VooPoo DRAG review and instructions. The Kit Content, Features, Specifications, Design, and More

    VooPoo DRAG review and instructions. The Kit Content, Features, Specifications, Design, and More

    VooPoo DRAG is a series of pod made by VooPoo Company. The drag series were released to back up the performance of the earlier released Nano and Vinci pods. Most of the Drag devices are a symbol of classic VooPoo performance and they are perfectly designed to give you the ultimate experience.

    The systems give the biggest cloud experiences and their explosion is very powerful. The exterior design is built using a fine metal material and live resin art. Each of the pods under this series give you the most unique DRAG experience. 

    The VooPoo DRAG is one of the most fascinating mods that is rich in features. The build quality is good and is efficient enough, assisted by the highly responsive chip.

    VooPoo DRAG kit content

    The VooPoo DRAG is packaged just like any other classic packaging style used by a majority of Chinese manufacturers. The box is rectangular and the name and Logo is on the front. Besides that, there is a short description of the box contents and some information about the VooPoo Company.

    Inside the box, the mod sits on a foam material holder which has a micro USB charging cable below. The inclusions in the unit are basically everything that comes with the highly advanced mod kits today. The unit does not come with a tank so you cannot consider it to be an all-in-one design.

    Features and specification of the VooPoo DRAG

    • Has a size of 90x54x24 mm
    • Built using zinc alloy and carbon fiber
    • Uses two 18650 batteries which are not included
    • Can run voltages from 6.4-8.5 volts
    • The device can put up power of up to 5-17W
    • Fires up temperatures of up to 600°F
    • The firmware can be upgraded

    Design and build quality of the VooPoo DRAG

    The drag takes the old fashion box mod that does not compromise the rugged looks and feel by doing away with the corners making it more ergonomic. The unit measures 90x54x24mm and is a unique mid-sized device. The classic shape and the straight edges make it feel somehow wider than how it actually looks. The classic box mod design feels weighty and the metallic material gives it a powerful feeling.

    The zinc alloy body of the unit has been left unpainted to give it a raw metallic look. One side has a carbon fiber material that apparently does not scratch. The other side of the mod is used as a door for inserting the dual -18650 battery holder. The DRAG logo is boldly printed on its face and even though the branding might be off, it works well with the design of the device. 

    The battery compartment and the door are well made and it is suspended with two large magnets. The magnets give it a firm hold so they will not wobble when you are holding it. The inside of the compartment has a plastic material that prevents the battery from coming into contact with the metal. The battery trays are perfectly marked to help you place the batteries in the right way. 

    The panel layout of the VooPoo DRAG is classic and the fire button is located above the LCD display and two adjustment buttons located beneath the screen. At the base of the unit, there is a micro USB port that can be used for recharging purposes and software updates. The buttons are made from metal and they satisfyingly click when pressed, they do not rattle at any point. 

    Battery and charging of the VooPoo DRAG 

    The VooPoo uses two 18650 batteries that have to be bought separately. The batteries can last the device for a day or two but there are four modes that you can select to manage your battery performance.

    The batteries have to be charged externally and the chargers are usually included. The USB port included is mostly used for updating software but not for charging purposes. 

    You can adjust the temperatures from the lowest watts, to 80 watts. From 5 to 190 watts is the normal mode and the stronger super mode starts from 130-157W for super vapers. The adjustment buttons are used to control the temperature and they do this well.

    Performance of the VooPoo DRAG

    After looking at the features of the VooPoo DRAG, it is time to know how the device vapes. If a pod has customization features it is very attractive but if its performance is poor, the device is useless. Luckily, this is not the case for the VooPoo DRAG pod.

    The unit uses the Gene chip and with its level of performance, you should watch out for how much it can do. The chip is really smart and it has been widely used among the VooPoo products.


    The first performance feature to point out is how quickly the device fires. It does not have any delays. All you need to do is press the fire button and you will see your juices sizzling in the atomizer. Compared to other units, this might be the fastest ever. 

    The resistance tracking technology is smart and each time you add an atomizer, it will ask you whether you have added a new coil or not. If the coil inserted is the same you had used earlier, it will set to the previous wattage settings. If you use a new coil, it will read the resistance and adjust it accordingly. 

    Pros and cons of the VooPoo DRAG


    • The device is fitted with high tech 32-bit GENE chip
    • The OLED display is comprehensive
    • There is an option for getting a VooPoo DRAG resin design
    • There is a carbon fiber inlay that looks decorative
    • It is fitted with an overcharge protection
    • The over-discharge protection helps in protection your battery


    • You have to buy the batteries separately
    • The unit does not come with a fitted atomizer

    VooPoo DRAG vs. VooPoo X-217

    VooPoo X-217 is sold in a box that looks similar to the DRAG unit. The device has a V shaped LED light that is colorful and interactive. It has been designed to gently blend with all the seven colors. The unit is also made of zinc alloy and a bit of textured leather and resin giving it a more luxurious look.

    The unit is powered with a 21700 battery and can power up to 7500mAh. The device is surely guaranteed to last long. It comes with four power modes: temperature control, power, customer and voltage mode. 

    The VooPoo X-217 is powered by a GENE chip and it can ignite a vape within 0.01 seconds. It has eight battery charging protections that ensure it lasts longer. 

    FAQs about the VooPoo DRAG 

    Is the VooPoo DRAG worth it?

    Absolutely it is. The VooPoo DRAG is one of the best built vape mods that most vape users would feel good using. Having this in your collection would be good.

    How much is the VooPoo DRAG?

    The VooPoo DRAG is a reasonably priced device. The cheapest amount you can get this unit for is $79.99. 

    How long does the VooPoo DRAG last?

    The VooPoo DRAG uses 18650 batteries and they can last for up to seven days if it is not frequently used. The maximum you can go with it when vaping heavily is two days.



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    The unit comes with a 4.5ml tank which is three times the size of most disposables. You get to save so much on vaping. This device is definitely recommended to everyone who wants to get the best experience.


    The VooPoo DRAG is an impressive device on regular standards. The device is awesome from how it is designed, the feature selections and the responsiveness of the button is awesome.

    It is by far the best mod you can get in the market. The GENE chip is awesome and makes the build more exceptional. Everything makes the mod feel sturdy and strong. This device is definitely recommended.

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