WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vuse Alto Disposable Pen. A Comprehensive Review of the Features, Build, Design, and More

6th Jul 2021 | 392 | upends v

The use alto is a disposable pod system created by the use company, a subsidiary of the R.J. Reynolds tobacco company. The pen is a relatively cheaper device, and it is a draw-activated pen which makes it very beginner-friendly.

The pen is an on-the-go pen and is very suitable for people who need to vape instantly. It has a quiet draw feature that makes sure you do not feel any noise when you take a drag every time you inhale. 

The Vause alto pods are not refillable, and they have a holding capacity of 1.8ml e-juice that can be heated using the 1.1ohm coils, which are fitted with a ceramic wick system. The pen is powered using a 350mAh battery that can last for extended periods, and the charge time is also quick. 

Features of the Vuse alto

The vape pen has gained so much attention because it is a more prominent performer than the Juul vape pen. However, that fact cannot be disputed because many features and specifications make it a generally better pen. 

The vape pen has a pod that can hold 1.8ml of e-juice, and it is not a very much capacity compared to the other pens. However, the pods are very remarkable, and they can stand many days of heavy vaping. The unique feature about the pods is that they can be held into place with the magnetic connection of the battery. The 1.1ohm ceramic coils give the best size of clouds, and the pods are powered by a 350mAh battery responsible for giving excellent vapor.

Another feature that makes this pen an outstanding development is the quiet draw system. Anytime you take a draw from the pen, you will not hear any whistling or bubbling. Even the slightest popping noises are absent in this pen. This makes the pen an excellent device for beginners and advanced vape users who want a device that can be used without causing a disturbance. 

The first notable feature of the pen is the ergonomic and sturdy design that you will not miss when you take the device out of the package. The edges of the pen are perfectly rounded, and when you hold it, it feels more like having a marker in your hand. In addition, the device's mouthpiece is smooth, and the size of the pen can be compared to a cigarette butt which makes sit a perfect fit for the lips. 

Build and design quality of the vuse alto disposable vape pen

The body of the vuse alto has a design that is well curved and does not have any sharp edges. The internal components of the pen are well put together, and that is one feature that makes the device so unique. You will not be faced with leaking, bubbling, or popping of liquid within the pod.

In addition, the pod has a perfect hold of the battery, which is a big thanks to the magnetic connection of the pen. The connection makes it easy to separate, and you will not be faced with issues of the pod and battery falling off accidentally now and then. 

The battery fitted in the vuse alto is at 350mAH and can last between one day and one and half days, depending on the frequency of usage. This is because the pen charges so quickly, and this could take less than one hour.

In addition, the charging cord is long enough to allow you to vape as you charge. Unfortunately, it is a unique proprietary charger that will not allow you to use any charger which is not recommended. 

The device is fitted with LED indicators that have so many different meanings. These colors are indicated as;

  • When producing vapor, the light will glow.
  • After you have taken a complete drag, the light will fade out
  • The vuse alto will begin to blink in green when the battery is running low
  • The solid green color lights up when the pen is charging 
  • The green light will turn off when you are done charging

You are required to be keen on the light indicators so that the pen does not shut down completely to cut you off. 

Vuse alto pods

The vuse alto vape pen does not come with refillable pods, and this could make the device somewhat inconvenient for some users. However, most users will most likely find ways to hack the pod to open and refill it for use again. 

The vuse company recommends that users should not try to hack the pens to refill. When you put the pod back, there will be leakage issues, and this could expose your battery to damages. The company warranty also will not be warranted to anyone who complains of leakages after trying to hack the pen. 

Hacking a non-refillable pod to save money will not have to do that with the use vape pen. The vuse alto pods are not very expensive, and they could cost somewhere around $13.49 for a two-pack pod. The pods are supposed to last you somewhere around six days which is a very reasonable budget for many vape users.

How to use the vuse alto disposable vape pen

The good thing about the vuse alto vape pen is that they are easy to use, and you do not get any variable wattage or temperature control features. In addition, when using the pen, you do not need to replace the coils or replace the wicks at any point. 


To get started with the device, you have to insert the pod into the battery and draw. The pen is draw-activated, so all you need to do is take a draw. It would be best to wipe your mouthpiece as often as possible to avoid build-up issues that would occur when the pen is not used rightfully. 

You need to ensure that you are using your pen moderately so that the battery does not leave you with some liquid after it runs out. 

How the vuse alto performs

The vuse alto has hits that feel like a cigarette but appear to be tighter than the JUIUL. The hits are solid and compared to the JUUL, and they feel much more vital. The alto vape pen does not appear to be tapering at any point. When using the alto vuse, you will note that the hits are more assertive throughout the period, not going down. 

Flavors of the vuse alto vape pen

The pen has some rich flavors, which are all tobacco and menthol. But, unfortunately, you get only three flavors, and they come in 5%, 2.4%, and 1.8% nicotine strengths. 

Golden tobacco: this flavor is a standard cigarette-style flavor. It is solid but bright at the same time to have a rich tobacco flavor.

Rich tobacco: this is for vape users who are looking for a mature tobacco flavor. The flavor is darker and has a fuller profile. 

Menthol:This is the most standard tasting menthol which has a reasonably icy blend. The flavor is not disappointing because it tastes like full menthol.

Pros and cons of the vuse alto


  • Compact design and a lightweight structure
  • The device is well built and steady
  • You can easily change the pods of the device
  • It has a cigarette style draw design
  • The hits are incredible and long-lasting
  • The flavors are assertive and of quality


  • Pods are not firmly held in the device
  • Some pods do not have good consistency
  • Liquid level is not easy to monitor
  • Uses a proprietary charger


The vuse alto vape pen is a delightful pen to use, especially when it is working correctly. The downside to these pens is that they have consistency issues with the pods. However, the device is recommendable because it gives some decent clouds, considering it is a small device.

In addition, it has a noiseless operation that makes it a good pen for discreet vaping, and the rounded edges allow the user to vape comfortably andconveniently.