VooPoo pod systems review and instructions. The VooPoo Vinci Nano and Vinci Pod Systems

    VooPoo pod systems review and instructions. The VooPoo Vinci Nano and Vinci Pod Systems

    VooPoo is a widely known and appreciated vape brand in the industry. They have an array of products ranging from starter kits, pod systems and vape mods. They have even taken technology to a new level by offering pocket sized devices.

    The VooPoo pod systems are some of the most magnificent products ever released to the market. The company not only focuses on performance, but safety is also a big deal for them. They come in small portable sizes, fully compact and with portability features. The VooPoo pod systems we will discuss in this section are:

    • VooPoo Nano pods
    • VooPoo Vinci pods

    We will look at the details of the products and see how they perform

    VooPoo drag Nano

    VooPoo drag Nano was the first ever pod system to be produced by VooPoo. The drag Nano was added to their drag collection and they have had good performance since. The drag Nano is a pod that comes with a 750mAh battery that lasts for long, and an intelligent chipset that activates the vape to give it a robust flavor in ways that the market has never seen before. 

    The VooPoo drag Nano has been created with the user’s interest in mind and their build is of a contemporary design that represents the VooPoo signature products. The introduction of this pod system raised the build standards of other vape products and they set the pace for competitors.

    The sleek design of the Nano is a perfect fit for the palm and it does not have any awkward buttons that   would get in the way of an awesome vape session. This makes it easy to use and also improves the battery life. 

    Build quality and design of the VooPoo Nano

    The VooPoo Nano pod is available in seven colors and each of these designs is unique, stylish and very unique. The exterior shell is made of zinc alloy, making the design very easy to carry around because it is so light. The mouthpiece looks like the other parts of the pod and it perfectly fits into the pod. 

    The pod has a gene pod chip which gives you a rich and powerful vapor the moment you inhale. Every successive puff is strong just like the first puff. It also uses a clever battery system with a LED screen located on the side of the pod.


    The LED screen indicates the battery level with an intuitive color code system that alerts the user when the device needs to be charged. Charging this device uses a USB cable and with a full charge, you can go through more than 350 puffs.

    Gene pod chip features

    With the gene pod chip, you can bid chewing gum flavors goodbye. From when you take the first puff, the gene pod will ensure that you get the same flavor consecutively without the e-juice flavor running out. Many vape users have tested this chip and they have asserted that it definitely performs. 

    Battery functions of the Nano pod

    Every detail of this pod is built with precision with the customer in mind. The build also includes LED lights that show the battery percentage. On the side of the device, you will get the color coding system which will tell you when you need to recharge.

    • Green-60% +
    • Blue-20-60%
    • Red- below 20%

    When the low battery indication flashes ten times in a row, the device will automatically turn off.

    VooPoo Nano review

    The pods feature a 1.8ml tank and they are majorly responsible for the innovative design. Everything about this device is lightweight and they are very aesthetic. Unlike the bulky box mods with sub-ohm tanks, this pod makes it feel like you do not have heavy stuff in your pocket.

    The pods are very easy to change the e-juice, to recharge and also good for vaping. This pod completely does away with the extra work. 


    • Innovative design that is easy to use, refill and maintain
    • Small sized that can be pocketed
    • Battery lasts long


    • There is no much space to hold e-juice

    VooPoo Vinci pod kit

    The VooPoo Vince kit is the latest release among the pod kit series. The unit is a compact design device that operates on a built-in 800mAh battery that can be recharged using a type-c USB charger. It is also powered by the superior VooPoo gene chip which allows for rapid firing and power output to a maximum of 15W.

    The pods installed come with a 2ml tank capacity and the airflow can be adjusted to give a restricted airflow for direct-to-lung and mouth-to-lung draw. The pod kit comes in seven varied colors which feature, pine grey, dazzling lime, aurora red, aurora pastel, aurora silver and carbon fiber. 

    Specification and feature of the Vinci pod

    • Maximum power output of 15 watts
    • Has a small size of 93.5 x 24 x 14mm
    • The internal battery runs at 800mAh power
    • Resistance of the coils range between o.6 to 3ohm
    • Has an adjustable airflow
    • Draw activated using the gene chip

    Design and quality of the VooPoo Vinci pod

    The VooPoo Vinci pod is one of the best compact pod systems with its small measurements. It is shorter than most of its competitors but closely related to the VooPoo Nano. The small size means that it packs a much smaller battery, but there are a few tricks to be used to ensure you go through vaping without much hassle.

    The body of the Vinci pod is made purely from zinc alloy which makes it lighter and giving it a premium feel. The metal coating makes it feel nice when you hold it in your hands and that is also contributed to by the panels. The coating is fingerprint and oil proof so it prevents glares and the device is also shockproof. 

    Battery performance of the VooPoo Vince

    The VooPoo Vince comes with safety protections such as short-circuit, overcharge, discharge, over-temperature and over-current. The device battery is an 800mAh cell which can be recharged through a Type C USB charger.

    There are no charging and ampere records to be used for recharging, it can go from an empty battery to full within thirty minutes.

    Performance of the VooPoo Vinci pod

    Judging the pod system performance is very hard and it is not because there are many choices in the market. It is because they are good in delivering quality. The Vinci pod is easily one of the best systems because it gives the best warm and flavorful vapor from the first draw.


    The 0.8ohm coil delivers more flavor and warmth compared to the PnP coils. So there is more to the coil than it being enclosed. The airflow system is adjustable but it is not the best yet. 

    Pros and Cons of VooPoo Vinci Pod System


    • The build quality is excellent 
    • The design is compact and sturdy
    • The airflow is adjustable
    • The draw is a smooth automatic-draw
    • It has a decent battery life


    • The airflow adjustment is not one of the best
    • Only comes with one pod
    • The pods are closed and coils are not replaceable


    Uppen plus

    The uppen plus is an innovative pod system from UPENDS and is a successor of the earlier released Uppen. This pod also features the flavor master Etchip coil 2.0 and this is designed to give you the most flavorful vapor with the first puff. This pod is recommended for everyone who wants to get quality vape at an affordable price.


    The VooPoo pod systems have been trending within the vaping industry for a very long time. The drag Nano and Vince are very good at improving how people vape and they are good in managing battery life. The LED screen improves the senses with a Gene pod chip which makes it a futuristic tool.

    Once the cartridge is filled, the chip will do its thing by creating a robust taste on your tongue throughout the day. The tastes do not fade and they will continue serving you for a very long time.


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