Vuber Vape Pen Instruction Guide 2021

    Vuber Vape Pen Instruction Guide 2021

    What is a Vuber vape pen?

    Founded in Washington by Brandon Gallagher, Vuber took little time to assert its dominance in the vaping and cannabis industry. The brand has grown massively, reaching most parts of the country. With a well-thought-out plan to stay competitive and ahead of the game, the company made a good impression by introducing highly versatile, convenient, and pocketable vaporizers.

    Through their innovations, we have experienced their talent through their 29 products currently in the market. Vuber’s product line includes a range of vaporizers designed to perform different tasks, and they added new battery kits to the market, dab devices, and a bunch of vape pens. These magnificent products are assisted by a line of accessories that maximize the experience and simplicity of usage.

    Vuber is so keen on improving their efficiency and quality of their brand products, which can be seen from the products they released recently.  Their drive to improve on their vape technology is unmatched.

    Vuber vape pen Instructions

    You are required to screw your cartridge into the vape pen and kick start your vaping without having to warm up. The pens are designed to maintain the flavor of your oils to get more draws while regulating temperatures to avoid burning.

    These vape pens can read any cartridge resistance and adjust heat settings to the required voltages. The LED screens placed on the pens display the battery life, cartridge resistance, voltage, and many other small details.

    Vuber vape pens review

    Vuber pulse battery kit

    This particular device is known as a smart battery kit because it automatically detects cartridge resistance then goes ahead to adjust the required conditions for an improved vaping experience. Any cartridge that fits the Vuber pulse battery kit can be easily connected by screwing it on.

    When you press the button thrice, you will move between 3 voltage pre-sets. Low gives you 2.6 volts, medium gives you 3.4 volts, and the high pre-sets gives 3.8 volts. These voltage variations are shown on the LED screen, where the watt, resistance, and cell life can be displayed.

    The Pulse vape shows an outstanding ‘never burn’ feature, a heat-dampening technology that provides a stronger and tasty flavor of each vape hit. To switch it on or off, you will press the button five times until a light appears to indicate success. Press the button twice to start the pre-heating feature, which is essential for delivering more clouds.

    The cell life on the vape is also remarkable, with testimonies detailing that you only have to charge it twice for consistent usage. The setting and power watts determine how long the cell will last, but be sure to get 4 to 8 days if you are a regular user. The most advanced feature is that you can use it while charging to reduce delays.


    • Very easy to use
    • No waiting to take a draw
    • Distinct flavor after each hit
    • Usable while charging
    • Easy voltage adjustments when using


    • It does not produce much vapor compared to other kits

    Vuber dabber

    This small portable dab device considers every detail necessary for dabbing. It might be small in appearance but provides the much-wanted boost expected from a high-quality rig. It does not use butane, coils, and torches. It is ready to use, and you only attach the glass mouthpiece. With the Vuber dabber, you get a quarter of gram per dab.

    The glass container should be filled with water, the mouthpiece secured with a clip, and then choose nails made from either quartz, ceramic, or titanium. Click on the button 3 to 5 times to start it on low and high temperatures. The dabber can be used to place the preferred liquid then close it with a carb cap. You get a lifetime warranty with this vape.

    The Vuber dabber comes with 16 cycles, and a full charge can give you 2-3 daily dabs; you get to charge it for two hours, and the heat up takes only 45 seconds on high temperature.


    • Ceramic attachment giving excellent flavor
    • Easily portable
    • Heats up quickly


    • Cell life is short compared to the usage

    Vuber C2 core cartridge

    Vuber presented top-notch innovation with their glass filter that displays a heating technology where the cannabis oil is separated from the vape, giving you better and high-quality flavor.

    The glass beats the expectation of vapers who expect a weaker or breakable glass. It gives you an unmatched airflow control design, producing more vapor that intrigues vapors seeking massive hits. The C2 Core Cartridge has to be screwed, and you are good to use it.


    • Give the best draws and hits
    • Vapor release is of good amounts
    • No leakages or clogs
    • You get value for money


    • It takes time for the draw to give smooth hits

    Vuber Nova

    If you want an all-around vaping experience, the Nova is your best shot. You get a device with a hybrid oil and herb set.

    With the recent upgrade, you get more features and durability. The ceramic chamber allows not more than 30 seconds of heating. You also get extra features such as a large-capacity cell that holds half a gram, three heat levels, and an LCD screen.

    When used correctly, you get the best flavored and smooth hits. With the container at the top, at the bottom, you are provided with a storage bay. The size makes it portable and easy to store; when you click on your pen five times will turn the Vuber vape on to display the temperature.

    Features of the Vuber Nova

    • Compatible with herbs and oils accompanied with large storage and holding capacity
    • It has three heat modes
    • LCD temperatures and increased cell life

    Watch this YouTube video to learn how to use the Vuber Nova.


    FAQs about Vuber vape pen

    Where can you buy a Vuber vape

    The Vuber vaporizers are available at any vape shop around you, you might not get all the brand’s products, but we are sure you will find one or two that work to your liking. To save you the hustle of moving around looking for Vuber vape pens, you can order online from Amazon or any other online store that stocks vaping products. You must be of age 21 and above to make the purchase.

    Why is my Vuber vape pen not working

    There are many possible reasons why your Vuber vape pen is not working. It could be a flat cell, a discharge problem, or a damaged cell. You need to plug it into the charger and recharge it to full. If it does not work, you can check whether your USB charging cable can transfer the charge and then get it fixed.

    How do you charge a Vuber vape pen

    Each Vuber vape product comes with a USB charging port at the bottom. Use your provided USB charger to connect to a source of power and recharge your vape pen. This may take approximately 30 minutes, but it could be less or more depending on your particular device battery.


    Uppen Plus MTL Open Pod System

    The Uppen plus is a distinctive device inspired by Uppen’s care technology. Using the UPENDS Etchip coil, the Uppen plus still gives a superb tasteful experience.

    You get to enjoy a perfect and original taste that quenches your thirst for a vape on the first puff. This goes further to detail the versatility of the product.

    The metal cap installed on the Uppen Plus does a perfect job protecting the e-liquid from air exposure. This helps maintain a fresh taste even if you do not vape for a while.


    Vuber vape pens are phenomenal vaping devices available in the American market. Most Vuber vape products perform well in the market because they have been delivering fresh, smooth, and soft effects that have never been witnessed in the vaping sector.

    Vuber is very determined to become the best option for vapers going by the innovation and device improvements they are working on.

    The only thing they should be improving on is vapor production, most people who prefer thicker clouds do not find it fitting into their needs.


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