VooPoo Too review and instructions. The Specs, Size, Weight, Features, and Build Quality

    VooPoo Too review and instructions. The Specs, Size, Weight, Features, and Build Quality

    The VooPoo Too is one of the best pod mod you can buy today. It is made by the VooPoo industry which was founded in 2014 in China. VooPoo is a rapidly growing e-cigarette company. The VooPoo industry is highly concerned and committed to the technological innovation of vaping Chips and technical research.

    They have created several different products tailored for entry through professional levels, such as the Drag range of mods and the Alpha One. They have also released tanks and RDA’s as well like the Demon RDA and the UForce tank T1.


    Specs, size, weight, and feel of VooPoo Too

    The VooPoo Too mod is a tiny, twin 18650 regulated device that runs on the 32-bit super Gene. It has a Fun chip that provides a feature-rich vaping experience that includes the anticipated variable wattage and temperature control settings and some similarities to another well-known chip.

    It weighs 212 grams empty and 298 grams with batteries inserted, according to the scales. In contrast, the heaviest mods include a clumsy old Cuboid at 298g, a Revenant Cartel 160 at 272g, and a triple-cell Triade at 324g.

    VooPoo Too features

    • VooPoo Too can work no matter powered by a single battery or dual battery.
    • Push-pull designed double sideslip covers. Four different colors are available for a unique style.
    • Comprehensive TCR Adjustments and also highly Advanced US GENE Fun Chip.
    • CNC Precision Milled and a high-Quality Zinc Alloy Construction.
    • Leather Embedded Exterior Battery Cover - Fully Interchangeable and Sharp Lines and Sleek Design.
    • Intuitive 0.91 Inch OLED Display. It has ten milliseconds firing speed, faster than ever.
    • It has improved and Upgraded Gene.
    • Fan chip design designed for high performance.
    • Triple balanced inhale system with a precise coil brings you super fabulous taste.

    Cost of VooPoo Too

    The VooPoo Resin box is the latest modern output vape device presentiment a versatile build design and a special price of 64.99 pounds.

    Design and Build Quality

    The VooPoo Took it comes in a plain box with a paper sleeve. The dazzle foil version looks friendly with rainbow Hell vape Dead Rabbit RDA sat on top. The mod runs the Gene chipset 1.5, an updated version of the chipset in the Drag. VooPoo Too Kit - Mod From the top down, the mod has a flush 510 connection.

    The threads are well done; the connection pin is gold-plated and spring-loaded. The battery doors are magnetic slide doors and are removable. They are also lettered A&B along the leading edges. VooPoo Too Kit - door Tops Mine has a foil coating on the outside and resin panels on the inside.

    The outside of doors has a sloped effect making the mod comfortable to hold. VooPoo Too - open doors. Both doors operated well, with a slight crunching when you open them.

    The body of the VooPoo Too is constructed from Aircraft Grade. Aluminum & Zinc Alloy, and the Too Mod works with either 1 or 2 18650 batteries giving either 80 or 180w of power. VooPoo Too Kit -battery branding, while not as blatant as the Drag, still occupies three sides of the too mod VooPoo Too Kit – Advertising.

    The front of the mod has the 0.91 inch OLED screen and the regular fire and adjustment buttons. You will also see that a micro USB port for charging/updates resides under the adjustment buttons.

    VooPoo Too Kit - Cap, The fill port handled by a top-fill slide cap. Inside the fill port is a silicone gasket and 2 O rings to help the cap sit comfortably on the glass: VooPoo Too Kit - liquid slot. The wide bore drip it is from Delran with a SS ring around the base. VooPoo Too Kit – Dt. I would say both the mod and the tank are of good quality and designed well.

    What’s in the VooPoo TOO Kit UK Box?

    • 1 x to 180W TC
    • 1 x UFORCE Tank
    • 1 x UFORCE Coil
    • 1 x Glass Tube
    • 1 x Gasket Ring1 x Gene Chip Card

    Prep the coil before first use! Drip some e-liquid onto the cotton screw back into the base, and assemble the tank.

    Performance of the VooPoo Too

    Outside of the Evolve DNA chip, not many mods can fire as low as 0.05 Ω and be as reliable, the Gene 1.5 chipset can and is. VooPoo Too Kit – oboes. You can fill it with e-liquid from Obie’s brew called "Milk. “The coil that is pre-installed in the UForce is 0.4 Ω and rated from 40 to 80w." 40W Airflow set to half, a relatively cool but a fair amount of vapor with straight to lung style.


    60w with the airflow wide and vaping direct to lung (DTL) style, I get an excellent warm vape with plenty of vapor; I found that from 70W, the tank generated a fair bit of spit back! Not very nice of it, lol.VooPoo Too Kit - JJ and DR.

    I am changing out for my Dead Rabbit and a pair of SS316 Flap ton coils that are 0.08 Ω and a liquid by Juice Junkies called Junkies Custard. The VooPoo Too Mod performed very well up to 125W with good flavor and vapor, over 120W, and the vape became too hot.  

    Battery life

    At 60W, a pair of Sony vtc5a's will last me just about 4.5 hours

    Charging. While you can charge your batteries via the USB port, as they say, the unit has balanced charging; I would still recommend you charge using a standalone charger. You will need to go to the VooPoo support site for firmware updates and will find complete instructions.

     Wattage.  The Gene chip has a feature of predictive wattage when you screw on your atty, and it will ask if it's a new coil Y or N. If Y it will auto set the wattage for the coil you have installed, e.g., 0.08 Ω = 109w, this can be a shock if you’re not ready for it lol.VooPoo Too Kit - with D.R

    Manual, review, and instruction of VooPoo Too

    VooPoo Too is intended for adult smokers of the legal purchase age. Minors, pregnant women, diabetics, depressed patients, or people with high blood pressure should not use. Also, keep away from children and pets. This product may contain nicotine.

    Memory Settings

    1. Customizable Settings & Logo
    2. 91 Inch OLED Display
    3. Requires (1) OR (2) 18650 Batteries
    4. Dimensions: 88x54x33mm


    • Both have good design and build quality
    • Uforce tank good flavor and vapor production
    • Works well with TC
    • Good battery life


    • No real significant concerns with either the mod or the tank

    FAQs about VooPoo Too

    How do you charge a Voopoo Too?

    Before you charge a VooPoo Too, you have to install the batteries. It requires two 18650 batteries. First, open the battery door on the bottom of the VooPoo Too trough, sliding it in the direction of the arrow. Next, insert the batteries with negative and positive poles and close the door. Next, charge the VooPoo, Too, connecting it to your computer using the USB cable. When the battery icons read 100%, it means the batteries have a full charge. 


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    The VooPoo Too is a brilliant device that uses the same patented GENE Chipset to support two power sources. VooPoo Too is cost-friendly and has been improved with time due to the new technology.

    Is it is equipped with 180W of maximum power in dual 18650 modes and a comprehensive temperature control suite with SOFT Mode for high-power settings. 

    Nicotine is an addictive substance. Unfortunately, there is no VOOPOO electronic cigarette that will cure a smoker's nicotine addiction. However, with a revolutionary triple airflow system and a powerful chip, it delivers outstanding performance.


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