VooPoo Rex Review and instructions. The Features, Specifications, Build, Design Quality, and Performance

    VooPoo Rex Review and instructions. The Features, Specifications, Build, Design Quality, and Performance

    The VooPoo Rex is a high-power box mod that can be used by vape users who want a hard-hitting unit. It is fitted with intuitive chip technology and the OCC coils system. These features make the Rex a top-of-the-line technology.

    The Rex is a perfect starter kit that can be used all around. It has an S shape that is a perfect fit when held in hand, and with the curved fire button, you can easily vape using one hand. 


    The VooPoo Rex kit also has the best vape pen brand, the GENE.FIT chipset, which has been through research and 15 months of development. The gene chips have been produced all over worth VooPoo products, and so far, they seem to be doing so well in the market.

    The VooPoo gene chip protects your device against firing accidentally, liquid spillage, dust, and dry hits. Your battery is also protected, being held in position with a strong magnet that keeps the battery safe in position. These are just a few features that are remarkable on this device.

    Features and specifications

    • The unit uses a single 18650 battery that is rechargeable
    • The battery can give a power output of 80W
    • You can enjoy a resistance range of between 0.05-5 ohms
    • Temperatures can range from 100-135 degrees
    • Built from zinc alloy
    • It has a GENE. Very intelligent FIT chipset
    • The firmware can be upgraded
    • Easy to personalize the display

    Build and design quality

    The Rex kit comes in a cardboard box with extra packaging that is sold the VooPoo kits. The device is available in seven colors: blue, black, white, red, dark cyan, orange, and olive. The UForce tank is only available in black, so you do not have so many color options to choose from.

    The Rex is a slim device because they fitted the battery into the pod center to avoid taking so much space, especially for smaller devices. The device has a raised band that further extends to its sides, and this is where the fire buttons are held behind. 

    At the bottom of the device, you get the USB charging port, the side of the device has the color codes, but the backside is black for all the devices. The panel and the chassis meet halfway as you go down, but on the sides, there are narrow strips that allow you to easily remove the battery.

    Moving towards the front, you will get two buttons that can be used to adjust the settings. On the top side of the device, you will see the raised 510 connection port. It is gold plated and fitted with springs. 

    The slim shape and the round edges make the device look very ergonomic and sturdy. This is a unique form complemented by the 510 plate that shows up on the front of the device but tapers inwards somehow.

    The base of the device looks nothing like the front, it has the front plate protruding and the back appearing tapered and protruding at the end. You can ascertain that the build is high quality with a durable finish. 

    Battery and charging

    The device runs on a single battery inserted via the panel found on the spine of the device. The strips are on each side where the panel and the chassis meet. The textured strips appear just for cosmetic purposes but have an indentation that allows you to feel the comfort in your hand.

    The battery compartment is neater, and the battery fits tight, with the two contacts rounded, so you do not have to damage your wraps. The panel holds the battery using magnets to avoid any movement.

    The 18650 battery can last for a day when fully charged, and the 3.8ml tank can last longer. If you run out of charge, connect your device to a USB charger and let it charge for close to 75 minutes.

    How to use the VooPoo Rex 

    To use the Rex, you have to apply the functions of the 5 click feature. Sometimes it appears hard to use the device because it does not come loaded with many features. Once you have been using the VooPoo device, it will take a short time to learn the basics. 

    Clicking the figuring button three times will activate the fit mode. Clicking three times again consecutively will land you on the wattage adjustment settings. You can select between the SS, Ti, or Ni systems for temperature control. When on the wattage mode, press up and down simultaneously to set the wattage systems. 


    When you have selected the memory screen, you can press the fire button four times, letting you set a custom curve. By additionally, pressing the fire button in temperature control will set your wattage at 80W.

    To lock and unlock the device, press the fire button and the up button. When you lock the device, it does not fire. So you cannot have any accidental clicks and firings.

    Performance of the Rex 

    When using the Rex, it is advisable not to operate it on the Temp control mode. The firing button appears to be small, but it is very easy to find. It is on the raised side of the unit and feels slick and nice. The GENE.FIT chipset is very responsive and gives you an instant firing without any ramp-up time. This chip is the brainchild in the unit and maybe the best chip in the market. 

    The fit mode does not let you see the wattage level you are vaping on, so if you prefer dialing in your wattages, then do not use it. The UForce tank is equally compatible with the N1 mesh coil, and the flavor is perfect, but you need to ramp up the device up to 80W, which drains your battery faster. 

    The 18650 battery is well suited for all-day vapers, and it can last more than the standard amount that serves heavy vape users. The battery door is magnetized, so you are assured that your battery will not fall out in case of anything. The wattage can get up to 80W, and you can work with it from 5W to 80W, giving you more options depending on your vape power. It is a long-lasting vape pod and packs a punch.

    Pros and cons


    • The unit is well made and okay
    • The size is perfect and works perfectly
    • Has an ergonomic design that appears sturdy
    • The color options are good
    • The battery panel hold the battery okay
    • The UForce is a good sub-ohm tank


    • It cannot work on the 21700 batteries
    • The atomizer is big, which looks terrible
    • The N1 coils do not suit the 18650 device
    • The wattage is pretty slow

    Frequently asked questions

    How do you charge the VooPoo Rex?

    The VooPoo Rex uses a 18650 battery which in most cases is used externally. But for this device, you will find that it is rechargeable through a USB port, and you can use it for updating firmware. But the battery is also removable and replaceable.

    My VooPoo Rex is not working.

    When your VooPoo Rex is not working, there are many reasons why your device is not working. First, it could be that your device is not turned on. Make sure you click the button five times to activate it. The other case is when you have no battery left. Plug in your device and let it charge, then try using it.


    Uppen Plus

    The Uppen plus is built from the ideology of the Uppen that came before. The unit uses the Etchip coil, which maintains the taste of the Uppen Pod. It gives a perfect and original taste that stays fresh.

    The Uppen plus can satisfy you from the first puff, and it is still versatile. The metal cap can prevent your liquids from oxidation to enjoy your vape even after many days.


    The VooPoo Rex is one of the best devices in the market from VooPoo. If you are a beginner who wants to try out the VooPoo products, you can believe that this device will come in handy for you. It is small and well-sized to ensure that you can carry your vape anywhere you go. You can also get flexible power options from 5W-80W for better performance.

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