the charging process. When you continue charging, the LED light will stay on for long before it finally fades out. When you are done charging, the LED on the bottom of the unit will turn white. To fully charge the device from flat, it will take one and half hours.

Performance of the Vuse Vibe

The Vuse Vibe is built to give tight draw that mimic that of a cigarette, though they are not harsh. It gives a smooth and comfortable vapor. While there are vapes that hit hot or cool, you will get a neutral temperature due to the internal control system. Even the nicotine levels are slight and you can feel it. It is not as strong as the Vuse alto, but it still comes with an improved percentage of nicotine. The vibe content is only at 3%.

One thing to note is that, the Vuse Vibe has a consistent vape. It has a seven second cut-off timer for each drag and the hits are consistent from start to finish. The hits are consistent from when you start vaping till the end. When you take a huge pull for more than seven-seconds, it can get slightly warmer. This means that the stable temperature can be good for chain vaping.

Pros and cons of the Vuse Vibe


  • Easy to use device
  • Auto-draw which activates when you inhale
  • Window available for easy monitoring of liquid quantity
  • Long lasting battery life
  • Smooth taste that can vape for a whole day
  • Smooth hits that feel comfortable


  • The flavor is not dense enough

FAQs about the Vuse Vibe 

Is the Vuse Vibe worth it?

Yes, there are many reasons why the Vuse Vibe is a pen worth having. It has many desirable features and an impressive vapor production that is attractive.

How much is the Vuse Vibe?

The Vuse Vibe vape device has different prices across different stores.  Many stores sell it at a much lower price, but you will have to cater for the delivery fees on your own

My Vuse Vibe is not working.

There could be many reasons why the Vuse Vibe is not working. Most of them could be caused by the battery not taking in power or not being charged. So, before you use the device, ensure that it is fully charged. If it still does not function, try replacing the batteries to see if there is any change.



The uppen from UPENDS is a very flavorful device that gives fulfillment from the first puff. This is assisted by the Etchip coil, which is very innovative. It has a more extensive heating area which improves the heating efficiency of the device. In addition, the high resistance mesh gives it a total bodied vapor from the initial use.


If you are a newbie vape user, you will enjoy using the Vuse Vibe battery. It has a strong capacity that can last for a longer time than a pod, despite pods lasting even longer. It is additionally free of messes and simple to use, also a consistent performance. In a summary, we can say the Vuse Vibe is reliable and the smooth hit is less aggressive than other power vapes such as the Vuse Alto. 

If there is any equivocation we have with the vise vibe is that the flavors are not so strong. Even though the Vuse alto is more robust and strong in vapor production, it has sweeter flavors. That is why despite the device having more advantages that disadvantages, it is a good investment for a common vape user.