Vuse Solo Review and Instruction. The Features, Specifications, Design, and Build Quality

    Vuse Solo Review and Instruction. The Features, Specifications, Design, and Build Quality

    The Vuse Solo starter kit is a beginner vape kit that is sold with pre-filled cartridges but with a higher nicotine content of 4.8%. The solo is one of the common kits from vuse which are known as cigalikes or e-cigs. This is because they give a flavor profile that resembles that of a cigarette.

    Most of them usually have a glowing light on the end, which looks like a cherry for a cigarette. Other vuse device that takes the cigalikes formation is the vuse Ciro.

    The solo takes the classic design and this is the right device if you are looking for a cigarette looking device. It is also an eye catching but you need to read more before you buy this unit.

    Features and specifications

    • Lightweight device weighing 15 grams when fully assembled
    • Available in four flavor variations
    • Strong vape with 4.8% nicotine content
    • Comes with a proprietary charger

    Design and build quality

    The Vuse Solo is an e-cigarette and in the vape world it is also referred to as the e-cig. The device measures 10 by 120 mm, which is longer than a typical cigarette considering the battery design. This is why it has a light nature of 15 grams.

    It can easily fit in your pocket or purse and take it anywhere you want to go. The battery has a nice and smooth metallic finish which gives it an attractive appearance worth looking at. The mouthpiece on the cartridge covers a metal support below it and it is self-contained, so you do not have to break it to open and fill, only if you are curious to find out what is there. In the cartridge, there is a conventional wick made from cotton.

    The cartridges are not built to be re-used. When you are done using them, you need to dispose them. The power unit can be screwed into the cartridge, but if you want to charge the pen you have to connect the charger.

    There are no any buttons since it is a draw to activate unit. You have to inhale to activate it. When you fully charge your unit, you only have to insert your flavor pod and inhale to start vaping.

    How to use the Vuse Solo

    Starting off with the Vuse Solo is easy. If you are not sure about how to use it, you need to use the user’s manual. All you have to do is connect the cartridge to the battery and you already have two flavor options immediately you buy the kit.

    The kits are usually color coded to show what flavor you are using. To use the device, you have to push in the cartridge and turn it clockwise until it clocks into position. If you turn the cartridge without pushing it in, it will not hold in position appropriately.


    Once the cartridge is fitted into position, proceed to take a hit. You do not have any control buttons so you have to use the strength of your puff to manage the vapor production. When you vape, the bottom of the battery will produce a light which looks like a burning cigarette.

    When you stop taking the puff, the device will sleep and only turn on again when you inhale again. You do not have to worry whether yoflavourtched off your device or not. Therefore you will not get any accidental firing.

    Flavour production

    The Vuse Solo comes with four flavor options which are usually included in the starter kit. You can also use the 11 flavour options from the solo line and use them for refills. You can obtain them in the initial buying process or get them at a later date. The menu has a good variation of flavors and they are named as; 

    • Original: “classic” e-cig tobacco
    • Berry: a classic fruit flavour
    • Crema: creamy with toasted notes
    • Menthol: cold and satisfying
    • Nectar: sweet mystery flavours
    • Melon: just melons
    • Mint: cool mint with light tobacco
    • Chai: aromatic tea flavors
    • Tropical: blend of tropical fruits
    • Fusion: blend of fruit and cream flavors

    The flavor production on these cigalikes has never been strong enough. The only products that have managed to pull this off are the NJOY products, especially the loop. The solo flavors are however sweet and light for the head. The menthol variation especially produces good flavors and strong hits. You will really enjoy your vape.

    Battery and charging 

    The Vuse Solo does not keep its battery for a long time meaning that its production is low, owing to its small size. It has been termed as battery with a small size and a low battery capacity.

    If you vape heavily during the day, you may have to charge it like once or twice. Light users can use it throughout the day since they are not running on too much power. 

    The charging of the solo vape pen used a proprietary charger is the only issue many people have. It is the same issue people have had with the JUUL since you only need it to recharge.

    You cannot use any type of charger which will inconvenience you if you need an urgent recharge. To recharge the device, it uses the same charging system which is the one you connect the cartridge on. You have to plug it into a USB outlet. 


    The vaping style of the Vuse Solo is what most smokers like. The mouth-to-lung draw since it is lighter and give a good amount of flavors. This device is designed to handle short puffs for like two seconds. If you take longer hits, the wick will start to fade out giving you dry hits.

    When you consider the wicking system, it does not use the traditional design carts with e-liquid held inside a silica materials coil. It has a modern design wick which is made of cotton. The coil looks slightly off the charts with how it is fixed. It has too much cotton included which makes the vaping process slow.

    Pros and cons


    • Small size making it portable
    • Device is easy to use
    • Has a draw system similar to the one cigarettes
    • The form factor is good for helping smokers transition
    • There are many flavor options that you can choose from
    • You cannot feel too much odor


    • The flavors are very light
    • There is a proprietary charger that only uses the device
    • There are charging issues due to the heavy battery

    FAQs about Vuse Solo

    Why is my Vuse Solo kit not working?

    There could be many reasons why your vape pen is not working. But most commonly, this happens when the device is not charged. You, therefore, have to set your device before you try using it again. If it does not work, try getting a new battery because the one you have on could be having problems


    Uppen plus

    The uppen plus takes after the Uppen vape pod. It has been designed with the best Etchip coil, which keeps the best flavor and tastes of the vapor. Uppen plus, just like the Uppen pod, satisfies you from the first puff, and it also has its versatility in check.

    The uppen plus is fitted with a protective cap that protects your liquid from oxidation even if you do not vape for a long time. The whole unit has a refined touch and a smooth ergonomic feel.


    The Vuse Solo is a magnificent mod. It has an ergonomic shape that feels good when held in the hands, but sometimes it is a little heavy. The design might not please everyone, but it works very well as a mod with an internal battery.

    The 3000mAh battery can give you a constant vapor production. This is a good range for most tanks.  This device is a good recommendation for people who are seeking more power.


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