Voopoo Drag Turquoise Review And Instructions. The Specifications, Design, Features, and Performance

    Voopoo Drag Turquoise Review And Instructions. The Specifications, Design, Features, and Performance

    If you are in the market for the newest and most advanced vaping device, you need to check out the VOOPOO Drag 157W TC Box Mod Resin Version (Black Frame) Turquoise. This device features a unique take on the traditional box mod form factor and features a unique look.

    It is equipped with a sizeable detachable screen, along with two additional triple shot batteries that allow you to fire off multiple satellite bowls in one session. The onboard heated gene cell RDA offers great vapor production with plenty of throat hits along with an enjoyable flavor which is highly remarkable.

    The new lighter weight design is also said to improve performance and battery lifetime while adding more customization options to replace ably connecting various pieces of your makeup collection or personal items, resulting in unwanted weight gain or damage under regular use. The atomizer is high-speed and has a tank capacity of 5 ml which can take through the day

    It has an admirable battery life in that you can charge the device after two to three days and vapes with about 55-66 watts. Let's see its performance and other related information for this type of device below.

    Specifications and Design of Voopoo Drag Turquoise

    The Voopoo drag turquoise mod resin embodies everything great about vaping that is framed in black. If you are looking for a fantastic box mod with incredible functionality and an innovative charging system, the VOOPOO Drag 157W TC is worth a closer look. With its bright color combination and great regards, this box mod is sure to bring your vaping experience to a whole new level.

    It comes with a super sticky rubberized grip which ensures that you always have excellent control over the tank, which is taken to the limit with its ability to fire down to 0.2 ohms.


    Two switches are located on the front side of the device that controls the three modes – standard mode, advanced mode and turbo boost mode. It has a battery capacity of 18250 mAh of 90 mm by 54 mm by 24 mm in size. The battery is powerful in that it can give a maximum wattage of 157 W power output.

    It has a resistance rate of 0.05-3.0 VW, 0.05-1.5 TC, and a connection threading of 510. It is designed to work at a voltage of 6.4-8.5V. The Mod gives an output voltage range of about 0-7.5V, Output Power of 5-157W, and finally a range of 200-600F/100-315C in Temperature.

    Features of Voopoo Drag Turquoise

    The VOOPOO DRAG 157W TC Box Mod, powered by dual 18650 batteries and the GENE.FIT chip, is a masterpiece that represents the cutting-edge of vaping engineering. Its stylish chassis is made of resin materials with a unique appearance in color. The atomizer is high-speed and has a tank capacity of 5 ml which can take through the day. The battery life gives you an impressive vaping experience since it can last for two to three days after charging.

    The temperature control device with the new function of "Super Power" makes the device more intelligent than before. With a 0.47inch OLED screen and lockable power button, it always shows you vaping info clearly. The device is of different colors hence gives you an option as the user to choose the color of your taste. When it automatically senses the electric current, the output power can be manually calibrated to make the mechanical larger smooth.

    The two switches located on the front side of the device control the three modes – standard mode, advanced mode, and turbo boost mode. The mod is capable of running 40-80W; this mod is designed for use with high-power atomizers, all the way down to the standard cigalikes in your collection. This sub-ohm mod comes with a special chip that allows you to adjust up to 10W increments, making it both powerful and diverse.

    Performance of VOOPOO Drag Turquoise

    The device comes with one micro charging line. If the device energy is low, the device will show you on the led indicator as prescribed in the user manual. The electric resistance mode of 0.05-3.0VW makes it user-friendly since in case of power shortage, the device cannot be easily destroyed. It is powered by dual replaceable 18650 batteries with a 32-bit super US Gene Fun chip, which helps control the device.


    It's supported with a screen inversion in which you as the user can easily control its functionality. The atomizer is very fast in functioning and the mod is embarked with a 5 ml capacity tank to hold the e-juice, which can take you through the day with no need to refill.

    It also features a super mode that automatically activates itself when the device is operating under 130 wattage. It fires at a faster speed of 0.025s, and this is a highly rated feature for this device.

    Build and Design of VOOPOO Drag Turquoise

    The Drag is a new kind of versatile pod system that has been designed to be sleek and ergonomic. The Voopoo Drag carries the Gene of the original DRAG, one of Voopoo's most popular cigalikes. The Voopoo Drag provides an amazing flavor chasing vaping experience with an ultra-portable form factor.

    The sturdy aluminum alloy structure ensures its durability and quality, while the splash resistance covers up any unnecessary damage that might occur when used. 

    It has a Zinc-alloy frame, and its resin panels are all replaceable. You can enjoy a better vape experience because it has a unique, deviously designed stealth mode. The device is very simple and portable, weighing about 205 grams. Some users may find it heavier, but not that much. The Mod comes with an attractive color; for those who value aesthetics, this is the best choice since it's turquoise.

    Pros and Cons of VOOPOO Drag Turquoise


    • Faster firing speed 
    • Have a maximum wattage of 157W
    • Features an auto Super Mode
    • Have a control panel protection.
    • Its resin color and fashion give it a nice look.
    • It processes a unique appearance.
    • It supports screen inversion and locks power switch function.


    • Loose battery door
    • The device may be slightly heavier

    FAQS about Voopoo Drag Turquoise

    1. Is Voopoo drag turquoise good?

    Yes! The device is excellent and worth being considered among the best devices for vaping. The device is user-friendly, with a unique appearance in color. It's swift to operate and highly recommended for you as the user. Try it, and it won’t disappoint you

    1.   How protective is the device to the user?

    It is made in a way that can protect the user. It has control panel protection. In addition, it has a super mode that automatically activates itself when the device is operating under 130 wattage.



    It's a simple, innovative idea that offers vaping at an extreme value with no leaking, spitting, or popping problems. Open the Upcott pod to see and smell the delicate organic cotton lining. The cap will automatically seal after you remove the pod, so spillages are never an issue. It is designed to fit in your pocket and is easily hidden in your hand.

    The filling of organic cotton pods also effectively prevents leaking, spitting, and popping problems. When used, the flavor is still not as strong as that of a traditional cigarette, giving the user a mild vibration and making it easier to quit traditional smoking.


    Voopoo Drag Turquoise is splendid, which I would highly recommend for you to use. It features a super mode that automatically activates itself under the wattage of 130W. The mod is designed with a Zinc Alloy and resin material. The battery is interchangeable, and you can input any type of battery you wish.

    The device is slightly lighter at 205g and you can easily carry it. The battery can last for about two to three days; hence you can carry it whenever you are traveling.


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