VooPoo Panda Reviews and Instructions. The Specs, Features, Build, Design, Ease of Use, and Portability

    VooPoo Panda Reviews and Instructions. The Specs, Features, Build, Design, Ease of Use, and Portability

    VooPoo Panda is an ideal vaping device under the VooPoo brand products. It is designed in a distinctive Sleek and ergonomic design, making it unique from other vaping devices. The VooPoo Panda features a 1100mAh rechargeable battery with a 5mL refillable pod cartridge.

    The device is compatible with two types of coil systems, hence promoting regular E-Liquid and nicotine salts. The Panda is wholly made up of rubber material, giving you a softer touch while handling the device. The variable voltage output mode gives you an added advantage to control your vaping experience.


    With its colorful, interchangeable outer chassis, the Voopoo Panda fits perfectly into your lifestyle. It's packed with two pods, the 1.2ohm pod fires at 8w for nicotine salts and a 0.8ohm pod that fires at 12w for regular e-liquid. VooPoo Panda brings simplicity and power in equal measure; by just pressing the button on the sides, you are vaping immediately.

    No contradicting menus and settings to get in your way. It has a LED light to show charging status, which glows red while charging and green when it is complete—no simple device like this is user-friendly and very impressive.

    Let's get through this device's specs, design, and performance to accrue knowledge on the device.

    Specs and Features of VooPoo Panda

    The outer body is made of rubber, 75 mm in length, 47.5 mm in height, and 27.4 mm in size. Its integrated 1100 mAh battery is rechargeable, and the tank holds a maximum juice capacity of 5 ml. Depending on the coil head being used, the voodoo panda supports both 8W and 12W modes and is powered by self-adapted wattage for optimal performance. The outer chassis of the device is replaceable and has an LED battery life indicator light at the bottom of the mod.

    The mod uses a single button operation with a top-mounted fire switch. It has a Micro USB port at the base, which enables the device to charge for about one and a half hours for the device to be fully charged. It supports pass-through technology, allowing you to vape right away while you're charging it.

    The mod has standard safety features like overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, short circuit protection, switch timeout protection and overcharge protection. The device is available in different colors, either black, White, Red, Yellow, or Gold.

    Build and Design of VooPoo Panda

    The Panda is a very ergonomic and efficient chassis, giving it an impressive look. The whole device is structured with a rubber material and at the top of the device is mounted with a single firing button that handles all operations. It has a LED light indicator to show charging status. The device is tiny, light, perfectly fit in hand, and cozy when pressed against the palms.

    It has two compatible pods which are replaceable for both regular E-juice and Nicotine salts. Two compatible coils, the 1.2ohm Coil Resistance, are highly rated at a voltage output of 8W, which is meant for nicotine salts. 0.8 ohm Coil Resistance rated at 12W voltage output power, meant for regular E-juices. In addition, it comes with a 2 ml capacity tank with a bottom fill Vertical Juice Injection System.

    The mod is presented in different colors. The mod is offered in different colors, which are so impressive for people who like colorful devices that are very perceptible. The device is in black, yellow, red, or gold.

    Ease of Use

    The best part about the Voopoo Panda is how easy it is to set up. Fill the pod up with e-liquid (there’s a full line to help you make sure you don’t overfill), pop it into the mod, and then vape. You can also choose multiple wattage settings and switch between bypass mode, TC, and normal wattage by holding down the fire button.

    The mod itself doesn’t have any unnecessary information, so it’s pretty easy to navigate. Just make sure you know how to refill your pod and charge both the mod and the pods, but that is all fairly straightforward.


    Yes, the Voopoo Panda is very portable. Most box mods nowadays are pocket-friendly, but the Panda is specifically tailored for great portability. First, it is a box mod and not an advanced vape device, so you can expect good battery life and overall excellent performance.

    Second, its ergonomic design makes it one of the most comfortable to hold regardless of its size and shape. That makes it the best in its class in terms of portability.

    Performance of VooPoo Panda 

    VooPoo Panda is a straightforward device, light, and very friendly to the user. Easy to carry around with its compact size. It will be your best company for all occasions. One button that replaces the firing button does all its functions. 

    To ensure the safe use of the product, all you need to do is press it and vape. It has a micro USB port for charging and enhancing the installation of recent updates. To ensure the safe use of the product, all you need to do is press it and vape.


    The device might take one and half hours to be charged entirely. It comes with a 2 ml capacity tank convenient bottom fill Vertical Juice Injection System to fill from the bottom. It also has convenient features such as Switch Timeout protection, Short Circuit protection, overcharge protection over-discharge protection for battery health and performance to ensure safe vaping. 

    Panda also includes two coils, a 1.2ohm coil designed explicitly for Nicotine Salt with a self-adapted wattage of 8W. 0.8-ohm coil designed for Regular E-Juice with a variable voltage output of 12W. An 1100 rechargeable mAh battery powers the mod.

    Pros and Cons of VooPoo Panda

    • Easy to carry 
    • Easy to operate with a single button design
    • It has a variable output voltage of 8W to 12W.
    •  Its rubberized exterior ensures durability and grip during use, making it a convenient device you'll always want to have with you.
    • It is built with an 1100 mAh battery with six protective features to prolong the battery life.
    • Has two compatible pods
    • It does not produce intense clouds of vapor
    • It does not support temperature control

    FAQS of VooPoo Panda

    Why does my Panda leak?

    There is a lot of pressure exerted from inside because of the burn that can leak the device. Even the bottom airflow allows the vapor to escape from the device; this is an area the company should improve on.

    How do I use the Panda Pods to produce vapor?

    To ensure the Pods function well, press the firing button at the center; otherwise, there will be no vapor production.


    Uppen Plus

    Uppen Plus Pods are designed to be longer lasting, ensuring you keep the same experience for an extended period. With its superior, larger capacity design and extra special taste, Uppen Plus will provide for a better experience overall.

    Inhaling the vapor through Uppen pod is very healthy and does not affect the lungs at all. The prominent feature lies in the design of the UPPEN Plus Cap. You can protect your pod from dust and dirt while enjoy a dust-free experience.


    The Voopoo Panda has several features that broadcast its impressive performance despite a few disadvantages. It's a pod-based vaporizer that uses a sleek and simple design to provide the user with supreme vaping efficiency.

    The Panda offers a unique style with a soft contour to the plan that still fits nicely in hand. It's a lightweight but durable and sturdy vape pen that also features an ergonomic shape.

    So if you are there as a beginner or experienced person in the world of vaping, looking for a portable, user-friendly, and compatible Pod vaping machine, then look for VooPoo Panda. Other distinctive features make the device highly rated, which might match your perception,


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