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Voopoo Firmware Reviews and instructions. The Vapes Vapor Production, Acccessories, Series, and More

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Voopoo is an extensively known vaping brand, hoping to create the best vaping products. At the end of 2014, the VOOPOO team released its first electronic cigarette. With innovation as the core and service as the sound foundation, VOOPOO has created a unique history in just one year.

To serve all vapers who want not only stylish and attractive mods but also high-safety mods. Voopoo is highly regarded as the chip leader vape industry in town because of its efforts to produce magnificent products.

The VOOPOO GENE mod is an innovative chipset board, which features an output power of 80W and is powered by a single 18650 battery. It is convenient and straightforward to replace the battery. The chip integrates the latest Voopoo technology of temperature control with multiple intelligent modes to help you enjoy the extra fun of vaping.

It has come up with new firmware V2.5 adds a brand-new user interface, customizable LED effects for your device, multiple security options to prevent accidental misfires, a puff counter based on real-time output and more. EVOLV, one leader in the high-tech vape industry, has worked together with VOOPOO to create an upgraded firmware that will keep you vaping like a pro for years to come. The VOOPOO gene series has released various chips, such as GENE. 

Fan, GENE. Fit, GENE. Pod, GENE. Trio, GENE. AI, GENE. TT is well designed for on-the-go vaping and easy to operate to enjoy the different vaping experiences freely.

Voopoo vapes vapor production

Voopoo devices are fitted with 3-buttons to tailor the pod to your vaping experience. Two 18650 batteries, which heat the coil, power it. It is also compatible with all the coils in the VOOPOO family, making it perfect for all vapers. The new flagship's 24K gold-plated hybrid connection pin will give you a stable and robust connection.

Its focus on detailed design will offer you an easy operation experience, and a comfortable hand feel—the Voopoo GENE. Pod Kit pod system uses the GENE chipset to deliver a long battery life and a satisfying draw with its 1.3 ohm Pod Cartridge.


The GENE Pod mod runs right about 4-6W, with the 0.5ohm coil achieving a range of approximately 15-20W. It has an internal 400mAh battery, a micro USB port charging cable powers fires at a resistance of 1.3 ohms. It also allows you to use your pods besides the ones that come within the kit.

If you need the wattage to get a sub-ohm vape, and you want styles that match your personality, the Voopoo Box Mod is just what you need. The Gene Chip allows you to create custom coils and control the coils with ease, so you can save money on vaping. 

It provides users with an easy way to improve and enrich their vapor experience. The wattage can be adjusted, setting up the temperature control mode, choosing TCR or M1/M2 modes to meet their needs based on coils' different heating resistances, and so on. 

Voopoo accessories

Voopoo offers many additional features to enhance its product functioning. The VINCI Pod comes along with three pieces of the cartridge. Their devices are straightforward and convenient to use since each version it's designed to have a replaceable pod in case of damage or advancement.

For example, V.thru  pro has a replaceable pod that classifies it as a non-removable version. There is also a removable version that excludes the Argus coil, which has a replaceable air pod. This improves the life span of the product. 

Their products have a glass tube with a capacity that varies depending on the version, e.g. DRAG BABY, AND FINIC P18AIO adapts the glass tube of 1.8 ml with a size of 18.5 mm by 16mm. Finally, here comes an uforce Connector of 11.5 mm diameter by 8.5 mm in length. It's made of stainless steel, which gives it a silver colour. The UFORCE connector is made for all UFORCE tanks to make them compatible with 5.5 ml glass tube and 8 ml bubble tube.

Voopoo vape series

VOOPOO firmware, as a brand, produces various products. They provide one of the best-selling series, i.e., the DRAG Series. There are also some other series, VINCI series, ARGUS series, and V series. It offers an easy way for vaping enthusiasts to get into sub-ohm vaping without breaking the bank. Featuring an innovative unibody design, the entire device is constructed from a single material - high-quality ceramic, with an e-liquid capacity of 2ml.

How to Update Your Vape Mods

The first thing you should do is go to your mods' manufacturer website. In most cases, they'll have an upgrade application that you can download. You often need to have some program or application installed on your PC to perform the update procedure. Don't forget to read the mod manually and remind yourself how to install and use the mod's components properly.


Once you've done this, press or hold the button on your mod until it's switched off, and then switch it back on to allow the firmware upgrade to take place. It typically takes a couple of minutes, but it can be far longer if there's a lot of data to download—always keep yourself busy while the update takes place, so you don't feel you're waiting around for nothing.

Device used on

Starting from 2017, the Vopoo & Gene's global strategic partnership was established to jointly launch high-end upgraded fan chips, providing users with higher quality personalized services and DIY options. After entering the vaping field, there are still many issues with the GENE chip for vapers to improve, such as DIY functions, improved taste of products, and more durable performance.

In June 2017, Voopoo & Gene reached a strategic agreement on cooperating to make a next-generation chip with better performance for the vapers.

On March 14th, 2018, Voopoo released GENE firmware and an updated drag firmware. Now drag has become more powerful! With the new drag firmware, the dual-engine mode will be enabled.

When it works with the GENE box, you can operate your drag at a 50W power from each of the two 18650 batteries and create a long-lasting vaping experience. GENE chip has a long standby time and keeps it functioning perfectly during a busy day without charging it for a long time.



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Voopoo is a leader in developing and marketing high quality vape products, with the mission of realizing the dream "Louder, Vibrating, more intelligent". Voopoo is a revolutionary technology brand, having special experience in the field of unique circuit design.

In Voopoo designs, they are familiar with most of the current problems experienced by vapers, all in order to create the intelligent vape. Voopoo is among the leading. Since they produce intelligent temp control box mods, they mesh together form with function while also being all around fun to use.

Voopoo Vape Mods are designed with an acute attention to detail and personalization while maintaining affordability to enhance the full vaping experience. Their dedication to developing the most advanced and powerful technology continues to produce innovative designs and unrivaled experiences for Voopoo's consumers.