Voopoo VFL Review and Instructions. The Specs, Features, Build, Design, Performance, and More

    Voopoo VFL Review and Instructions. The Specs, Features, Build, Design, Performance, and More

    The Voopoo VFL is an American-shaped vape pod system operating at a low wattage of 10 watts featuring an ultra-sleek design. This device has many options on what voltage level you want to vape at, giving the user the control to vape at the perfect strength for them. Great for those users looking to use a nicotine salt E-liquid and want to stealth vape. 

    It also has one of the most versatile batteries of 650 mAh and a maximum output wattage of 10W, giving you plenty of power to get your hit and lasting for a more extended period. Maybe you’re in the market for a high-capacity vacuum with a powerful suction cup or performance rivaling much more expensive vacuums.

    If that were you, you’d be interested in learning about voopoo vacuums. These vacuums feature a variety of firing modes and capacities that will cater to all your needs. 

    It features silicone buttons fitted on the mod, allowing the user to choose between 2.5W to 3.5W Wattage output. The Voopoo VFL is built with a preheating setting to accommodate even the coils with low resistance power. Let's see much about the pod below.

    Specs and Features of Voopoo VFL

    The Voopoo VFL is a small device of about 89mm by 47mm by 18.5mm in size, weighing about 71g. It is integrated with a 650mAh Rechargeable Battery, which provides energy for the functionality of the device. It has a preheating setting, and this makes it accommodate even the coils with low resistance. It has a Pod tank capacity of 0.8 ml to accommodate the E-juice, which is refillable when the juice is fully consumed.

    Host a silicone button, allowing the user to the desired voltage output of 2.5V low voltage, 3.0V medium voltage, and 3.5V high voltage. It has a LED indicator light to show the battery percentage when charging and when in use. It is available in different colors like Pewter, Red, Blue, Rainbow, Gold. It's upon you as the user to choose the color of your taste.

    It has a Micro USB port charging port to input the USB cable when charging the device. The port is fitted at the end cover, and you will have to twist it to reveal it. It has a dual airflow top cap that varies from smaller to more significant; it gives you complete control of your vaping experience.

    The vaporizer has a top filling system with a silica gel plug; by just pressing the top button, the plug opens. The whole body is constructed with a Zinc Alloy metallic and a plastic created pod which is fitted internally. The vacuum is plated with an aluminum finish.

    In addition, the VOOPOO VFL features a Resistance Range: 1.2ohms and Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism, which comes with various protections, including 10 seconds cut-off, low voltage warning, and overcharging protection. These protections make the VFL safer to use. Its simple design is compact and practical for use by all vapers. 

    Build and Design of Voopoo VFL pod kit

    Voopoo VFL is designed to take an American football shape. The VFL Pod System, innovatively designed in the form of a football (soccer ball), is skillfully executed with attention to detail, sublime in its metallic finish, and laced with multiple colors of anodized aluminum which, when combined with the pod cartridge housing, give it a stunning appeal.

    It is enhanced with zinc alloy and plastic construction which nourishes the body of the pod and increases its endurance. Designed to have two airflow pores, a big and a smaller one, to regulate the vaping experience. It’s designed with an adjustable voltage feature. The pod is refillable with a capacity of 0.8 ml to contain the E-juice.

    Although the VFL is a compact device, it doesn't compromise any of its advanced features. The open flip cover of the device reveals the filling pod, which is stored internally within the battery body.

    It uses a unique built-in auto draw system that activates when you inhale, so no buttons are needed to start vaping. The LED light indicator flashes color-coded red/green, letting you know your battery life status.

    Performance of Voopoo VFL

    The battery is compatible with 18250, 20700, and 21700, but the 18250 battery is highly recommended for use. 18250 battery type helps balance charging and prolongs the battery life like a worn-out Micro USB port.

    To have reasonable temperature control, the manufacturer prefers nickel, titanium, or stainless steel coils. The preheating setting makes the device accommodate even the coils with a low resistance rate. 

    It has a top refilling system where there is a silica gel plug; once the E-juice is fully consumed, it is elementary to refill. The silicon button helps you choose the admirable output voltage, which is between 2.5V-3.5V.


    The Dual Airflow Top Cap gives you complete control of the vapor flow, in which the vapor hole is varied. The LED indicator light shows the battery percentage. 

    Voopoo VFL has an innovative new line of e-liquid that utilizes pre-roll technology. It is the first company to introduce a pod-based system that allows users to refill independently without waiting for a refill box or messing around with refills that can get confusing.

    The refillable pods have a 0.8mL capacity and are stored internally. This allows users to have a continuous flow of e-liquid that will last all day long without running out. There are two top cap options with dual airflow -- one with a smaller hole and another with a giant hole to enhance the overall experience.

    Pros and cons of Voopoo VFL


    • It has a Preheating setting
    • Has a variable voltage of power output
    • Increased longevity
    • Have replaceable atomizer coil


    • Its American shaped design can be a problem when stability
    • Can be contradictory
    • Can only operate up to maximum voltage output of 10V power output

    FAQS of Voopoo VFL

    1. How does voopoo vfl work?

    Power on/off: to power off or on the device, press the power button five times simultaneously; the gear lights will be on within 3sec. 

    1. How do I set the device on a preheat setting?

    Press the preheat button easily three times within 2sec; the device will automatically switch itself to a preheating mode.


    Uppen plus

    The Uppen Plus Pod (2ml) is our most popular product. It has a perfect, original, and familiar taste. It is available in multiple flavors for your choice. The e-liquid has a perfectly combined mint and incredible taste to make a unique optimum pleasure flavor (mint and incredible taste).

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    The VFL is straightforward to use: the twisty bit at the bottom is for your mouthpiece. To charge it, plug in the micro-USB cable, which makes for a very easily concealed charging port. The two adjustable air vents are located underneath the device and are easy to use; you turn them to a setting you like, and they're locked into place.

    The VooPoo VFL is a small pod mod that runs off the battery and can fire up to 10W. This provides for excellent vapor production and flavor. It also, however, has an airflow system that uses vents at the bottom of the device to allow for direct-to-lung vaping. This is especially useful for tougher juice flavors that you don’t want to taste at all. 

    The most impressive feature which can make me highly recommend this pod to you is the preheating setting and variable voltage power output. This gives you complete control over your device, not forgetting the dual airflow pores. The pod is user-friendly and very easy to operate. So if you are for a vaping device, then look for no other than the excellent VooPoo VFL Pod Kit.


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