WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

VOOPOO Mini Review and Instructions. The Specifications, Features, Build, Design, and Performance

24th Aug 2021 | 59 | upends v

The VooPoo Mini Starter is a powerful, unregulated device that fires up to 117 watts. It is paired with the stunning UFORCE T2 Sub-Ohm Tank for MTL (Mouth To Lung) and DL (Direct Lung) vaping styles. The Mini mod features a 4400mAh built-in cell with single button operation, instant atomizer recognition, Gene.Fit chip-set, 0.0015 seconds firing speed, and a micro USB port for charging and future firmware updates. 

The GENE.FIT chip has more accuracy and more excellent range, providing a more comprehensive power output range to activate a full range of coil resistances with an output of 10-117W.

For maximal performance, users can vape the Mini at its maximum power output setting with the Uforce tank, which features a 4ml juice capacity and heat insulation plunger system. Together with the FIT mode, this Mini kit provides an optimized vaping experience for all vapers. 

The Mini is small in size, incorporated with an atomizer with a resistance range of 0.05 - 1.5Ω. The Voopoo Mini displays all its settings clearly on the 0.91" OLED screen and is easily controlled with triple button navigation.

This device seems very impressive, with distinctive features that are highly remarkable. Let us navigate through its performances, specs, and other crucial things that make up the device to get to understand it better.

Specifications and Features of VooPoo Mini

The VooPoo mini device is small in size, with a length, height, and width of 81.5mm, 48.5mm, and 25.5mm, respectively. The device is not heavier as it weighs about 178 grams—the new VOOPOO mini featuring the GENE.FIT chipset with an output voltage of 0-7.5V, meaning its variable in wattage supports atomizers as low as 0.05 ohm in VW mode and a resistance range of 0.05 - 1.5 ohm TC mode. 

It features a temperature control suite (Ti/Ni/SS & TCR) with a range in degree celsius of 100 - 315°C / 200 - 600°F. The GENE.Chip introduces an impressive feature, the FIT mode. The FIT Mode automatically calibrates the power level to maximize the battery life, enhance flavor production and intensify vapor production.

The device features a 0.91" OLED screen where it displays all its settings, and the three buttons provide easy operation. It has a USB port on the sides which enables charging of the cells and supports firmware updates.

Build and Design of VOOPOO Mini

The VOOPOO Mini combines superior zinc alloy chassis construction with a visually striking inlay design. With an intuitive OLED display, exert ultimate control over your device.

This makes the device very friendly and easy to operate. This kit also features the newly implemented relatively big firing button and two adjustment buttons to help improve user control and experience operation. 

The OLED display also displays all the vaping information at a particular time. For those users who value color when buying a vaping device, then the VOOPOO mini prevails the best for you.

It is available in atrovirens, rhodonite, coral, Prussian blue, lava, Prussian, purple, lime colors. The Micro USB port allows for convenient charging and helps in uploading any recent update. The centered 510 connection that can be adjusted to your preference will ensure a solid and consistent connection

UFORCE T2 Sub-Ohm Tank

The UForce T2 sub-ohm tank weighs about 60.3g. Has a tank diameter of 28 mm, a base of 24.6 mm and its 54.65 mm height. Featuring a 5mL bubble tank and 3.5mL slim tank capacity to contain the E-liquid, the tank also has a large adjustable triple bottom airflow channel.

It is compatible with UForce coils, the P2 0.4Ω coil 24-28W andN1 0.2Ω coil 50-100W, which is best with 70W-80W voltage output. It makes it easy to replace coils when you're ready to mix things up.

In addition, the UFORCE T2 Tank also comes equipped with a slid open fill lid which is easy to open and refill the E-juice once it’s fully consumed. The tank also has 810 Resin Drip Tip.

Performance of VooPoo Mini

The VooPoo Mini device is straightforward to operate for both beginners and experienced vapers. The device is very light and small in size, making it very easy to carry anywhere—the rapid firing GENE.FIT Chip makes the machine even more admirable since it regulates crucial functions of the device—the GENE.FIT Chip gives an output voltage of 0v-7.5v hence the wattage varies; it's upon you to choose the voltage output, which gives you the best vaping experience.

The GENE.FIT chip provides a broader power output range to activate a full range of coil resistances with an output of 10-117W. It also holds up atomizers to as low as 0.05 ohm in VW mode and a resistance range of 0.05 - 1.5 ohm TC mode.


The modernized chip also implements a FIT mode which adjusts the power to enhance the battery life, enable production of large vapor and maximizes the flavor production.

VooPoo Mini has0.91" OLED screen which projects all the settings. A Triple Button Operation makes it easy to operate and Micro USB Port to enable charging when the battery is low and supports firmware upgrades. 

The device comes paired with a UFORCE T2 Tank which is compatible with coils. The coils burn the liquid to produce vapor. I highly recommend you use a voltage output of 70W-80W, the production at this level of voltage is said to be intense and maximizes the flavor.

The tank has adjustable triple bottom airflow, giving you a chance to regulate your vapor flow. At the top of the UFORCE T2 tank, there is a slid open, which is easy to open, making it easy to refill the tank without dismantling the whole device.

Pros and Cons of VooPoo Mini 

  • Has a great performance with the ability to fire up to 117W
  • Built with a superior battery of 4400 mAh
  • UFORCE T2 Tank enhances its performance
  • It has a FIT Mode, Power mode, TC Mode
  • Variable Output voltage
  • It’s very light
  • Has 0.91" OLED screen where all the settings are displayed 
  • Triple button operation
  •  Slow charging
  • The FIT mode is not distinguishable from wattage mode

FAQS about VooPoo Mini

     1. What’s the best wattage to vape at when using VooPoo Mini?

It's highly recommended to use a wattage of between 70W to 80W. At this point the vapor flavor is fully maximized. High wattage reduces the battery life and destroys the coils.

      2. How do I change the modes in VooPoo Mini?

To switch to different modes, press the fire button three times to change to either Temperature Mode, power mode or FIT mode.



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VooPoo Mini is one of the unique mods in the market, with an awe-inspiring look in color. The features that make up the device explode its magnificent ability to function. It's elementary to operate the device as it displays all its settings in the 0.91" OLED screen. With a triple button, all the operation is centered in one button. 

The GENE.FIT CHIP enhances the device performance, promoting both your safety and the device operation. The updated chip also introduces FIT chip which intelligently alters the battery set, flavor set, and vapor set to enhance your vaping experience and also enhance the device life. Another splendid feature of this device is being paired with the UFORCE T2 Tank. The UFORCE T2 makes the device awesome considering all its versatility; the device operation is superb.

So if you are looking for a vaping device, either you are new in the vaping world or experience, then this is an excellent pocket-friendly kit for you looking for massive flavor and vapor production.