WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

VooPoo Drag X, VooPoo Drag X plus review and instructions. All You Need to Know About the VooPoo Drag X and Drag X Plus

26th Aug 2021 | 215 | upends v

The VooPoo Drag X is a vape series from the VooPoo Drag series. The drag series has brought several well-performing vape devices such as the Drag 2, the Drag Mini, and Drag Vinci.

The drag X is now one of the popular model series under VooPoo. When Drag X proved to be a hit in the market, they had to release a drag x plus to follow up on the Drag x, which saw them improve their performance and design. 

The drag x series have a medium output, and they are worth their prices. Such vapes are well known to have a steady and robust cloud production, along with high amounts and improved battery life.

They both have pods that can hold a lot of juice on very low resistance coils. These mods, therefore, can serve all kinds of people because they have worthwhile characteristics and affordable prices.

VooPoo Drag X

The VooPoo Drag X comes in a variation of seven styles, namely retro, carbon fiber, mashup, Marsala, galaxy blue, and classic. The leather section on the device makes it look like the aegis vape kits. The button design is very common among VooPoo products. You get a fire button, up and down buttons which are well ro0unded and somehow indented to allow the finger to fit perfectly.

There is the TFT screen in between the buttons, and the USB-C charging port is located below the buttons. When you look at the back of the device, you will notice a tiny-sized handle that regulates the airflow. The airflow is formed by two slits located on either side of the mod. The shape and size are appealing, and they have a perfect fit on the hand. 

It appears flat on its front and the back more rounded, making it only fitting in hand in one way. However, you will still find it comfortable despite how you want to hold it. The look is more elegant and stylish, and anyone can use it. 

Battery and charging

The performance and longevity of the device battery depend on your vaping habits. If you find that your battery tends to run out faster, you have the USB-C port that can be used to recharge or carry an extra battery. If you happen to carry an extra battery, you can have a good case to avoid short-circuiting. 


The battery has its power modes. They smart mode lets your vape recognize the coils and set up the wattage appropriately. You can also use the RBA mode, which allows you to have so much power on the device settings.

The score ranking mode also allows you to track your cloud size and improves cloud production by unlocking achievements each time you produce a massive cloud size. It cannot be classified as a power mode but it is worth mentioning.

Features of the Drag X

  • Improved Gene.TT chip
  • It can be activated only by the  button
  • Smart mode for power change
  • Score ranking for cloud sizes
  • The airflow is adjustable
  • Protection for overtime activity
  • Battery reverse protection

VooPoo Drag X plus

Design and features

The designing of this product is excellent, and even from its appearance, it has an outstanding look for a Mod. The leather material has a good grip, giving it a rustic look and making the unit comfortable to hold. The vape is built from zinc-alloy, which adds to its sturdiness.

On the inside, the quality is exceptional. One thing to note is that the battery is fitted with a strong 510 connection which allows compatibility with a wide range of tanks.

The fire button on this device is a classic DRAG style found at the top of the mod. It came at a diameter of 12mm and raised by almost 2mm, which is comfortable in your finger when you touch it. The buttons have been well placed to minimize rattling, even the plus and minus signs. It is found above the USB-C port, and they work very well. 

You are allowed two different screen layouts. The first themes is the iron theme, which is the portrait theme. Here you can see your battery levels, the wattage modes, puff counter, resistance of the coils, and the visual puff timer. The core theme, the landscape layout, is the additional layout you can switch to using.

Battery and charging

The battery is enclosed behind a port and operates on a sliding bottom door. The door design is very common to double-door battery pods, but it does not look bad on single batteries either.


The VooPoo Drag X plus can run on 18650 and 21700 batteries. It is important to have a strong battery especially if you want to vape on power outputs above 80 watts. These batteries can last longer if you operate your mod on your moderate settings. By using it moderately, you can get a full day of vape and even more.

Features of the VooPoo Drag X plus

  • The mouthpiece is removable
  • The tank has a 510 adapter included
  • Can run on Smart and RBA mode
  • Runs on the dual user interface
  • Operates on the GENE.FAN 2.0 Chip
  • The airflow can be adjusted


  • You can use 21700 or 18650 batteries
  • Has a maximum output of 100W
  • It looks and feels good as well
  • Produces a good amount of flavor
  • Operates on a 510 connection.


  • Tends to have too much leakage
  • Consistent flavor production all through
  • The connection plate appears to be weak.

VooPoo Drag X vs. VooPoo Drag X plus

To begin, both these products are very awesome, and they are good in performance. The VooPoo Drag X plus is well appreciated because it can be used with both 18650 batteries and 21700 batteries.

This is also the same case for drag x and the drag x plus has a longer battery life and lasts longer than the other batteries that operate on the 21700 compatibilities.

But this relevance cannot be underestimated owing to the 20 watts output. The juice capacity is also impressive and it is worth considering the 100 watts. 

Even though the VooPoo Drag X plus is impeccable in its performance, it is much cheaper, and you can save up to $30 when you buy a unit. You can also gamify your vaping experience using the VooPoo Drag X, making it a reliable mod. This is the score ranking feature that lets you unlock achievements depending on your cloud size. You can start from the iron to the king.

Frequently asked questions

Is the VooPoo Drag X plus a good vape?

The pod is excellent, and it is a smaller version of the Drag X. they are affordable and well known for how the pods work with the coils to give high levels of clouds. The airflow is also better than a wide variety of pods on the market right now. You cannot also dispute that it has a good form, appearance, and battery life. 

Even though it has a distinctive airflow, there could be better products out there but for its prices and feature factors, the drag x are among the best. You will not go wrong by choosing any of these products.



The uppen is a mini-pod system from UPENDS that offers a cheaper and innovative vape alternative. The device features the best design, performance and is also easy to use. It features the innovative Etchip flavor master 2.0 coil, which has an enlarged heating area to improve efficiency.

It gives you a satisfying vape on the first puff. Giving you an original vapor. The uppen cap is also good for protecting your liquids from oxidation, so you can vape even when you go for long without vaping.


There are very many impressive details about the VooPoo Drag X series. They have well-designed features, well-performing coils, high capacity pods, huge vapor cloud production, and even with these, you should expect a few disadvantages. You will constantly have to deal with leakage issues on the unit.