WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

VooPoo x217 Reviews and Instructions. The Main Specs, Features, Build Quality, Design, and Battery Functionality

26th Aug 2021 | 184 | upends v

VooPoo is a famous and well-appreciated vape brand in the industry. They have a display of products ranging from pod systems, starter kits and vape mods. The VooPoo x217 mod, being the latest release from the VooPoo brand, is a constructive collabo with Woody vapes to produce a legit vaping device, fast-firing chip which has the role of outputting dynamic power and has a stunning design with great features.

VooPoo x217 Mod has been developed with carbon fibre inlays for the ultimate user experience. Besides that, the mod features dynamic output modes and accurate atomizer detection with all safety protections. 

Main specs and Features:

The following are the major specifications that the VooPoo x217 have:

  • Its size dimensions are 93.6x49.6x33mm
  • Its Output power ranges between 5W and 217W
  • Resistant ranges from 0.05ohm-1.5ohm(VW/VV) / 0.05ohm-3ohm(TC)
  • Temperature ranges from 200-600F / 100-315C
  • It has four modes that are; VW, VV, Custom and TC
  • It has a breathing light effect
  • Has a FAN chipset
  • They are available in 5 colours only is Blue, Red, Silver, Dazzling and Black. 

Build Quality and Design of the VooPoo x217

The VooPoo x217 is available in different colours of which, each of these designs is uniquely designed and styled in a legit way. The mod has a LED light-up functionality which aids in indicating the battery percentage and when it requires to be charged. 

The mod is made up of Zinc Alloy chassis, which is superior and that makes the mod lighter and easy to carry around or hold at the palm of your hands. It has been designed to support Ni200 and stainless compatibility. However, it has four modes: Power mode, TCR Adjustments mode, Voltage Mode, and Custom Mode.

The firing mode is located on the front of the mod, and it uses a matching resin material for easy ignition. 

Gene chip Features in the VooPoo x217 Mod

The gene chip ensures that you get the same flavour consistently without your e-juice running out, right from the first puff to the end of your vaping session. Besides that, it sustains the ultra-fast 0.01 seconds firing speed, and it can handle dual batteries with different compatibilities of 20700 and 18650 batteries. 

Battery functionality of the VooPoo x217 Mod

The design built of this battery includes the LED indicator that indicates the battery percentage. On the other side, you will see a colour screen that tells you when you need to recharge your device and when it is full. 

When it blinks Green, it is over 60%, blue; it is between 20-6-% and red, which indicates below 20%; hence, it needs to be recharged when it shuts down. 

The voltage output range is 0-7.5V, while the wattage output ranges from 5-217W. During power mode, the resistance range is between 0.05-3.0ohms, while during TC mode, the resistance range is always between 0.05-1.0ohms. 

VooPoo x217 User’s Manual and Instructions

  • How to turn on/off 
  • To turn it on, just below the status of turning off, press the 'fire' button five times and enter the boot screen. To turn it off, just below the status of turning on, press very fast the 'fire' button and enter the boot screen.

  • Mode switching 
  • Below the turn-on status, the three different modes/ interfaces can be switched in succession by pressing the 'fire' button three times quickly. 

  • Power Mode operation
  • It ranges from 4-21W, which is adjustable. For rapid scrolling, press and hold at 1.5s to activate active accelerated scrolling. Besides that, you could also display interface introduction.

    For the power mode operation, press the up and down button simultaneously to enter an interface in which you can select different power outputs. Note that the product's output power can automatically be charged according to the atomizer's resistance values. 

  • Power Custom Mode 
  • The power custom mode arranges from M1-M5. To access this, below the status of the custom mode, press the up and down button at the same time to enter the next interface and choose ‘M1-M5’. Press the up and down button to adjust the power value to the next one intended. Once all is done, return to the first menu and select 'QUIT' to return to the interface of power custom mode.

    VooPoo x217 mod Performance

    The performance may vary if you have set different settings on the mod. The following are different performances when adjusted to different levels of a power outage. 

    60-90W can be fairly good, but it produces large amounts of vapour with the airflow closed to half the vape. When it is close to 90W, it produces a warm vape with a decent vapour emission and a satisfying flavour. 

    Between 95-120W, it works very well and is comfortable since the vapour produced is legit, warm and a satisfying vape. 

    VooPoo x217 How it works

    The VooPoo x217 works very simply. The following are major steps on how to use it:

    • Click five times rapidly on the fire button to turn on or off
    • When you click three times, it directs you to the next mode (3 modes in total, that is, Power, TC and settings)
    • When in any mode, hold the + button and at the same time also hold the – button to enter the interface of the mode's menu. 
    • If it is resetting the puffs, hold down + and fire button simultaneously until you see the display flashing. From there, you can be able to change to display either puff counter or seconds.


    Pros and Cons of VooPoo x217 Mod

    The following are the merits and demerits of using VooPoo x217 mod:


    • From the outlook, it has an eye-catchy look
    • It's quality it is good looking 
    • The design of the mod is unique and stylish
    • It's easy to understand the menu
    • It has three types of batteries which can be compatible with it and long-lasting ones.


  • The ohm's meter's not accurate on readings
  • It is difficult to locate the Fire button
  • It has a limited choice of colours. There are only five options, namely Black, Blue, Dazzling, Red and Silver. 

  • FAQS about VooPoo x217 Mod

    How can you reset the VooPoo x217 puffs?

    While it is on, hold down and fire the button simultaneously until you see the display flashing. Once you are there, you can change to display off counter or seconds. 

    How can one lock and Unlock the VooPoo x217 mod?

    Press the fire button and the up button simultaneously for 1.5 seconds. 



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    The above article depicts how VooPoo has become the major brand in producing the best vapes. The VooPoo x217 has a sleek design making it easily held more, so the material used to construct the kit is alloy, making it lightweight hence, easily portable. The chip ensures a consistent flow of the same flavour and prevents the kit from any damages brought about by heating. 

    VooPoo x217, being the latest to be produced by the VooPoo brand, has exquisite features that make its design unique and amazing.